Bones “The Couple in the Cave” 6×02

Ep: 6×02 The Couple in the Cave
Reviewed by: PuddingLoversAnon (caps by useyourwords)
Ship rating: 2/10 (It’s lucky it even got that. :/)

The remains of two victims who died in each other’s arms are found in a cave (Shocker. ;) ) in a National Park. The team work to find the identity of the couple and also who committed the crime. Angela reconstructs the faces and one looks (hilariously) like George Clooney. (You’d think that it’d be easy to identify a guy that looks like Clooney, right? :D)

They discover that the man was a recovering alcoholic and a migrant worker from Guatemala, Felix, and the woman, Hillary, was his sponsor. They interrogate a lot of people but get no where.

In the end they find that, in his drinking days, Felix purchased alcohol for a minor that ended up drink-driving and died. This girl was found to be the park ranger’s niece and he had killed the couple by pushing them off a cliff.

In other (terrible) news, Booth’s girlfriend Hannah turns up unexpectedly (yeah, because we hadn’t all seen that coming) telling Booth that she has transferred to the D.C. press corps to be with him. Brennan pretends and fails to act pleased for Booth and his new …friend.

Emily Deschanel’s acting KILLED me. She was amazing.

So, basically, this episode made me an emotional wreck. Let’s not even talk about Booth and Hannah having… D: Or that end scene with Brennan by herself in the bar. *cries*

Shipworthy Scenes

This, because we now see that this season will be Brennan chasing Booth. Which.. Can’t be a bad thing… right?

Brennan: Sometimes when I was away I would imagine us together.
Sweets: Really?
Brennan: While pleasant, it was clearly fantasy. Because we’re also anomalous. But you were lucky enough to meet someone with whom you have parity.
Booth: Love. With whom I have love.

Booth basically tells Brennan he’s still in love with her. Well, not in so many words but… :/

Brennan: So you’re saying that love is foolish and illogical.
Booth: No. It’s – it’s thinking of someone before yourself. It’s giving your life, if necessary, to that person. It’s – it’s, uh, love.
Brennan: And if that person falls out of love and meets someone else. Those selfless acts would suddenly appear to be dangerous and irresponsible, wouldn’t they?
Booth: No. It’s still love.

Special mention to Dr. Clark Edison’s amazing speech about how he can’t understand why Booth and Brennan have never gotten together. Clark, how many times can I say I love you?

Clark: Because it’s obvious you and Agent Booth were attracted to each other! I mean, a blind man could see that. I just couldn’t understand why you two didn’t rip each other’s clothes off. I mean, just get all butt naked and — [stops in horror when he realizes what he’s saying]

The end.

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