Lie to me* “Better Half” 1×10

Ep: 1×10 Better Half
Reviewed by: csiAngel, 3rdRocker, _useyourwords_
Ship rating: 7/10 – for Zoe’s jealousy

This episode marks the first appearance of Cal’s ex-wife, Zoe Landau, Assistant U.S. Attorney.  She needs help on a case – that of a house fire that killed a grandmother and seriously injured a young girl.  The younger brother, brought out of the house by his mother, claims to have witnessed someone running away from the scene.  Zoe wants confirmation that the little one is telling the truth.

Zoe’s reaction when Cal mentions Gillian is fantastic! Clearly she is jealous of her.  Cal acts as if he doesn’t understand her reaction, but he totally knows what is going on!

Gillian and Zoe’s first interaction is also fabulous (detailed in Shipworthy Scenes).  Gillian calls Cal away to talk to him about the lack of wisdom in his decision to work with Zoe, after the state he was in when Zoe left him.  She also observes that Zoe is flirting with Cal. He denies it all and claims to be completely in control of himself. Unfortunately for Cal, his point is disproved – because he is insisting it in the ladies’ restroom!

Nevertheless, they continue to assist on Zoe’s case, Gillian offering to speak to the boy, who may not be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality.  Zoe takes a phone call from her boyfriend, Roger, and greets him over-enthusiastically.  Both Gillian and Cal know that was a lie, but Cal remains insistent that Zoe is happy with Roger.  Then Gillian leaves to help Torres with a drive-by shooting case – and does the most adorable little chest tap after saying “Who better than me to get inside the world of gangster rap”. So cute!

Later, Gillian and Cal interview the boy, Cal pretending to have an imaginary friend (apparently the only woman who has never lied to him! Gillian takes offense!) to judge the boy’s reaction.  He appears to be well aware of the difference between reality and fantasy, so it’s unlikely he is lying about what he saw.  There’s another very amusing Gillian/Zoe scene when Zoe waltzes into Cal’s office, unannounced, and Gillian remarks “We still have a receptionist here don’t we?” I love the animosity!

Most of the investigation is then conducted by Cal and Zoe. That’s not half as fun as watching Cal and Gillian work together, so to summarise: They do some interviews; Gillian gives them more information from the boy; Zoe reveals that Roger has proposed to her; Emily tells Cal that Zoe isn’t wearing her engagement ring; they solve the case.

Later, Cal is watching Zoe on the phone to Roger, a wistful look on his face.  Gillian walks in and checks on him, they have a nice little conversation.

And then idiot Cal sleeps with Zoe.  But, we’ll forgive him seeing as Gillian is still married so he can’t have her. Yet.

Shipworthy scenes:

Not many shippy moments between our dynamic duo because of Zoe’s presence, but seeing the hostility between her and Gillian makes it all worthwhile. ;)

Zoe and Cal walking down a sidewalk outside the hospital

Zoe:  Let’s talk to Jack Garcia. My place or yours?
Cal:  Mine. I want Foster to evaluate A.J.
Zoe:  Ah, yes, Gillian.
Cal:  What was that? (Cal looks at her intently)
Zoe:  I didn’t say anything. What? Let’s talk to the accused. We’ll get you some medication.

Cal, Zoe and Ria in Cal’s office, looking at facial expressions

Cal:  Alright, so bad reporter. Good liar, not a great one. When he talks about Ambrose, this is what we get. Alright.
Zoe:  Contempt.
Ria:  Yeah, that’s right.
Zoe:  I’m familiar with that one.
(Cal & Zoe give each other looks)
Cal:  I think we should probe the relationship between, uh, Ambrose and Garcia, see what we can come up with.
(Gillian walks in & stands in the doorway with arms crossed)
Zoe:  Sounds like fun.
Gillian:  Cal?
Cal:  What?
Gillian:  Zoe.
Zoe:  Gillian. Hm.
Gillian:  Hm. Uh, could I talk to you for a minute.
Zoe:  She’s calling.
Gillian:  Cal?
(Cal & Gillian walk out into the hallway)
Gillian:  No.
Cal:  What, no?
Gillian:  You know what. We, we, we have never worked for her before. We are not starting now.
Cal:  It’s an interesting case.
Gillian:  No, there are plenty of interesting cases. Do you not remember what it was like after she left? I mean, you wore the same shirt to the office every day for a month.
Cal:  I still do.
Gillian:  You saw the head tilt. She’s flirting with you.
Cal:  No, it’s ridiculous. She-
Gillian:  She does this to you every time.
Cal:  No—
Gillian:  She is single again, Cal.
Cal:  No, no, she’s been with Roger for what, for the best part of a year now, right?
Gillian:  Wait, is she still? Did you ask her?
Cal:  I don’t know! Look, I’m taking the case!
(Gillian follows Cal into the restroom)
Cal:  I’ll be fine.
Gillian:  Cal.
Cal:  I’m in complete control of myself, which is more than I can say for you following me into the men’s room.
(A woman approaches them, trying to walk out)
Gillian:  The women’s room, Cal.
Woman:  Excuse me.
Gillian:  The women’s room.

Cal watching Zoe, who’s on the phone, through a window in the break room. Gillian enters

Gillian:  Hey.
Cal:  Hey.
Gillian:  Heard you did alright.
Cal:  Yeah. Yeah, we did, actually. It was okay.
Gillian:  Torres did, too, on the drive-by with a little help from Loker.
(Cal turns to look at Zoe again)
Gillian:  How’d it go with Zoe?
Cal:  It’s good, actually. Yeah. Yeah. Roger’s proposed to her.
Gillian:  You okay?
Cal:  You know what I miss? I miss the arguments.
Gillian:  You do?
Cal:  (laughs)
Gillian:  What? (laughs)
Cal:  Probably not the best time to tell her though.
Gillian:  Absolutely not. 

And we all know where Cal ends up after this scene, so no need to go into grisly detail.


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