Lie to me* 3×02 “The Royal We”

Ep: 3×02 The Royal We
Reviewed by: useyourwords, csiAngel & 3rdRocker
Ship rating: 6/10 (because they work together; Cal checks Gillian out and there is football in Foster’s office tiems!)

So, I’m sure a great many Cal/Gillian shippers were somewhat frightened going into this episode after the appauling way that Cal treated Gillian last episode!  But, I’ll be completely honest, I’m quite enjoying the tension.

Anyhoo, Cal still hasn’t written his book and is bored of trying.  When he sees Gillian with a new client, he tries to get in on the act but she won’t have it.  She’s civil, but you can tell that she is still seething over the way he is treating her lately.

Cal forces Anna to hack into Gillian’s CALendar for him (Trivia:  Jenn Marsala revealed on Twitter that this is the password she typed: ThisJobIsTotallyAwesomeEvenMoreAwesomeThanCheesyTaterTotsWhichAreAlsoAwesome) and discovers that she is working at the Miss Teen Magazine beauty pageant.  So, off he goes.

Gillian is not impressed to find him there, especially when he starts to call the whole thing a ‘freak show’ in front of their client, and involves potentially crooked cop Wallowski (remember her?).

Despite the tension though it is good to see Cal and Gillian working together and, professionally, they’re still a close team – and it is useful for them to be able to call on Wallowski rather than having to involve the real police until they can get to the truth of what is going on.

One of the key figures in the case is a sixteen year old girl who has serious issues regarding her mother and everything she feels she has been forced to go through on the pageant scene.  When this girl threatens to kill herself and Cal talks her down, this obviously brings up Cal’s own mother and he says some things he’s not proud of.  Gillian – being the absolutely gorgeous-in-body-and-mind person that she is and therefore won’t let his treatment of her stop her from caring – offers Cal an ear if he wants to talk about his mum.  Cal – being, well, Cal – gets out of it, but I think it’s clear that he did appreciate it.

It does seem like he’s still being an ass to Gillian, but there are little glimpses of old Cal. I’m willing to put my faith in Dan Sackheim and Tim Roth who’ve both said that we shouldn’t worry!

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian with Candice in the hallway when Cal approaches.

Cal:  Oi! You sent Mutt and Jeff to spy on me, didn’t you, eh?
Gillian:  Cal Lightman, Candice McCallister.
Cal:  Oh, so you don’t deny it then?
Gillian:  Sarah and Charles are here to help you, Cal.
Candice:  Do you two need a minute?
Cal:  You know, I am having a hard time writing this book. Same thing happened on the first one. You know, that this whole place is built on.
Candice:  Dr. Lightman, may I say what a huge fan I am of that book.
Cal:  Is it Candice with an I or Candace with an A? ‘Cause Candace with an A I find to be far more classy. You know what I mean?
Gillian:  We’re running late.
Cal:  What can I do for you?
Candice:  Um, I, I thought you said Dr. Lightman was—
Gillian:  Busy. That’s exactly what I said. Goodbye, Cal.

I guess it’s kind of shippy of Cal to have Anna hack into Gillian’s computer to access her CALendar.


Cal:  Oi!! Come in here, make yourself useful.
Anna:  With your book?
Cal:  What book? I need to see Foster’s calendar.
Anna:  You mean hack into her computer.
Cal:  Your words, not mine.
Anna:  Dr. Lightman, I can’t just hack into—
Cal:  Or you’re fired.
Anna:  Watch my fingers.
Cal:  Wasn’t that hard, was it? On your way then.


Cal & Gillian at the pageant rehearsal.

Cal:  Lucky for you, I’ve got writer’s block.
Gillian:  So you got into my calendar. Good for you, but I’ve got this covered, Cal.
Cal:  Who’s the favorite in this little freak show then?
Candice:  Freak show?
Gillian:  You wonder why I kept you out of this.

Occam’s razor (Gillian finishes Cal’s sentence. Aw!)

Cal:  Everything this girl does is deliberate. Put it this way, I hope I’m wrong.
Candice:  These girls are under a great deal of pressure. Don’t misread that for something it’s not.
Cal:  When you hear hooves…
Gillian:  …think horses, not zebras.
Cal:  Either way, it’s a stampede.

Cal & Gillian leaving the pageant building.

Gillian:  What was that about?
Cal:  Candice with an I, not an A. I knew it.
(Cal checks Gillian out from head to toe and then Gillian checks Cal out!!)
Cal:  Let’s go tag team the mom.

Cal & Gillian in hallway with the pageant girl and her mom.

Cal:  You with me. You, you’re with the delightful Dr. Foster.

Cal & Gillian backstage at the pageant results.

Gillian:  She shouldn’t even be back here right now.
(Cal blatantly checks out Gillian in her form fitting dress)
Cal:  Well, it’s the best I could do, you know, to get her down off the ledge, ‘cause, of course, I didn’t have a shrink handy.

Cal & Gillian in Gillian’s office, Cal kicking the soccer ball around.

Cal:  Oh, sorry about that. It’s a gift from Fletcher, a grateful soccer mom.
Gillian:  Is there anything you wanna talk to me about?
Cal:  What, you mean like about my dead mother.
Gillian:  If you’d like.
Cal:  No, I was just, you know, coming here. (suggestively & with a wink) I was looking for someone to play with, you know.
(Cal kicks the ball up)
Gillian:  Ooh! Are you sure there’s nothing you want to say to me?
Cal:  Look—
Gillian:  Yeah.
Cal:  I know. No, we can talk about it any time, really, any time you want, you know. How about now? You good now? We can talk about it right now if you want. (kicks ball out the door) Come here, ball.
(Gillian sighs and smiles)


Final scene where Cal’s at his kitchen table, starting the first chapter of his book, and he types:  “Let me be clear. I understand very little, least of all the people close to me.”

And ain’t that the truth lately!!

The end.


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