Castle “A Deadly Affair” 3×01

Ep: 3×01 “A Deadly Affair”
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 6/10

Beckett arrives at work to find Ryan “recreating the Humpty Dumpty crime scene”. No, he’s actually trying to stand an egg on end as it is the autumnal equinox – The West Wing, anyone?  She tells him it’s a myth, he says he saw Castle do it last year.  And thus we discover that it’s fall and Castle has not returned and has not been in contact with anyone.  Beckett is disappointed about that, and Esposito and Ryan are rather angry.

They head out on their case, and see a book store advertising a book signing with Castle.  This scuppers their comforting thought that maybe he’s still out of town.  It is when they later find him, gun in hand, at a crime scene, that things get really interesting.

While interrogating Castle, Beckett’s jealousy about his relationship with his ex wife is evident, and when Castle finds out Beckett is no longer with Demming, he looks disappointed – because of the bad timing!

They find proof that Castle is not the murderer and Beckett tells him to go home.  She’s obviously upset and Castle doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong.

Alexis’s problems with a boy she met over the summer parallel with the Beckett/Castle situation and Castle realises that Beckett (and Ryan and Esposito) is upset because he didn’t contact her.   He tries arguing that he was waiting for her to contact him, but even he knows that isn’t convincing!

They find him at another crime scene and eventually Beckett agrees to let him work the case with them.  They make a bet on who will find the connection between their victims first – and the outcome will determine whether he returns to being her partner.

After standing in an alley pointing guns at each other, Beckett admits that Castle worked it out first and they agree to see each other tomorrow.  YAY!!!!  This is going to be a great season, I can tell!

Also, Ryan and Esposito are awesome!!


Shipworthy Scenes:

Ryan mentions Castle, Beckett looks sad, Esposito hits him on the back of the head.

Esposito: Still no word from him?
Beckett: No.
Ryan: … Maybe you should call him.
Beckett: He said that he would be back in the fall, and it’s fall.  So clearly he has better things to do.
Esposito: Maybe he’s not back from the Hamptons yet.  Maybe he’s still working on his book.
(Phone rings.  They all look hopeful that it might be him.  It isn’t.)

Beckett, Esposito and Ryan burst into their crime scene, only to find Castle standing there.

Beckett: Castle?
Castle: Beckett?
Beckett: What are you doing here?
Castle: I … er…
Beckett: Dude! Dude! Put it down!
Esposito: Drop that gun now!
Ryan: Drop it slime bag!
Castle: Whoa!  Okay, guys, easy, this is not what it looks like.
Beckett: It never is.  Turn around. Castle, turn around.  (She cuffs him) Richard Castle, you’re under arrest for murder.



Castle is in an interrogation room.  Beckett enters.

Castle: Something’s different. Did you remodel?
Beckett: You’ve been informed of your rights, Mr Castle.
Castle: Really? You’re not even gonna ask me how my summer was?
Beckett: You are aware that you’re under arrest for murder.
Castle: And I thought you were being rough with the cuffs just for fun… You look good.
Beckett: You look good too.
Castle: Yeah?
Beckett: For murder!
Castle: Why are you so mad at me?
Beckett: Maybe because you were found standing over a dead body with a gun in your hand.
Castle: Yeah, but I told you, she was dead when I got there.
Beckett: Why didn’t you call?
Castle: I was going to call you.  But then you showed up before I could.
Beckett: Really?  Well then, why did we find you in our victim’s apartment?
Castle: Well, because she called me.
Beckett: Oh, so you and Miss Santori were in a relationship.
Castle: Well I wouldn’t say it was a relationship, I bought a couple of sculptures from her.
Beckett: Were you sleeping with her?
Castle: How is that relevant?
Beckett: Motive.
Castle: Ah. No, I wasn’t sleeping with her.
Beckett: Are you sure? Beautiful woman…
Castle: I’m in a relationship.
Beckett: With who?
Castle: Is that a new lipstick?
Beckett: Castle.
Castle: You know with whom.
Beckett: How should I know? I haven’t seen you in months, you could have been in dozens of relationships with women since then.
Castle: You sound jealous.
Beckett: Jealous of you dating your second ex-wife and publisher.  Tell me, does she make you do everything on a deadline?
Castle: So how about you? Are you still with that cop boyfriend of yours, what was his name again? Demming?  (Off Beckett’s look:) You broke up?

Beckett: This victim that called you, what was it about?
Castle: She said she was in trouble and she couldn’t go to the police.
Beckett: So why did she call you?
Castle: Because Maya knew I had a relationship with you, with the NYPD, she thought I could help.
Beckett: Help how?
Castle: Well, she didn’t say.  She just told me to come over.  When I got there, the door was open, the place was trashed.  She was dead on the bed and there was a gun on the floor.
Beckett: So you being the expert veteran of dozens of crime scenes decided to pick up the murder weapon to… what? Ensure that we had your prints?
Castle: Maybe you missed the part where I said she was shot dead. When I heard the noises coming from the next room, I thought whoever killed her was coming back. So I picked up the gun to defend myself. It seemed like a very good idea at the time.  That’s when you, Esposito and Annie Oakley come bursting through the door.


