Castle “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” 3×02

Ep: 3×02 He’s Dead, She’s Dead
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 7/10 (because of what is revealed towards the end!)

This episode sees Beckett, Castle and the others on the case of the murder of a famous medium, who is found stabbed in the neck and hidden in her fold-out sofabed. 

This leads them into a discussion about psychics and while Castle is all for believing in psychics and mediums, Beckett is entirely sceptical, believing it is just a con.

When a letter arrives, supposedly from the victim, predicting her own death, Castle finds it all very exciting, but Beckett surmises that the killer wrote it to throw them off the scent.  They must then work out who did write the letter, and who killed the medium?

There follows some amusing banter as Castle and Beckett stand on different sides of whether or not the victim’s talents were genuine.

The daughter of the victim tells Beckett that she too has some of the abilities her mother had and that she has meaningful dreams.  She had a dream about Beckett and tells her that Alexander will be extremely important to her and at some future date may save her life.

The daughter later turns up saying she had another dream in which her mother told her to “Ask the Masons what happened.” She has interpreted this to mean that her mother was killed by a freemason.  Masons actually turns out to be a restaurant, and the clue does lead them to the murderer.

When Castle later reveals that his given middle name is Alexander, this must lead Beckett to wonder…

Also in this episode, Castle comforts his mother when her gentleman friend, Chet, dies.  He had proposed to her and it was when she went to turn him down and return the ring that she found him.  She struggles with the fact that he had told his children how happy he was with her, and that she had been intending not to accept the engagement.

Shipworthy scenes:

At the crime scene

Ryan: Mediums are the ones that can see ghosts, right, Castle?
Castle: Yes, psychics can tell the future.  Mediums can tell the future and talk to the dead.
Beckett: That’s like saying that psychics are con artists and mediums are con artists and charlatans. I mean, in the end, they’re all just fakes.
Castle: You sound pretty certain of yourself.
Beckett: That’s because when I started as a cop I wasted a lot of time on clairvoyants calling tip lines with information that never led to anything. I mean, I’m surprised you’re so gullible.
Castle: I’m not saying that I can speak to the dead. I’m just willing to admit that there are people in this world who are more sensitive than me.
Beckett: Now that’s not hard to believe.
Castle: Walked right into that one.

Discussing fate

Castle: So what do you think?
Beckett: Well I think it’s possible he might have killed Vivian before the universe righted itself.
Castle: Not about that.  About them. Albert and Loreen: Star crossed lovers reunited by fate.
Beckett: You mean reunited by coincidence?
Castle: Oh, let me guess, you don’t believe in fate? Soul mates?
Beckett: No.
Castle: Unicorns? Fairies? Double rainbows? Didn’t you ever think your dolls used to get up at night and play with your toys?
Beckett: Sorry.
Castle: Hmm. Let me guess, you were one of those annoying six year olds who stopped believing in Santa Claus because you figured out he couldn’t travel faster than the speed of light?
Beckett: I was three and we didn’t have a chimney.

Discussing the case

Beckett: She exaggerated her involvement in these cases in order to build her reputation back up.
Castle: Or maybe the cops didn’t want to admit that they had a psychic actually helping them.  I mean, what police detective would willingly acknowledge that a lay person is as talented at solving crimes as she is?
Beckett: Vivian Marchand is not a psychic. I bet my badge on it.

Esposito enters with a letter written to the homicide division by Vivian. And:

Beckett: (reading the letter) To whom it may concern, I feel that my murder is imminent.
(Castle squeaks and covers his mouth in surprise)

Beckett: (after exchanging looks with Ryan, Esposito and Castle, continues) And although I have no idea yet where or when this event will occur, I have had a vision of my death.  In the vision I could not breathe; I saw a man dressed in black; the number 7518 and I could hear a furious pounding from what seemed to be far away. I’m sorry I cannot be more specific…
Castle: (looking thrilled and excited) Psychic predicted her own murder.
Beckett: Or the killer wrote this to throw us off.

At the mention of the name ‘Alexander’ Castle seems intrigued.

Beckett: Penny, is this about the mystery man, ’cause I really don’t know any Alexander.
Castle: (Looking highly interested) Alexander?
Beckett: I’ll tell you about it later.

Beckett has just finished her interrogation with the murderer.

Castle: Did you ask her who wrote the letter?
Beckett: You know, I didn’t get a chance, so I guess it’ll have to remain a mystery.
Castle: Er, actually, not quite.  Do you remember the last clue? The sound of knocking from far away.  That would have been Nick Johnson. He said he pounded on that door for quite some time before he finally gave up and went away.  Vivian was already dead.
Beckett: Yeah, but Paula could have still been in the office, waiting for him to leave, she would have heard the knocking, just like she saw the phone, just like she saw Albert Moreno who was probably dressed in black, so she just put it into the letter to throw us off.
Castle: Hmm.  Only, according to your timeline on the murder board, by the time Nick got to the office at 5.45, Paula was back at the restaurant. So the office was empty.  Except of course for Vivian.
(He turns away and Beckett pulls her face. He turns back.)
Castle: Oh, before I forget, what did Penny say about Alexander?
Beckett: Oh, nothing.  Just some silly stuff that didn’t really make any sense.
(Castle nods)
Beckett: Why?
Castle: Because my middle name is Alexander. 
Beckett: I thought your middle name was Edgar?
Castle: Been perusing the personal section of the Richard Castle website again, have we?… No, I changed my middle name to Edgar for Edgar Allen Poe back when I changed my last name to Castle.  My given name is Richard Alexander Rogers.
(Beckett looks surprised)
Castle: What a coincidence, huh?
(He leaves. Beckett watches him walk away.)

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