Lie to me* 3×03 “Dirty Loyal”

Ep: 3×03 Dirty Loyal
Reviewed by: useyourwords, csiAngel & 3rdRocker
Ship rating: 7/10 (SHIPPY TENSION!!)

THIS is one fantastic episode! It may not be all fluffy fluffy shippy but, my word, has it got shippy tension!!! And the acting from Tim Roth and Kelli Williams, in particular, is amazing!

The episode opens on Cal overhearing Loker on the phone.  He starts to make flippant comments about Loker’s “job hunt” when Gillian appears behind him and startles him (hee hee!).  She’s all serious business and takes him to his office where she shows him a video of Detective Farr (Detective Wallowski’s partner) beating a suspect.  Cal looks defensive, but worried (and also a little bit contrite, I thought). The footage continues and shows Detective Wallowski approaching.  Cal points out that she looks angry at her partner and the look that passes between him and Gillian certainly screams “she’s not the only one”. (I love the way these two act with their expressions!)

Gillian explains that Internal Affairs gave her the video. They’re investigating Wallowski and Farr and they know about Cal’s involvement with the female detective.  Cal decides he’ll get to the truth about what is going on, ignoring Gillian’s wish for him to back off.

Working with Wallowski, Cal suspects that she is covering for her partner.  They speak to a gang member, who later turns up dead, and Cal admits to Gillian that he is in over his head.  Wallowski is arrested for the murder and Internal Affairs are determined she’s going down for it.  Cal and Gillian work together to find out what is really going on.

Loker and Torres go through video footage of Wallowski and Farr interrogations from the past year and discover that Wallowski’s contempt for her partner has grown as time passed.  She definitely knows he has some sort of involvement in the gang scene, and she has been covering for him.  Cal tries to persuade her to tell the truth, but she remains fiercely loyal to her partner.

Cal points out to Wallowski that he is being disloyal to his partner in order to stick his neck out for her.  I’d say he looks unhappy about this as he says it.

Internal Affairs speak to Gillian and threaten to bring down The Lightman Group unless Gillian helps to prove Wallowski is dirty.  Being fiercely loyal to her partner, Gillian shows the IA lady the images of Wallowski’s growing contempt and tells her that Wallowski definitely knows what Farr is involved in…  Cal watches this exchange take place.

Cal preps Wallowski for her interview; Gillian and Torres prep IA.  Wallowski manages to convincingly lie about knowing what Farr was doing, and Gillian is visibly angry that Cal has helped her.  When the IA lady asks for Gillian’s opinion on whether or not Wallowski is dirty, Gillian walks out.  Cal follows her.

In the corridor, they talk about loyalty and Gillian gets in a dig at the fact that he isn’t being loyal to her.  IA lady again asks Gillian for her opinion and Gillian says the only thing Wallowski lied about was Farr being a good father; she didn’t know what he was doing.  IA lady is angry; Gillian is angry; Cal, I think, knows his loyalty was misplaced.  Cal and Gillian walk away (in opposite directions, heartbreakingly symbolic!).

At the police station, where Farr is being taken into custody, it is clear that Cal is done with his personal relationship with Wallowski.  It’s also clear – from the way she looks between them – that Wallowski sees how Cal and Gillian really feel about each other.  The three of them are talking and Cal suddenly vanishes.   And Gillian remains loyal to Cal, turning down a request to get a drink from Wallowski (who is obviously upset about Farr and could do with a friend) and following him out.

This episode strengthened my faith in Dan Sackheim and Tim Roth’s assurances that things will be okay with Cal and Gillian.  At several points throughout this, to me, it seemed that Cal does feel guilty about the way he has been treating Gillian.  Now he just needs to fix it!!

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian walks up behind Cal & takes him by surprise while he’s chatting with Loker. Well, not literally takes him, just surprises him. Damn it. (Cal checks Gillian out. Can you blame him?)