(interrogation continues while scene cuts to outside the room. When we return)

Beckett: So, tell me, why should I believe you when you pretty much make up stories for a living.
Castle: Because you know me.
Beckett: (Shows him a picture of the other victim) Do you know her? Chloe Whitman.  She was shot to death.  Your friend’s address was found in her hands after she was killed.
Castle:  Another murder. What’s the connection?
Beckett: I don’t know.  You’re the one with the gun.  You tell me.



They find out the gun he had was a different calibre.

Beckett: You’re free to go.
Castle: That’s it?
Beckett: Bullets don’t match your gun.  You’re off the hook.
Castle: So what’s our next move.
Beckett: There isn’t one.  At least not for you. You’re going home.
Castle: Whoa whoa whoa! Two victims, one of them an acquaintance of mine and you’re sending me home.
Beckett: You’re a witness, Castle.  I can’t have you involved.
Castle: I’m already involved.
Beckett: Castle, go home. Go back to your Hamptons, your ex wife, your book parties. Okay? I’ve got work to do.
(She walks away)
Castle: What did I do?
(He turns round and Esposito and Ryan also glare at him and walk away)

Beckett goes to autopsy

Beckett: Hey.
Laney: Hey, I hear you made an interesting arrest today. You wanna talk about it?
Beckett: No.
Laney: Okay. Keep holding that stuff in, you’re gonna get an ulcer.


Laney: Are you sure you don’t wanna talk about it?
Beckett: (walking out) Positive.

Beckett, Esposito and Ryan go to the next address of interest in their case, and find… Yes, you guessed it…

Esposito: Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands!
Castle: Oh, hi…. I can explain.
Beckett: (holds up the cuffs) Turn around.
Castle: Would you just listen to me, please?
Beckett: Why? You don’t listen to me.
Castle: Look, I was doing some digging around of my own. That’s not a crime, is it?
Beckett: No. But criminal trespassing is, and so is murder.
Castle: I was just trying to help.
Beckett: I don’t need your help.  How did you get here anyway?
Castle: I was following up a lead, same as you.
Beckett: Oh really? So you subpoenaed the victim’s phone records and looked for commonalities?
Castle: No, not exactly.
Beckett: Then what?
(He looks smug, so she grabs his ear)

Castle: Aargh! Okay, I star-six-nined. I star-six-nined.
Beckett: You star-sixty-nined?
Castle: Yes. On Maya’s phone.  I figured it’d give me her last call. Rang up McCutcheon here, I got his name from his voice mail and then I did a web search. Tell me you’re not impressed.
Beckett: You went to an active crime scene without authorisation.
Castle: Er, yeah.  But I wore gloves.
Esposito: Yo, Beckett.  This body’s cold.  He’s been dead for hours.
Castle: See, I didn’t kill him.
Beckett: Slugs?
Esposito: We’ll have to run ballistics, but the entry wounds are the same size as our other vics’.
[stuff about the crimes, yada yada yada and then:]
Castle: How can I help?
Beckett: Look, Castle, I’m sorry about your friend, I really am.  But that doesn’t mean that you can just show up and act like nothing has happened. The truth is, is if you wanted to come back you would’ve already, but you didn’t, so let’s just face it, the only reason that you’re here right now is because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Castle: You ever stop and think maybe I was waiting to hear from you?  Do you know what these bodies are?  A sign.
Beckett: A sign?
Castle: A sign. A sign from the universe telling us we need to solve this case together. You don’t wanna let the universe down, do you?
Beckett: You’re not gonna go away no matter what I do, are you?
Castle: I respect the universe.
Beckett: Okay, fine. I will let you join me on this one case, as long as you promise to do what I say, when I say it and not to do any investigating on your own.
Castle: I promise. You won’t regret this.
Beckett: I already do.
Castle: Starting now.


Castle brings Beckett coffee

Not really any shipworthy dialogue, but here’s some pics:

A little bet

Castle: I bet I figure out how they’re connected before you do.
Beckett: All right, you’re on.  But if I win, you have to promise to go away and never interfere with any of my cases again.
Castle: Fine. And if I win, you have to take me back as your partner.
Beckett: Deal.
Castle: (looks at Ryan and Esposito who are watching them) What if they figure it out first?

Both: Nah.
(Ryan and Esposito come over)
Ryan: What are you two talking about?
Beckett: Castle was just apologising for not calling.
(They stare at Castle unnervingly)


At a club that’s sort of a mix with a circus.

Castle: This place is like the circus with alcohol. How have I never been here before?
Beckett: You think this is crazy? You should see some of the clubs I’ve been to.

Beckett and Castle both chase suspects into an alley.

Beckett: (pointing her gun in his direction) Castle, down on the ground now!
(Castle points his gun in her direction. They both fire and shoot the two suspects who are standing behind them both.)

After the case.

Beckett: So I guess you won the bet.
Castle: Yeah, but look if you don’t want —
Beckett: No, no.  You won fair and square.
Castle: So, see you tomorrow?
Beckett: See you tomorrow.
(Castle walks away smiling. Beckett smiles. Esposito approaches.)
Esposito: So, how long before Castle let you know this was about counterfeiting?

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