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We are aiming to build up a vast collection of episode reviews for various television shows – current and past.  As we all love to ship in the shows we watch, our reviews will mainly focus on how shippy an episode is – if you’re looking for in depth accounts of an episode you won’t find that here.

The shows and ships there are reviews for can be found in the Shows & Ships dropdown menu over there —> . As more are added, more categories may appear, so keep checking back for updates.

Please be aware that episodes may be reviewed as soon as they have aired in the US.  Therefore reviews will contain spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet.  The dropdown menu will bring up all posts for the category you choose. If you would like to avoid spoilers, you can use the Show Index (also over there —-> ) to find the episode(s) you are looking for without having to scroll past the spoilery ones.

We hope to build up this collection as a useful source of information on which episodes are most shippy, and a place to come and squee as you relive the moments.

We also have the “Spot the Hottie” section for everything you need to know about who’s hot on television right now!

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We hope you enjoy our site.  This is for fun, and if you don’t agree with a ship we’re writing about, please choose not to read – any flames or argumentative comments will be removed.   Also, if there are any ships you’d like us to consider including, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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