Lie to me* “Love Always” 1×04

Ep: 1×04 Love Always
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Ship rating: 6/10

The team is working the case of a threat against the South Korean Ambassador.  As the Ambassador’s son is getting married, the investigation takes place at the wedding.  Alec Foster is also in attendance as he works for the Far East desk of the state department.

Before the wedding starts, the only deception that anyone picks up on is Alec’s blatant lies to Gillian about having to leave on a work-related matter straight after the ceremony.  Cal sees it, and Ria sees it.  While Cal is well practiced at keeping his mouth shut and watching over Gillian from afar on this; Ria once again questions how Gillian cannot be aware of it.  Cal reminds her it is none of her business and sends her off to work with Loker.  From his look at Alec and Gillian it is obvious that Cal is deeply worried about her and angry at Alec!! (Grr, just thinking about Alec makes me angry! He so did not deserve Gillian!)

Cal and Gillian have a lighthearted little discussion about weddings, and cake (and diving into cake!) and Cal’s adoration for Gillian is clear when he declares her to be truly, idiotically happy.

Back to the case and the Ambassador’s son gets shot during the ceremony.  The building is sealed and no-one is allowed in or out (save for the ambulance and the bride and groom as they go to the hospital, obviously!).  The team knows that the shooter is still with them somewhere and they have to work with the secret service to try to find out who it is.  Time is of the essence as otherwise the innocent guests will get stir crazy and try to break out!!

Alec (idiot!!!) tries to get Gillian to let him out.  She refuses and he is annoyed with her until he sees that Cal is witnessing their conversation and clearly does not want Cal to know he’s not a loving husband (too late, fool!).  Gillian looks a little uncomfortable with her decision, but I think it’s more to do with her knowing the real reason he wants to leave.  Poor Gillian. Somebody punch Alec for me?

Cal overhears Alec on the phone, in a conversation that is obviously not with his boss, as Alec claims.  He asks Cal to help him get out of there, and Cal calls him on his lies.  Yeah you’d better look scared, idiot!!

After revealing some pretty big hidden truths within the wedding party, the shooter is found and the case is over.  Gillian arranges an apology dinner with Alec as she feels guilty about not helping him leave.  As his wife she should have been more helpful and understanding of the impact it would have on his career.  Cal is visibly torn between respecting her privacy and confronting her with the truth.  He chooses to keep quiet.

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian consulting with security guy at wedding; Cal walks over

Cal:  You know, it’s gonna be pretty hard to spot your guy. I mean at most weddings champagne and resentment flow together, right?
Erinson:  Not a wedding fan, huh?
Cal:  No, don’t trust ‘em. They lead to marriage.
(Alec approaches)

Alec:  Hey.
Cal:  Hey yourself.
Gillian:  Um, uh, Erinson, this is my husband, Alec Foster.

Alec:  Hey.
Erinson:  Oh, you with the group? I didn’t see you at the briefing.
Alec:  No, no. We don’t work together. I’m in the Far East desk at State. Half my office is here today.
Erinson:  Excuse me.
Alec:  (sighs) Turns out I have to leave right after the ceremony. Toliver wants me to cover a meeting in Restin.
Gillian:  Well, I’m working anyway, so.
Alec:  You have a minute to say hi to the deputy secretary?
Gillian:  Sure.
(Ria & Eli watching Gillian & Alec)

Cal:  Hey, um, till the ceremony, let’s, uh, post you two at the metal detectors. Look for any hot spots, um, any concealed anger, anxiety or resentment.
Eli:  Okay.
Ria:  Her husband’s not going to Restin.
Cal:  Well, that’s none of your business.
Ria:  You saw that he lied to her, right? Does she really not see it?
Cal:  Hey. It’s none of your business. Now, go help Loker.
(Cal glances back & Gillian and Alec – he so knows what’s going on)

— —

Cal & Gillian walking up to metal detectors

Gillian:  Only you would tell somebody to cancel a wedding 10 minutes before it starts.
Cal:  I don’t know, it’s just a suggestion.
Gillian:  Do you realize how much today means to the families?
(a multi-tiered wedding cake passes by, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Gillian)

Cal:  No, fortunately. Um, did you catch his smile?
Gillian:  You know, it could’ve been a cultural gesture. Maybe he looked down to show his respect.
Cal:  No, it read embarrassment to me.
Gillian:  I could dive into that cake fully clothed.
Cal:  There’s an image.
Gillian:  I love weddings. They’re such a beautiful celebration of love and hope. Plus there’s cake.
Cal:  The bride’s pretending she’s a virgin, the groom’s pretending he’s found “the one,” and the in-laws pretending they like each other. It’s Christmas for liars.
Gillian:  (beaming smile) And yet lovely.
Cal:  You really are idiotically happy, aren’t you?

