Lie to me* “Exposed” 2×20

Ep: 2×20 Exposed
Reviewed by: useyourwords and csiAngel
Ship rating: 9/10

So what is it that all Cal/Gillian shippers have been waiting for ever since Cal so obviously noticed that Burns lied about his name at the end of ‘Headlock’?  The revelation that Cal has been investigating Burns… and for Burns to get the heck off our ship… and maybe for him to experience a little pain. Well, this is the episode we’ve all been waiting for! And it’s almost as if the writers read our minds.

The episode opens with Cal in a fancy cafe for breakfast.  He’s clearly displeased with the food, so there’s obviously another reason he’s there.  Enter Gillian – with Burns. (Looking so lovely – not Burns! Gillian!). Mystery solved.

And it turns out that it isn’t the first time Cal’s been around to spy on Burns.

Cal’s covert pursuit of Burns ultimately leads to him witnessing Burns being abducted – and we’ve been watching Lie to me* long enough to read the fear on Cal’s face as he utters, “Foster’s gonna kill me.”

Luckily, she doesn’t.

Gillian is, naturally, angry at Cal.  Well not so much angry, but slightly annoyed.  She’s clearly secretly pleased that he is watching out for her. Anyway, he apologises, in his own way, and she forgives him.

Then she raids his safe and finds the file he was keeping on Burns.

Cal manages to convince the people who have taken Burns to employ the Lightman Group to find out if they are being told the truth by their hostage. Cal doesn’t argue when Gillian announces she’s going with him – and being the ever practical, gorgeous woman she is, Gillian thinks to bring a first-aid kit!

And they need it! Burns has been taken by a drug dealer, Little Moon, who thinks that Burns killed his father.  By the time Cal and Gillian are escorted inside he has been severely beaten and there is a lot of blood on him – can we get an ‘aww’ for Burns? Aww.

Cal has to gain Little Moon’s trust to persuade him to let Burns off the hook they have him hanging from; and so teaches him a couple of things about deception detection.

And then begins the only plan there is for getting out of there: turn the baddies against each other.

Much of what happens next is covered in shipworthy scenes.  Long story short, Burns says Cal’s only there because of he wants Gillian; Cal admits he does, “in the worst possible way”; baddies beat up Burns some more; Gillian claims Burns has a tension pneumothorax and can’t talk; Cal talks Little Moon into sending Gillian away & plants the idea that his friend is not what he may seem; Cal tries to get Baddie 2 to stab Burns “to let the air out of his chest” (riiight. ok); Burns is terrified; Burns talks before anyone has to stab him (though by this point, it is Cal who is holding the knife ready to do it!).

In the meantime, Torres, Loker and Reynolds have been interviewing Burns’ former partner and have worked out where Cal and Burns are.

Little Moon shoots Baddie 2 – after Cal tells Little Moon that Baddie 2 was the informant who got his father killed, and the FBI burst in.

At the hospital, Cal is relieved that Baddie 2 survived.  Cal and Burns talk – Cal observes that it wasn’t just sex with him and Gillian.  Burns says Cal can’t say the other word.  So he does.  “Love”, with a little jiggly wave of his hands.  Burns admits that he won’t be returning to his ‘Burns’ life, as his cover is blown.  Cal understands what this means.

Burns’ DEA boss gives him 1 minute to talk to Gillian. She says she’ll meet him at his apartment and he says he’ll see her there.  Burns and boss leave. Gillian realises he doesn’t want her to follow him – and as she gets tears in her eyes, so our hearts break a little for her. sniffle.

Embroiled in all this as he was, Cal missed a lunch date with Emily – who instead spent her time reading her Granny’s diary that she found in the open safe, and perusing a letter that confirms her paternity.  Father and daughter go for breakfast – at the fancy place – and Emily has words with her Dad about not trusting anyone.  During the course of the conversation we see Gillian being seated at a table outside.  Emily tells Cal that his refusal to trust people is the reason he’ll always be alone.  Cal stands, tells her he’s not alone, and walks outside to talk to Gillian.

And shippers around the world die of squee. But if you’ve got to go, what better way? :D

Shipworthy scenes:

Inside a restaurant.

