Lie to me* “Depraved Heart” 1×08

Ep: 1×08 Depraved Heart
Reviewed by: csiAngel & 3rdRocker
Ship rating: 7/10

Cal and Emily are stuck in traffic, caused by a police investigation going on ahead.  Cal decides to find out what is going on and starts an investigation of his own when it is revealed to be a suicide case.

The case hits Cal hard because Cal’s Mum killed herself, and Cal believes that he should have been able to stop it.  As the number of connected suicides increases, so does Cal’s frustration.

Gillian is working a different case with Loker, but keeps an eye on Cal; the only one who knows what is really going on with him and that he needs looking after.  Cal – as is his way – publicly pushes Gillian away, telling her to “mother” someone else.  But she cares too much to be put off by that, and, privately, he allows her to comfort him.

Case solved, at the end of the episode, Cal decides to tell Emily about her Grandmother.

In this episode, we also get hints as to Gillian’s past when she reveals that her father was an alcoholic, and Loker goes against Gillian’s orders and then lies to her about it.

Shipworthy scenes:

Cal & Emily in car, stuck in traffic. She brings up his lack of love life, which ironically doesn’t become active until Gillian gets divorced (or at least that’s how it seems). Hmmm.

Emily:  See, in science class we like to call it momentum. You just need a little momentum, dad.
Cal:  Traffic sucks.
Emily:  You’re avoiding the conversation. I mean, have you even taken a woman out since you, you and mom split up?
Cal:  Not your department.
Emily:  I’m just saying. You know, you need to stop dwelling in the past, you know. You need to forge on, fight the good fight.
Cal:  Where’d you get this crap?
Emily:  Oprah mostly.

In a conference/work room. Cal asking for Gillian, twice, because he wasn’t listening to Torres the first time. He’s in desperate need of his Gillian!

Cal:  Alright, well, where’s Foster?
Ria:  She’s out on the SEC case. Why haven’t these suicides been on the news?
Cal:  Because the media believes that publicizing suicides leads to copycats.
Employee:  A year after Marilyn Monroe killed herself, suicides went up 10 percent. Same for Kurt Cobain. It’s called the Wurther Effect.
Ria:  Well, so is it possible that the first girl killed herself and that the other two were copycats?
Employee:  That’s what the cops think.
Cal:  What about Rijall? Any strip club connection?
Ria:  No, she was never involved in the strip club, and she wasn’t on the internet site.
Cal:  Well, what else we got? Anybody?
Employee:  There’s no other connections between the third victim and the Ashross sisters.
Cal:  Get Foster to call me. I need to talk to her. Where the hell is she anyway?
Ria:  She’s out at the SEC…are you with us here?

Cal’s holding a conference with employees when Gillian finally shows up, and Cal’s none too happy with her for not being there when he needed her. Why include this as a “shippy” scene? It shows that even though Cal humiliates/lashes out at Gillian in front of their employees, she seems to easily forgive him and be one of the few who truly understands him.

Cal:  Okay, where are we on video?
Ria:  We’ve got Rajall on video on the subway platform, but it’s being held from us by a US attorney who’s got some issue with us. Well, with you.
Cal:  Well, just do your job. You know, get it. Just get it. (he spots Gillian) Where you been?
Gillian:  Can I talk to you for a minute?
Cal:  I’m a little busy right now. Could’ve used you a couple hours ago, uh, I, uh, I called you, I think twice.
Gillian:  Just a minute. Please.
Cal:  What, what do you want?
Gillian:  (after a beat) I’m on my way to meet with Caroline Hollin, but I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.
Cal:  I’m fantastic.
Gillian:  You know, ‘cause I could put Hollin on hold for a while until things quiet down around here.
Cal:  No, I told you, I’m fantastic.
Gillian:  You didn’t make it to your meeting with the mayor.
Cal:  I canceled it.
Gillian:  No, actually, you didn’t, and it’s been on the books for 3 weeks.

Cal:  I meant to cancel it.
Gillian: Cal.
Cal:  Go mother someone else.
(Gillian turns to leave and glances back at him while walking away)
Cal:  Everyone back to work, please.

Gillian comforts Cal in the lab.

Gillian:  The victims had all the risk factors for postpartum depression. Twenty-five percent of low income women suffer from it.
Cal:  Okay, you got three Indian women, right? All around the same age, they all have babies, and they all kill themselves. I mean, postpartum doesn’t explain it.
Gillian:  They had no support here, no family, no friends.
Cal:  There has to be some link between these girls. There has to be some reason why they killed themselves.
(Gillian sits next to Cal)
Gillian:  I know you don’t wanna hear this again, but I’m gonna say it to you anyway. (puts her hand on his arm) It doesn’t matter how many you find a reason for. It wasn’t your fault.
(And Torres rudely interrupts this touching moment – pun intended – by knocking at the door)

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