— —

Cal dialing his cell

Gillian:  Who you calling?
Cal:  CIA to see what they got on the ambassador.
Gillian:  Well, you know that’s gonna be classified. Who’s your contact?
Cal:  Laura.
Gillian:  Laura who?
Cal:  Laura of the CIA.
Gillian:  (sighs)
(Alec enters – seriously, somebody punch him!!!)

Alec:  Hey.
Gillian:  Hey! Wh-what are you doing here? I thought you were leaving right after the ceremony?
Alec:  Didn’t get out in time.
Gillian:  Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to, well—
Alec:  I, I have to make this meeting in Reston. I told Toliver I’d cover. It’s important I don’t let him down. Just walk me out, okay?
Gillian:  What, what do you mean?
Alec:  Tell the Secret Service guy I can go.
Gillian:  I can’t do that.
Alec:  Sure you can. You’re in charge, right? Gill, it’s important.
(Cal, on phone, walks out into hallway and sees Alec & Gillian)
Gillian:  One person gets walked out and everybody’s gonna try, and we’re not gonna be able to keep the place sealed.
(Alec notices Cal, who turns away)

Alec:  Never mind. I’ll call the office. Uh, come find me when you’re done.
Gillian:  Okay.
(Gillian walks over to Cal, who’s sitting on the staircase)

Gillian:  What did Laura of the CIA have to say?
Cal:  She’ll get back to me.

— —

Cal & Gillian sitting next to each other in a hallway

Gillian:  His bow.
Cal:  Yeah, at the reception you said.
Gillian:  When the wedding party came in, the body guard gave the groom a shallow bow. It was a sign of disrespect.
Cal:  In Korea, the depth of the bow is the measure of the relationship between two people, so the bodyguard should’ve bowed to his toes, yeah.
Gillian:  Why would he bow to the groom like an equal?
Cal:  Get the ambassador and the body guard. I’ll meet you there in a minute.
(Gillian puts her hand on Cal’s arm)
Gillian:  Where are you going?
(Cal pats Gillian’s leg, just off-camera, grrrr)
Cal:  Gotta see Aaron.

— —

Alec on phone in hallway

Alec:  (quietly) I’m trying, yes, Look, I’ll call you as soon as I get out of here, okay? You, too.
(Cal walks by and says “Hey” in passing)

Alec:  Any idea how much longer we’re gonna be here? I’m starting to feel like a hostage.
Cal:  I’d say really we’ve gotta find the man with the gun, you know.
Alec:  I need to get out of here, seriously. Can you help me?
Cal:  No. Sorry, it’s impossible.
Alec:  But, well, that’s not true. You can get anybody out you want to. Cal, my job’s on the line. The deputy director just chewed me ear off because I didn’t make a meeting I was supposed to be at.
Cal:  Alec, we both know that’s not true, don’t we, eh?
Alec:  What are you implying?
Cal:  Well, it wasn’t a work call, was it?

— —

Cal & Gillian walking down a sidewalk at night

Gillian:  (on phone) Uh, yeah, yeah, maybe 20 minutes. Yeah, I made a reservation. Okay. See you there. (hangs up)
Cal:  Date night?
Gillian:  Sort of. More an apology date, really.
Cal:  What are you apologizing for?
Gillian:  Well, he asked for my help getting out of the embassy, and I turned him down. You’re not supposed to do that when you’re married, remember?
Cal:  You did the right thing.
Gillian:  Hm. Well, you’re not my husband. Alec’s trying to move up at State, which means doing favors for your bosses and getting to the right meetings, which I could’ve helped him with, but I had to follow the rules and, you know, be the good girl, so. I’m gonna pour him a glass of wine and say I’m sorry. Marriage. Okay. I’ll see ya tomorrow.
(She walks away)
Cal:  Hey, Foster.
Gillian:  What?
Cal:  I don’t think you’re the good girl.
Gillian:  (smiles) Liar.
(Cal stands there and stares at Gillian for a beat before walking away)

The end.


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