Castle “Anatomy of a Murder” 3×05

Ep: 3×05 “Anatomy of a Murder”
Reviewed by: csiAngel (caps by useyourwords)
Rating: 9/10 (because she would break him out of prison!)

Castle and Beckett (and the awesome Ryan and Esposito) investigate when the body of a doctor is discovered in the coffin during a funeral. (Erm, to be clear, it was someone else’s funeral; the coffin was heavy, due to there being two bodies inside, and the pall bearers dropped it.  Both bodies fell out.)

They find out that the doctor was working as private physician to a former drug lord; and that she was working undercover for the Attorney General.  But the two things were completely unconnected.

Their investigations lead them to a male nurse whose girlfriend is in prison.  When he manages to break her out by helping her fake a stroke, thus being admitted to his hospital, Beckett and co. suspect that the murdered doctor knew of his plans.  However, that proves to be incorrect as well.  And, actually, Castle and Beckett are won over by the romantic story of the nurse and the escaped convict.

Ultimately they do solve the crime (won’t spoil it for you) and they arrange for the escaped convict’s case to be reopened as it looks quite plausible that she is innocent. Aww.

Also in this episode, Gina does something nice for Alexis causing Castle to snap at her.  They sort things out (but we know it isn’t going to last because he’s in love with Beckett!!… er… anyway…). Later (also impressed by the nurse/convict story) Martha asks Castle if he would break Gina out of prison.  She says that is true love.

Back at the station, Castle and Esposito discuss whether anyone would break them out of prison and Beckett assures Castle that she would break him out!!!!! She doesn’t know the significance of what she said, but WE DO!!!! :D

Shipworthy scenes:

Reading Nurse Greg & Amy’s love letters

Castle: I think I have his response to that. “I don’t believe in much, but I believe in us.” I like this guy. “And no matter the obstacles, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get rid of me. I love you.”
(Beckett looks up at Castle and there is a very emotionally charged stare.)

— —

Castle and his mom discuss Nurse Greg

Martha: You know that Nurse Greg fellow? He impresses me. You know, someone willing to risk it all to break his lover out of the big house. We should all have that in our lives.
Castle: Yeah, we should.
(Alexis gets home from the Taylor Swift concert so Castle and his mom talk to her and then start talking about Gina)
Martha: But, the question is this…when you come right down to it, would you be willing to break her out of prison? Because that, my boy, is true love.

— —

It’s TRUE LOVE!!! It is!!

Esposito: It was a nice thing you guys did in there.
Castle: I just thought, after everything Greg did for her, they deserved a chance. Besides, if it were you and I in Amy’s shoes, we’d still be rotting in prison.
(Beckett listens in)
Esposito: Hah! Speak for yourself, bro. I’d escape.
Castle: What, you’d just leave me in there?
Esposito: It’s the law of the jungle. I gotta look out for numero uno.
Castle: Wow, nothing like a hypothetical prison term to let you know who your friends really are.

Beckett: Don’t worry, Castle. I’d get you out. (Castle stands there looking stunned as she starts to walk away.) You coming?
Castle: Yeah.

The end.

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