Eureka “I’ll Be Seeing You” 4×09

Ep: 4×09 I’ll Be Seeing You
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 10/10

It is a lesson I learned long ago in fandom: If your ship gets together mid-season, don’t expect a “happily ever after”.  Therefore, most of the events of this episode came as no surprise to me!  The ultimate outcome of this mid-season finale was, however, unexpected.

After a scene of Grant and his buddies plotting back in the 40s, we come back to the present day, to Jack and Allison waking up together in bed.  This day follows that of the previous episode.  They’re enjoying this new stage in their relationship when they are called into work urgently.

Allison goes with Henry to investigate some strange readings in a remote part of town.  Jo has had all the files from the investigation into Grant’s 1947 disappearance shipped to Eureka, and she and Jack go through them.  They find reference to Grant knowing Beverly Barlowe’s father and put all the pieces of the case of the missing DED device together.  Jack tries to warn Allison and Henry that they are walking into a trap but he can’t reach them.  He drives out there, but he is too late.  An energy wave blasts their vehicle into the air, and Allison is killed.  Well, flippin’ typical, you’d think when you’ve had TPTB sink as many of your ships I have!  But, I kept watching…

So, Jack barges into the hidden building where Beverly, Grant and the DED device are and attacks Grant just as he is transported back to 1947: So Jack goes with him.

The events of the day that Jack, Allison, Joe, Henry and Fargo were all transported back are replayed, from the POV of this Jack and Grant watching it happen.  They figure out that they need to get a message to Allison regarding future events before she is transported back to the present.  When Jack fails to get to her in time, he instead leaves himself a message that will later be found among Grant’s things that Jo has transported to Eureka.

When present Jack (how confusing is time travel!) hears this messasge he is able to get to Henry and Allison earlier, and his sirens and horn warn them that something is wrong.

He drives his car straight into the hidden building, stopping Beverly’s plans.  The Grant who is inside is returned to the Grant who knows what has been going on, and Jack then runs outside to see Allison.  He finds that Henry’s car is upturned, but as he runs towards it, we see that Henry and Allison are both fine.  Hence the surprise! Clearly my faith in producers and writers has been tainted by the people who’ve sunk my ships in the past!

Anyway, Beverly has disappeared but everyone’s rather relieved that the DED device is back and it’s over.  Grant heads out to start a new life elsewhere and we think it’s all surprisingly nice for a mid-season finale.  Then Beverly reveals to her associates that she’s got a new plan and from the way she’s focused on an image of Jack – it doesn’t sound like a good plan for our favourite characters!


Shipworthy Scenes

Jack and Allison wake up, in bed.

Jack: Hi.
Allison: Hi.
(Both giggle)
Jack: (clears throat) So that happened.
Allison: It was definitely worth the wait.
Jack: You wanna, um, stop waiting again?
Allison: Absolutely.
(They kiss)
Allison: Mmm, right after I brush my teeth.
Jack: Probably a good idea. (Off Allison’s look) For me to do too…
Allison: Ah-huh. (Sits up) Can you give me something to put on please?
(Jack hands her his gun belt. She laughs)
Allison: Yeah, as long as you wear the handcuffs. (Spots some clothes near her) Oh, here.
(Jack’s phone chirps)
Jack: Oh…
Allison:  Just ignore it.
Jack: Yeah. It’s Fargo.
(Allison’s phone chirps)
Allison: (sighs) It’s 911. Gotta go.
(They kiss)
Allison: Still gotta brush my teeth.
Jack: Me too. Right behind ya. 

At Global Dynamics.  Fargo and Jo are in Fargo’s office. Enter Jack and Allison.

Jack: Hi guys. Sorry we’re late.
Fargo: Where have you two been?
(They answer simulatanously)
Jack: Sleeping.
Allison: Working.
Jack: Er, people work better when having slept.
Jo: Okay. 

Later in same scene. Henry has arrived. He and Allison are leaving:

Allison: I’m gonna go check out the area with Henry.
Jack: Okay, I’ll see you later.
Allison: Okay.
(They grin at each other, sappily)

Sad scene in which Allison is dead.  No dialogue. Just pictures. *sniffle*

Carter runs out of the building having stopped Grant from time travelling, only to find that Henry’s car is upturned anyway.  He runs over as Henry is pulling Allison from the car.  She is alive this time!

Jack: Allison!!! Henry.
Henry: She’s fine.
Allison: What are you doing?
Jack: It’s all right. Come here.
(They embrace)
Allison: Oh my god… What are you wearing?
(Jack looks at what he is wearing then kisses Allison)
(Grant looks relieved.)
Henry: Charles, what did you do?
Jack: No.  He screwed up, but he made it right.
Allison: (slaps Jack’s chest) That was a crazy stunt!! 

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