Lie to me* “Double Blind” 3×04

Ep: 3×04 “Double Blind”
Reviewed by: csiAngel, useyourwords & 3rdRocker
Ship rating: 10/10 (they’re back, baby!!)

Tim Roth told us there’d be dancing.  He wasn’t lying!!

It’s funny that an episode in which our leading man snogs another woman has caused such a shipper frenzy, but it soooo did!!  After three weeks of anxious, depressed shippers (those who didn’t thrive on the tension!), Cal and Gillian were back on fine flirty form.

In pre-episode storyline land, The Lightman Group were called in to vet staff at an art museum, prior to a major new exhibition.  Torres worked the case.  When the storage area is broken into, the curator blames Torres saying she must have missed the fact that someone would leak the location of the exhibits.

When the two thieves are shot at the scene, Cal, Torres and Gillian go to the hospital to continue investigations. Here Cal meets a beautiful woman (she’s a Cylon, but, hey, still beautiful) and starts to help her with a little ex-boyfriend problem.

Cal and Gillian sit very cosily together on his couch!! (more details on that in Shipworthy Scenes, below – and pictures! Oh, the pictures!!)

Where was I? So Cal helps the beautiful woman – saves her from her ex, feeds her, snogs her, realises she’s playing him to get access to the art exhibit.

They all get dressed up to go to the gala – to work, of course. Naomi knows that Cal is on to her, they part; Cal finds Gillian — looking gorg-e-ous in her dress (again, see the pictures below!!) — and asks her to dance (squeeeeeeeeee!). She points out there’s no music.  But that doesn’t stop them!!!!!!!!! (see PICTURES!!!!)   Sadly, a collapsing Congressman does (geez!). Then an alarm goes off and an Indian emerald is missing. Cal realises Naomi has gone, runs outside, sees a guy driving off in a taxi.  Naomi finds him and explains what’s been going on and Cal turns down a dinner date.

Next day, Gillian is waiting for Cal in his office.  She tells him the FBI wants to speak to him and asks if he knows where Naomi is. His response to that is irrelevant when something else he says in this scene is “I didn’t get to tell you how beautiful you looked last night”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND you can tell he means it.  He isn’t just deflecting.  They get into a serious conversation about why Cal keeps Gillian out of things, and ultimately Cal says he has trouble reading Gillian – GIANT compliment as she (and we all) knows he has trouble reading beautiful women.

So, to sum it up: flirting, tension (but far less than previous eps) and a Cal who quite clearly is worried about the state of his relationship with Gillian. Awesome episode!!

Also noteworthy, Naomi points out that Cal is scared of relationships.  Think we all know that’s why he’s pushing Gillian away!

Shipworthy scenes:

In the hospital. Gillian enters with cups of coffee.

Gillian:  I thought you could use some company.
(Cal looks beyond her)

Gillian:  Cal?
Cal:  What’d you say?
(Gillian looks at what he’s looking at)

Gillian:  Never mind. I can see you’re busy. With her legs. Or with the case.

— —

Foster startles a sleeping Cal and they practically snuggle on his couch. *wishes*

Foster: Are you gonna clue me in?
Lightman: (Startling awake) In a fishtank. What?
(Foster slaps him on the leg and plops down on the couch very close to him & curls a leg underneath her)

Foster: Please. You weren’t really sleeping.
Lightman: I was in the middle of a rather unusual dream.
Foster: Was that woman in it?
Lightman: What woman?
(Foster widens her eyes at him and Cal moves closer to her)
Lightman: Interesting personality.
Foster: I have no doubt.
Lightman: Tricky, though.
Foster: Mmm.
Lightman: Not to be trusted. But then you know, I like ‘em that way. You know what I mean?
Foster: Mmm.
Lightman: Did you notice anything odd about the janitor who was mopping up at the hospital?
(Loker enters abruptly and interrupts, causing Cal to shift away from Gillian, while Gillian remains cool and collected)

Lightman: Have we given up knocking?
Loker: This is important. I’ve been doing some checking into the museum staff. The museum repaints before every new exhibit and they always use the same guys.
Foster: (like Loker wasn’t even there) No ID tag. The janitor.
Lightman: Really?
Foster: Was that what you’re talking about?
Lightman: No, my thing was more a feeling thing, you know, but your thing’s better.

Foster: Better? Mmm.
Lightman: (Gets off the couch and walks out of the office) Get your helmet on, Loker.

— —

Cal & Gillian in the lab after Ria has her breakdown.

Cal:  You get my message?
(Ria & Gillian look at each other)

Cal:  Uh-oh.
Ria:  The painters should be here any second. Loker’s waiting in the lobby. Uh, we told him that you were interested in his art.
Cal:  Right, well, she’s in the loo, so, do your worst.
(Ria leaves)
Cal:  Were you two talking about me?
Gillian:  You’re all we ever talk about, you know that.
(Cal starts walking closer and closer to Gillian until she puts her hands on his chest to keep him at bay)

Cal:  Yeah. Anything juicy?
Gillian:  Torres is upset. She thinks she messed up.
Cal:  Well, as well she should be.
Gillian:  I told her you’d understand.
Cal:  Good news.
Gillian:  Oh?
Cal:  My new bird is trying to play me.
Gillian:  How is that good news?
Cal:  I’m still working on that part.
Gillian:  Oh, so you’re working on it. For both of us?
Cal:  See? I told you it was good news.

— —

At the museum gala. Cal runs into Gillian.

Cal:  Have we met?
Gillian:  That your best line?
Cal:  Dance, Ginger?
Gillian:  There’s no music.
Cal:  Who needs music?
(They begin to dance with no music)

Gillian:  Have you been drinking?
Cal:  Not enough.

— —

In Cal’s office. Gillian’s sitting in his chair, feet propped on up his desk, waiting for him to return.

Gillian:  FBI wanna ask you some questions.
Cal:  Oh yeah?
Gillian:  Do you know where she is?
Cal:  Long gone by now, I should think.
Gillian:  You gave her time to disappear.
Cal:  I had to turn down dinner.
Gillian:  It wasn’t theirs to take.
Cal:  They didn’t get it.
Gillian:  What haven’t you told me?
Cal:  Well, I didn’t actually get to tell you how beautiful you looked last night.
Gillian:  You are so irritating.
Cal:  They stole a fake.
Gillian:  A fake?
Cal:  I had the curator switch out the real one.
Gillian:  Why?
Cal:  Well, the real one’s worth about 3 million-ish. The fake cost just under a hundred.
Gillian:  No, I mean why keep me in the dark about that?
Cal:  It’s cat and mouse, Gill, not cats and mouse.
Gillian:  That’s what you’re going with?
Cal:  You tell me we’re okay. You know I’ve always had more trouble reading you than anyone else.
(After looking at each other a bit longer, Cal walks away)

The end.


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