Cal:  Alright, well carry on. Keep up the good work.
(Gillian clears her throat)
Cal:  What?
(they walk)
Cal:  All I was trying to say in there was, you know, I want him on the street getting a life, not in there getting a latte.
Gillian:  Why didn’t you just tell him that then?
Cal:  And spoil all the fun? Do me a favor.
(Gillian glares at Cal and sighs)
Cal:  What’s wrong with you? Uh-oh.
CUT TO: Gillian & Cal in Cal’s office reviewing a police video
Cal:  This is Juan Ramirez, street name Prince John of the 9-6 Club.
Cal:  Push in tighter. That’s, uh, Detective, uh…what’s his name again?
Gillian:  Farr.
Cal:  Murderous hatred. What happens next?
(Gillian zooms in on Wallowski)
Cal:  So no part of you is thinking I told you so, eh?
Gillian:  Internal Affairs. They’ve been watching Farr and Wallowski for a while. Apparently it’s not uncommon to run surveillance on gang unit cops.
Cal:  You got this from IA?
Gillian:  They came to me with it because of your relationship with Wallowski, which some how they know about.
Cal:  Alright. Look at her. She’s pissed off at her partner. She tried to stop him.
Gillian:  It could be argued that she did that once the other cops arrived on the scene. It could also be argued that you thought having a compromised cop in your pocket was a good idea and there was nothing I could do or say to warn you. This is a message to you from Internal Affairs. Your new friend Wallowski is under the microscope.
Cal:  And they want me to stay out of it. (off Gillian’s look) You want me to stay out of it.

— —

Another lovely, tension filled Cal and Gillian moment. In the lab with Loker, Torres and other staff.

Ria:  We’re breaking down the videos into microexpressions.
Cal:  I’ll break you down into microexpressions in a minute.
(Gillian gives him a look)
Gillian:  Put your hand on your heart and tell me you think Wallowski’s clean.
Cal:  What, you mean clean like you?
Gillian:  Give us the room.
(Loker, Torres and the staff start clearing out)
Cal:  Now, look, I didn’t mean that in a bad way.
Gillian:  (sighs) I know what you meant. Have a seat.
Cal:  Now what, nurse?
Gillian:  You came up on IA’s radar the minute you and Wallowski decided to start seeing each other.
Cal:  That’s a business meeting, that is.
(Gillian puts up a picture of Wallowski & Cal-even though he looks like a bald man!)
Gillian:  I don’t have an ax to grind against her, Cal, I really don’t.
(Cal’s cell rings)
Cal:  You just don’t trust my judgment where she’s concerned, right?
Gillian:  I don’t want to see you get hurt.
Cal:  (on phone) Yeah. Alright. (hangs up) It’s a little late for that now, isn’t it?
Gillian:  For what?
Cal:  I’m up to my neck in it. Come on.

— —

Loker & Cal in the lab, Loker going over a vocal tape when Gillian walks in and surprises Cal again.

Eli:  She gives unnecessary details. Not answering questions directly. She’s lying.
Gillian:  Maybe she’s just old.
(Cal jumps, startled)
Cal:  Look, you keep doing that—
Gillian:  And it just gets funnier and funnier.
Cal:  Where’d you get the 911 tape from then? Eh?
Gillian:  You’re not the only one with police contacts.
Cal:  What, Loker?
Eli:  ‘Fraid so.
Gillian:  Next time, however, will you run it by me first. That throat clearing, it’s, it’s phlegm. She’s a smoker.

— —


Cal gets punched by the gang member he paid to punch him. Gillian walks over to comfort him.

Cal:  Thanks for that. Alright, stomach, not face, alright?
(kid punches Cal, the other gang members laugh at a distance)
(Gillian rushes to Cal’s side)
Gillian:  You okay?
Cal:  Oh, no, I’m fine. Yeah.
(Gillian helps him up and holds his arm)
Cal:  You tell your IA friend, alright, I want to talk that one, right? This isn’t a gang war. It’s more like a gang at war with itself, and he knows it. He’s part of it, he is. He’s even picked sides.

— —

Cal & Gillian watching interrogation video with IA Jenkins in the lab.