Cal (to waitress): What do you call that? Stupid on a plate?
Gillian (looking insanely hot) & David Burns enter.
Cal: Hi. Long night, Gillian?
Gillian: What are you doing here, Cal? I thought you hated this place.
Cal: Nah, it’s the best breakfast in town, this one.
Gillian: You don’t even eat breakfast.
Cal: A man can change.
Gillian: Mmmm. So you’re not here to pry, then?
Cal: Who me? Pry? On you? In here? Never! I’d have thought that he’d be bringing you granola in bed by now.
*Burns looks embarrassed.*
Cal: Close enough. How you doing, Dave?
Burns: Lightman. Let’s grab that table.
Cal: You don’t want to miss this.
Gillian: I’ll see you at the office.
Cal: Not if I see you first.
Gillian and David start walking across the room to an empty table.
Burns: Enjoy your eggs.
Cal: I will.
*Burns’ cell phone rings*
Burns: Babe, I I gotta take this. It’s one of the kids from juvie. (Into phone) Hello? I can’t hear you. (To Gillian) I’m gonna take it outside.
Gillian: Okay.
Cal follows Burns then comes back to the restaurant and sits next to Gillian.
Cal: Where’s Captain America, then?
Gillian: He’s working.
Cal: Oh, right. Is there a secret that you’re keeping for him?
Gillian: You just can’t help yourself, can you?
Cal: Not when it comes to you, I can’t.
Burns: I work for the DEA.
Cal: Oh, bullseye.
Burns: In the juvenile facility. Collecting information on a key drug corridor and what you’re picking up are lies necessary for me to do my job.
Cal: Right.
Cal gets up to leave the table and makes a very funny face.
Burns: Wow!
Gillian: I’m sorry!

Burns is kidnapped and Cal & Gillian are in his office.

Cal: Look, I think we should try to leave our personal feelings behind on this one.
Gillian: You mean me? My feelings?
Cal: You want me to handle this or you…?
Gillian: You’ve done enough already!
Cal: Look, if I hadn’t have been on this, right, Burns would’ve just gone poof and then nobody would’ve been any the wiser, so…
Then Reynolds and DEA Agent Williams (probably named after Kelli & her awesomeness) enter and they talk about the case & Burns’ kidnapping. Then Cal produces a picture of Burns and a mystery woman saying he’s more interested in the woman then the kids from juvie.
Cal: That was taken last night.
Gillian: She was with him last night? You didn’t tell me that.
Cal: I was gonna tell you. I was gonna tell you.
Then there’s more talk about the case and they all exit Cal’s office.
Cal: Look, I’m not going to explain myself, all right?
Gillian: You don’t have to.
Cal: Look. I get it. You’re cross at me but I was doing the right thing, you know. I was looking at Burns, but not behind you back.
Gillian: Which, by the way, only makes it worse.
Agent  Williams: Dr. Lightman. The ships leaving.
Cal: (to Williams) Woop-dee-do. (To Gillian) No more secrets, right.
Gillian: Prove it.
Cal: You know my mom’s birthday?
Gillian nods her head yes.
Cal: Alright, you know what I’m talking about? Okay. And um, you know…
Cal moves his finger around his face in a circular motion giving Gillian permission to read him.
Gillian: Apology accepted.
Cal: Right, thanks.

Cal is questioning Burns about who killed Little Moon’s father. He shows him a picture of Burns and mystery woman.

Cal: Why the fear? You did it. You killed him.
Burns: No.
Cal: You’re talking out your ass.
Gillian: I’m not seeing what you’re seeing.
Burns: What’s your game? You jealous?
Cal: Oh, that’s a deflection, that is.
Little Moon: Deflection?
Cal: Yeah.
Burns: You can’t stand me being around Gillian.
Cal: Look, mate, this is not about her.
Burns: Your feelings for her are the only reason that you’re here. You want the truth? Be honest.
Cal: You killed him, right?
Gillian: You’re gonna get him killed.
Burns: Admit it. You want her. (And all the shippers hold their breath waiting for Cal’s answer)
Cal: Yes, I do. In the worst possible way. (And all the shippers SQUEEEEE!!)
And then they go back to talking about whether or not Burns is guilty of killing Little Moon’s father.

Cal & Little Moon are talking.

Little Moon: Trust no bitch. Why you helping?
Cal: Cos I fancy her. (OMG!!! YES HE DOES!!!)

Burns has just left the hospital and Gillian told him she’d meet him at his apartment.

Gillian: He doesn’t want me to follow him.
Cal: No, they’re gonna move him. Change his name.
Gillian: I liked the one he had. (Kelli tears make me want to cry)

Cal & Emily are eating at a restaurant and Gillian gets seated at a table outside the restaurant. They talk for quite a long time and then…

Emily: You never trust anyone, do you? You know that’s why you’ll always be alone.
Cal looks outside at Gillian.
Cal: I’m not alone.
Cal walks outside and talks to Gillian. (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh, and Emily likes it, too!)

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