Lie to me* “Life is Priceless” 1×09

Ep: 1×09 Life Is Priceless
Reviewed by: csiAngel, 3rdRocker & _useyourwords_
Ship rating: 8/10

The episode opens on Cal arriving at the site of a building collapse.  Gillian soon joins him – before he manages to alienate everyone! – and the two of them investigate what happened, in hopes of locating missing workmen, buried somewhere in the collapsed building.

When the men are found alive, Cal and Gillian communicate with them via a video feed, finding clues that imply one of the trapped men – Mr. Blunt – may have intentionally caused the collapse.  Fearful that he may try to sabotage rescue attempts, the investigation team want to ask him.  Gillian observes that he is not going to admit to anything while trapped with his crew.  She says that that level of anger would have spilled over into domestic violence, so she and Cal talk to Blunt’s wife.  They have an argument in front of her – Cal treating Gillian with disdain; calling her a bitch and her slapping him – in order to judge the wife’s reaction.  She is appalled! Cal thinks Gillian took a little too much pleasure in slapping him this time.  Note the ‘this time’! They obviously do this often!

Cal and Gillian later watch Mrs. Blunt talking to the head of the construction company.  The two are standing very close together, which, according to Gillian and Cal indicates a former intimacy.  Interestingly, Cal and Gillian are standing even closer together as they watch! Aye, aye!

During the case, Cal “reads” Gillian, correctly identifying from her serious expression that she was just on the phone to her idiot husband.  Cal looks concerned, but she reprimands him for reading her.

With excellent team work – as always – (love it when Cal and Gillian work together on a case!) they figure out what actually happened, but are faced with a sad conclusion.  Later, over a drink in Cal’s office, they ponder the lies that led to the tragic events.  Gillian is deep in thought and Cal watches her. She is no doubt thinking about all the lies her idiot husband has been telling her, and Cal knows that.


Shipworthy scenes:

Okay, this first “moment” isn’t really shippy, but it’s funny and shows that Cal doesn’t want Gillian labeled as a “freak show.” :)

Foreman:  My men need engineers and rescue workers, not a couple of freak show shrinks pointing fingers.
Cal:  She’s the shrink; I’m the freak show. I’m sorry, we normally wear labels.


Cal & Gillian role playing while talking to Mrs. Blunt to see if she was abused by her husband.

Cal:  Maybe he’s just crazy.
Mrs. Blunt:  What?
Cal:  Your husband. Maybe he’s just bonkers.
Mrs. Blunt:  Wha-, what are you talk- I mean—
Cal:  Well, he was arguing with the company; he was constantly getting into fights, right? What my partner is dancing around here is that we think your husband just lost it and blew up the building.
Mrs. Blunt:  Jarod would never do that!
Gillian:  What are you doing? This isn’t appropriate.
Cal:  There’s something she’s not telling us. We’re wasting time here.
Gillian:  I’m sorry.
Cal:  I’m sick of watching you coddle these women.
Gillian:  You know, I’m sick of you derailing this investigation!
Cal:  You know, you can be a bitch sometimes, Gill—  <I swear he says Gill here, like he’s starting to say Gillian but gets cut off!>
(Gillian slaps him, hard!)

Cal:  Oh!
(They both look at Mrs. Blunt and read her reaction)

Mrs. Blunt:  Who the hell are you people? Stay away from me!
(Gillian & Cal walking through the construction site)

Gillian:  You almost didn’t sell it. I’m gonna have to hit you harder next time.
Cal:  You know, you took a little too much pleasure in that one. Valerie Blunt was disgusted when you slapped me, but she wasn’t afraid.
Gillian:  And she showed no heightened sensitivity to violence between a man and a woman. I, I, I think it’s unlikely she was abused.
Cal:  So, you don’t think her husband could’ve blown up the building?
Gillian:  With no violence at home, it’s hard to believe.
(Gillian’s cell rings)

Gillian:  It’s, uh, it’s Loker. Give me a second. (on phone) Yeah. Take it. Yeah. Yeah. (hangs up)
Cal:  What was that, a job?
Gillian:  Yeah.
Cal:  Wanna tell me what it is?
Gillian:  I don’t need your permission to take on a case.
Cal:  Well, it depends on the case doesn’t it, really.
Gillian:  It’ll be fine, I promise.
Cal:  That usually means I’m getting screwed.
Gillian:  Usually.
(They both see Valerie Blunt & the foreman conversing at a distance)

Gillian:  Isn’t that the head of Green City Construction, Warren, with Mrs. Blunt?
<This next part is great. Could Cal & Gillian stand any closer to each other??>

Cal:  Less than a foot and a half between them. A flash glance from her before a quick turn away.
Gillian:  They’ve been intimate before.
Cal:  You know, Valerie Blunt was hiding something. When you asked if she and her husband had problems, eyelids fluttered. There’s something she didn’t wanna say.
Gillian:  Maybe her husband wasn’t the perpetrator. Maybe he was the target.
Cal:  So, Warren sleeps with Blunt’s wife and then buries him alive.


In the monitoring room at the construction site

(Gillian walks in with a look of disappointment while ending a call on her cell, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Cal)
Cal:  How’s your husband?
Gillian:  How’d you know?
(Cal just looks at her)
Gillian:  Don’t do that.


In Cal’s office at the end of the long night. He’s got a bunch of tiny liquor bottles on his desk. Gillian enters with a big bottle of booze and two glasses.

Gillian:  Hey. (chuckles) I thought you could use a real drink.
Cal:  And a bath.
Gillian:  Mm, well, I can’t help you with that. (tosses the tiny bottles aside and pours them both drinks)

Why do people always think they’re the only one with a secret. (hands drink to Cal)

Cal:  Human nature, I suppose.
(Gillian sighs as she sits down, watching the soundless news report on Cal’s screen)
(Cal watches Gillian)

Gillian:  If the mayor had told the truth or Blunt had been honest about his illness, hm, none of this would’ve happened. If the lies hadn’t come together.
Cal:  They always do.
(Cal continues looking at Gillian, who’s deep in thought. About her wayward, druggy, jerk of a husband Alec. Yes, that must be it.)


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