Eric Dane

Name: Eric William Dane 

Date of Birth: November 9, 1972

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA

Sign: Sagittarius

Marital Status: Married; Rebecca Gayheart

Children: Billie (2010)

Height: 6′ 3/4″

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light Brown

Currently can be seen on: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)


Eric grew up in San Francisco, though an athlete in high school he chose acting.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1993.  He had guest roles on popular television series like “The Wonder Years”, “Roseanne” and “Saved by the Bell”.  Dane took some roles in the movies with little success.  IN 2005 he was cast as Dr. Mark Sloan on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”.  His role was initially meant as a guest role, however audience response lead to the character being made a permanent role.

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