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The Practice – Life Sentence – 4×22

Episode: Life Sentence – 4×22 Reviewed by: emd4v15 Caps by: _useyourwords_ Shippiness rating: 10/10! The shippiness of this episode really overshadowed the incredibly moving storyline. Jimmy and Ellenor defended a woman who had shot the man who raped her young … Continue reading

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NCIS “Red Cell” 2×20

Ep: 2×20 Red Cell Reviewed by: emd4v15 Ship rating: 4/10- I’m being generous, but the pics make up for the lack of shippy dialogue The episode opens with a group of frat boys performing a final test for pledges. The … Continue reading

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NCIS “Hometown Hero” 2×21

The team investigates the death of a young woman whose skeletal remains are found in a dead petty officer’s storage garage. Continue reading

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The Practice “Legacy” 4×04

Eugene is forced to act as co-counsel for the world’s worst attorney. Bobby acts as co-counsel for his friend and mentor, the legendary Raymond Oz. Continue reading

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NCIS “SWAK” 2×22

A mysterious envelope arrives at NCIS. Two team members’ lives are threatened when a mysterious powder emerges. Continue reading

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