Bones “The Maggots in the Meathead” 6×03

Ep: 6×03 The Maggots in the Meathead
Reviewed by: PuddingLoversAnon (screencaps by useyourwords)
Ship rating: 5/10 (because of the end scene only)

This is a special edition review. As well as shipworthy scenes we will have: AWESOME BRENNAN scenes too.


We always knew a Bones/Jersey Shore episode would be… Entertaining. :D

A corpse of a New Jersey body builder is found buried in the sand on the beach near the Jersey Shore. The team investigate and well… there are a lot of suspects.

Brennan, kindly, informs Booth that she has been watching a documentary (Oh, Brennan. You are so clueless. Reality shows are NOT documentaries, dear.) so she tells him she knows how to handle these people. Throughout the episode she ‘translates’ for Booth. Hilarity ensues.

In the end it turns out the murder was over ice. (What? WHAT?) A bartender mistook the victim for some guy that was always stealing ice from him so he decided enough was enough and beat him over the head.

I think Hannah moved in with Booth in this episode… But I have tried to block that from memory so …

Angela finally told everyone she was pregnant! Now, Auntie Brennan and Auntie Cam can start knitting little booties and Brennan can stick a knitting needle in… *cough*


Brennan explains to Angela how she learned about the ‘guidos’.

Brennan: They gather at the Jersey Shore. The male bonding is near-homoerotic. The friends, or ‘bros’ are more important to them than family.
Angela: Right. And how do you know all of this?
Brennan: I stumbled across a compelling documentary about them. The anthropologist in me was fascinated. I’ve been studying their language and customs.
Angela: A documentary?
Brennan: Yes, on television.
Angela: Sweetie, just because it’s called reality television, it doesn’t mean it’s a documentary.
Brennan: I’m quite certain you are incorrect about that.

This… was just funny.

Brennan: Eureka! A gathering of Guidos!

Brennan shows Booth how it’s done.

Brennan: “Let me handle this. Yo! Sup?”

Brennan explains the mating rituals of the natives.

Brennan: Notice the two unpaired females! Their body movements and attire suggest they’re available for mating. Two males have spotted the available females and will approach and begin the exhibition. Fascinating! Now the males are displaying their musculature, indicating they are good breeders. This activity shows that these two will soon mate. And the other suitors will continue their search elsewhere.

In the vernacular, of course.

Brennan: This is so random, yo.
[the squints look strangely at her]
Brennan: In the venacular.

Told you there was a lot of awesome in this episode. ;)

Shipworthy Scenes

Broke my heart. But shows how much Brennan knows Booth AND LOVES HIM.

Hannah: I was thinking I wanted to get him something when I moved in; a present, and since you know him so well —
Brennan: A telephone! Get him a telephone!
Hannah: I was thinking something a little more personal.
Brennan: A vintage rotary phone. Booth loves them and hasn’t been able to find the right one.
Hannah: Really?
Brennan: Yes! He’s been looking. Booth says that’s what a phone is supposed to be: indestructible and heavy enough to knock someone out.
Hannah: [laughs] Yeah, that sounds like Seeley.
Brennan: His grandfather kept his rotary phone until it fell apart. Booth loved the feel of the bakelite, the tick-tick-tick of the dial as it turned. He says the mechanics make it human.
Hannah: And lucky for me, he has a partner who knows him so well.
Brennan: Booth and I have become close, by necessity. Congratulations again. I’m happy for you both.
Hannah: Thanks.
Brennan: One thing, Hannah. I want you to be sure about this.
Hannah: The phone?
Brennan: No, although I understand the misunderstanding. No, about you and Booth moving in together. Booth will give himself to you completely, and it would be very painful for him if you aren’t as serious about the relationship as he is.
Hannah: I am, but thanks, though. You’re a good friend, Temperance. Seeley is very lucky.

Gah, someone give Emily Deschanel an Emmy! Quick!

[After getting the phone from Hannah]
Hannah: Temperance told me that you like them…
Booth: No, I love it, thanks.
Brennan and Hannah: You’re welcome.

Me: *cries*

Booth stopping Brennan before she leaves.

Booth: Hey, Bones… I’ll see you tomorrow.
Brennan: Yes. Tomorrow.
[Lingering looks and sad smiles]

The end.

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