Lie to me* “The Best Policy” 1×07


Ep: 1×07 The Best Policy
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Ship rating: 7/10

An old friend of Cal’s needs his help, but when it appears he himself may be guilty, Cal is put in a difficult position, personally.  Despite working her own case – attempting to free two American citizens being held in Yemen – Gillian is there to support Cal throughout.

Also, while working her case, which sees her spending time at the State Department, Gillian pops in to see Alec.  His secretary quite obviously lies about where he is.  (Seriously, Alec needs a few good slaps! Idiot!).  Later Alec turns up at The Lightman Group office to take Gillian out to dinner.  Gillian is visibly uncomfortable – as she knows that Cal will be able to read that she’s not happy.  Ria also notices and again calls Cal on not doing anything about it.  She says that she knows that Cal cares about Gillian!! Cal explains to her that they have rules; and that he has to trust that Gillian will tell him anything that she wants him to know.

Poor Cal loses one of the few people he trusts when his friend isn’t happy with the way Cal handles the case.

At the end of the episode, he heads to Gillian’s office – aww!  She receives a phone call from Alec saying he has to work late – it’s clear that she knows he’s lying. (REALLY, somebody slap him!!!)  She asks Cal if he wants to get dinner.  And when he says he has something to take care of and leaves, you can tell by the expression – which I’d say is part concern, part relief – on Gillian’s beautiful face that she knows where he is going. (And I think, secretly, she’s hoping Cal will SLAP ALEC!!!)

Shipworthy scenes:

Alec lying again. Imagine that.

Gillian:  Hey, Heather!
Heather:  Gillian! What are you doing here?
Gillian:  We’re working with Peters on the Yemeni negotiations. Is my husband in?
Heather:  (looks towards door, smiles) He’s at lunch. (smiles again)
Gillian:  (after a beat) Well, tell him I stopped by.
(Heather nods as Gillian leaves)

— —

Cal & Torres run into Alec & Gillian (who is obviously pissed) in the hallway

Cal:  You think this one is ever gonna stop talking back?
Gillian:  I hope not.
Cal:  Half day?
Alec:  If you don’t mind. I got an hour free for dinner. Thought I’d steal her away.
Cal:  No problem.
(Torres stares at him)
Cal:  What? What now?
Ria:  You saw her covering, right? I mean, you saw how upset she looked.
Cal:  Yeah, congratulations. Once again, you’ve arrived at the apparently foreign destination of none of your damn business.
Ria:  (sighs) Man, I don’t get you.
Cal:  Good. Stop trying.
Ria:  Fine. Pretend like you don’t give a damn what’s going on with her. I know you do.
Cal:  Sit down. Sit down. Look, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s different when you’re one of us. Everybody has things they don’t wish to share.
Ria:  She’s your friend.
Cal:  You’re not listening to me. In this workplace with everything that we see, we have to be very clear on the rules.
Ria:  You and Foster have rules?
Cal:  If there’s something she wants to tell me, she will. Everything else, everything else I see, I ignore, and trust her to take care of herself.
Ria:  Wow, when did you get religion. You trust Foster, you trust Buchanan. You were there. Iesha Ward was telling the truth.
Cal:  Jeffery will get to the bottom of this.
Ria:  He brought us the case. Don’t you think he’s just a little biased?
Cal:  Okay, how many people in this world do you trust? How many?
Ria:  I don’t know, ten. (off Cal’s look) Six.
Cal:  Alright. Well, when you get to my age, it’ll be three, and when one of those people asks you for 24 hours, you give it to them.

— —

Cal & Gillian at hospital

Gillian:  Hey. Torres told me you were here. Is everything okay?
Cal:  Not for Mr. Coleman it’s not. (sits in wheelchair) Maybe Iesha Ward was right.
Gillian:  You don’t have to do this. If you want to choose your friendship first, you can just hand this over to the authorities, let somebody else investigate it.
Cal:  Yeah, I’m sure they’ll do a bang up job.
Gillian:  I’m just saying that you can walk away.
Cal:  What if the drug really is killing people? Eh?
Gillian:  (sighs) Come on. I need to show you something back at work.
(They start to walk out, Cal in front of Gillian until he turns and waits for her to catch up to him. Ah, what a gent!)

— —

Cal & Gillian in Cal’s office at night

Gillian:  Hey, I thought I heard you come back in. Where’s Torres?
Cal:  I sent her off to talk to the labs that tested Priox. You know, Jeffrey always loved the limelight. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home and switched on the news and there he is in my living room, pushing some new drug or other.
Gillian: Cal.
Cal:  A merry-go-round of government, business and media. Enough money and fame to make your head spin I suppose.
Gillian:  Do you really think Jeffery’s guilty?
Cal:  I don’t know. I don’t know. (a beat) You know, when my mother died, Jeffery took the train back to London with me, and I’d only known him for about a month, but he skipped out of college and came with me just to keep me company. So honestly, I don’t know.

— —

Cal & Gillian in Gillian’s office at night

(Gillian watching news report about the case she & Loker just completed; Cal enters, sits at her desk and watches with her; Gillian turns off the TV)
Cal:  Well, at least one of us had a good day.
Gillian:  You saved his reputation. You kept him out of jail. Jeffery will come around eventually. I mean, you’ve known each other too long.
(Gillian’s cell phone rings; Cal hands it to her)

Gillian:  One second.
Cal:  Alright.
Gillian:  (on phone) Hey, honey. Uh, yeah, I just got back to the office. Okay. Yeah, no, no, uh, I, I understand. Do you want me to pick something up? Alright, well just let me know if you change your mind. Okay.

Cal:  Alec stuck at work?
Gillian:  We’re almost on the right schedule. You know, I spend my days at the State Department, he spends his nights there. You wanna grab some dinner?

Cal:  I’d love to. But I gotta take care of something. Rain check?
Gillian:  Sure.
(Cal smiles at Gillian as he walks out)


(Cal sitting in his car observing Alec pacing on the sidewalk as if he’s impatiently waiting for someone. A car driven by a blonde woman pulls up and Alec gets in, greets her with a kiss on the cheek. They drive away as Cal continues observing him. Alec’s a very naughty boy! And Cal does give a damn about what’s going on with Gillian after all.)

— —

The end.


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