Joshua Jackson

Name:     Joshua Browning Jackson Carter  

Date of Birth:     June 11, 1978

Place of Birth:     Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sign:     Gemini

Marital Status:     Single

Children:     None

Height:     6’2″

Eyes:     Blue-green

Hair:     Brown

Currently can be seen on:     Fringe (Fox)


Joshua grew up with ties to “the business”, his mom was a casting director.  when he was 11 she took him on an audition and much to her surprise he landed the roll on a commercial.  Joshua has had a good career in acting, however, his role as Pacy Witter on “Dawson’s Creek” (1998-2003) is what made him a star.  In 2008 he was cast as Peter Bishop on Fox’s Fringe.  Joshua has only tried directing with one episode of Dawson’s Creek (2003).

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