Lie to me* “Unchained” 1×05

Ep: 1×05 Unchained
Reviewed by: csiAngel, useyourwords & 3rdRocker
Ship rating: 4/10

Not a lot of shippy interaction in this episode as Cal and Gillian work separate cases. However, it does have its moments.

Cal and Ria are on the case of an imprisoned gang leader who has apparently been rehabilitated.  The Governor would like to be sure before he releases him.

Gillian and Loker help investigate the death of a firefighter, who it turns out was dead before the fire got to him.

When Cal and Ria return to the office, Gillian helps Ria to understand what can be seen on their footage.  And Cal has brought her a Jolly Meal!! Aww.  Ria is clearly affected by the case, and after she has left Gillian questions whether it was the best idea to put her on the case.  Cal argues that she needs to learn and Gillian has quite a pointed dig at him regarding ‘avoiding feelings’ – interesting!  Cal then helps Gillian and Loker with some footage from their case.

Later, Gillian is brought in to help Cal and Ria again.  Frankly, in all of the scenes they’re both in, the other could have quite easily drawn the same conclusions without them.  Clearly they just wanted any opportunity to be near each other ;)

The other key thing in this episode is Cal-centric.  When he’s talking to Ria about how her past has made her who she is, she asks him why he became so interested in microexpressions; who made him who he is.  Cal doesn’t look impressed that she has read him. Episode ends before we hear his answer.


Shipworthy scenes:

Subtle moment:  It is VERY cute & sweet that Cal brought Gillian back a “Jolly Meal”   from the fast food place where he got his burger that he sloppily ate while questioning Trio at the prison. ;)


Gillian:  All the naturals that we have seen, they share two traits: They are uneducated and the other—
Cal:  And the other trait should have nothing to do with the scientific question of whether a man can evolve.
Gillian:  Yes, but psychologically, if she has dealt with a history of violence—
Cal:  Hey, if she has strong feelings about Trio, then she has to learn to put them aside.
Gillian:  Oh, so I guess if, if someone’s gotta teach her how to avoid her feelings, then you’re the most qualified. (she turns away & walks over to her “Jolly Meal” box)
(after a beat ) Cal:  Anything else I can do for you?
Gillian:  (holding her “Jolly Meal” box) I do need some help with me, uh, my firefighters.

The end.


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