Gillian:  So in this one, Farr is controlling the interrogation.
Cal:  He’s warning Suarez.
IA Jenkins:  And in the next one.
(video continues)
Gillian:  Wallowski walks out before the interrogation is over.
Cal:  Well, they’ve been in there for 3 hours. I mean, maybe she just needed to tinkle.
Gillian:  Or maybe she was letting Farr blow the interrogation.
IA Jenkins:  Is there anything here you agree on?
Cal:  Yes. There’s definitely some kind of relationship between Detective Farr and Suarez.
Gillian:  Agreed. Farr does sound compromised at times.
IA Jenkins:  Well, if Farr is dirty, Wallowski’s dirty.
Cal:  What’s that? What is that? Guilt by association.
IA Jenkins:  May I remind you—
Cal:  Yeah, you may. You’ve got an eye witness. I haven’t forgotten.
IA Jenkins:  Wallowski’s arraigned in the morning. My hands are tied.
Cal:  She goes to county, that’s a death sentence.
IA Jenkins:  Well, she either gives up her partner, or she’s on her own.
Cal:  Thanks for your help.
Gillian:  You wanted me to lie. I see now.

— —

Gillian talking to IA Jenkins in Gillian’s office.

Gillian:  Oh, this isn’t about Wallowski anymore, is it? It’s about Lightman.
IA Jenkins:  You can choose Wallowski or your partner, because I will bring down this whole circus act if I have to. Understand? Do you need that in writing?
(Gillian stares at her then pulls up a pictures on her laptop & shows them to IA Jenkins)
Gillian:  Her contempt for Farr’s choices is getting harder to contain. She knew about Suarez.
IA Jenkins:  And you’re sure about that?
Gillian:  Put her in the cube for long enough, and if she’s guilty, she’ll betray herself.
(Cal has been listening to their conversation from the hallway and isn’t happy)
(Cal & Gillian look at each other, then Cal walks away in disgust)

— —

In the lab, Wallowski in the cube being questioned by Torres after Cal has coached Wallowski. She lies but shows no signs of deception.

Eli:  I got nothing here. Zip.
IA Jenkins:  Was Wallowski in on this with Farr or not?
Gillian:  She’s been coached.
Cal:  Or maybe she’s clean.
IA Jenkins:  And you call yourselves scientists.
Cal:  You call cops who disagree cops, right?
IA Jenkins:  Unless one of them’s dirty.
Cal:  Well, she’s saying Wallowski’s clean. Aren’t you, Dr. Foster?
(Gillian glares at him and walks out of the lab, clearly pissed. Cal follows her into the hallway)
Cal:  Oi! Why you walking away for, eh? That’s not right. Don’t do that.
Gillian:  Never mind.
Cal:  I’m not going anywhere, Gill, so let’s have it.
Gillian:  What do you see in her, Cal?
Cal:  I’d have done the same thing for my partner. It’s called loyalty.
Gillian:  (scoffs) That’s kind of ironic from where I’m standing.
(IA Jenkins comes after them)
IA Jenkins:  Well? Is Wallowski lying?
(Gillian and Cal look at each other)
Gillian:  Yes. Absolutely. Farr is not a good dad. She’s covering for him. As for the rest of it, she’s not lying. She didn’t know a thing about Suarez or any of it.
IA Jenkins:  D-, Dr. Lightman?
Cal:  Yeah, she’s clean. As a whistle.
(Cal & Gillian look at each other. Gillian turns & walks away. Cal walks away in the opposite direction and glances at her over his shoulder. “These Days” by the Black Keys plays as we segue to Farr being taken away at the jail: “My hand to God I didn’t mean to. After all, look what we’ve been through. Men come in different shades. That’s how we’re made. The little house on Ellis Drive is where I felt most alive…“)

— —

In the police station.

Wallowski:  Five years of my life and for what.
Cal:  Well, you thought he was just looking after his kid, right? So, you did what you could.
(Gillian glances away)
Cal:  And more. Loyal to a fault. And when I say fault, what I really mean—
Gillian:  She gets it, Cal.
Wallowski:  Thank you.
Gillian:  Don’t mention it.
Wallowski:  You don’t like me, do you?
Gillian:  I didn’t do what I did for you.
Wallowski:  No, you did it for him.
(They look and Cal’s gone)
Wallowski:  Where’d he go? Wanna go grab a cup of coffee?
Gillian:  I’ll take a rain check.
(Gillian walks out as the song plays out: “Violent colors so obscene. It’s all I see these days. These days.”

The end.


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