David Boreanaz

Name: David Patrick Boreanaz   

Date of Birth:     May 16, 1969

Place of Birth:     Buffalo, New York, USA

Sign:     Taurus

Marital Status:     Married

Children:     Jaden (2002), Bardot (2009)

Height:     6’1″

Eyes:     Brown

Hair:     Dark Brown

Can currently be seen on:     Bones (Fox)


David grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He is the son of actor/weatherman Dave Roberts.  He studied cinema at Ithaca College.  After graduation he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.  In 1997 he was cast on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and was rewarded with his own spin-off show “Angel” (1999-2004).  After Angel ended in 2004, David was cast as Agent Seeley Booth on “Bones” on Fox.

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