The X Files “Bad Blood” 5×12

Ep: 5×12 Bad Blood
Reviewed by: csiAngel & useyourwords
Ship rating: 7/10 (jealous Mulder!)

The episode opens on a young man running away from something and screaming for help.  We see he is being chased by a person who catches him, wrestles him to the ground and hammers a wooden stake into his chest.  Then Scully calls out Mulder’s name and it is revealed that he is the attacker.  He shows Scully that the victim has fangs – as if that proves his actions were justified. Scully uses a perfectly manicured fingernail to remove false teeth, the fangs coming away with them.  And so it begins…

Faced with the possibility they killed a completely non-supernatural person, and the likelihood they’ll go to jail and the FBI will be sued, they each recount their version of what happened to lead to his death.

Scully is up first and recalls the case from her point of view, with Mulder being rather patronising, bossy and laughing off her theories.

They travel to the town of Chaney in Texas, where the vampire like events occur and meet the town Sheriff, who she recalls to be quite attractive.  They look at the body that brought them there, and she explains her theories to the Sheriff. Mulder interrupts when she mentions the Sheriff calling her Dana – arguing that didn’t happen (obviously just jealous of her rapport with another man).

When she continues it’s clear she’s not impressed to be there investigating this case, particularly when she’s already had a long day and Mulder turns up at her motel room (covered in mud) and tells her she has to do another autopsy.  She has just ordered pizza, and tells the Pizza Guy that Mulder will pay for it.

Shortly after receiving a ‘deep breathing’ phone call, at this autopsy she realises that the Pizza Guy is the perp.  She rushes back to the motel and shoots at Pizza Guy who runs out.  Mulder is okay, just drugged and out of it.  And starts singing ‘Shaft’ when she wakes him up.  Mulder interrupts again to argue that he didn’t!

Back to the story, and Scully pursues Pizza Guy, but Mulder catches up to him first.

Mulder doesn’t entirely agree with Scully’s version of things.  His account has him creeping around an impatient, eye-rolling, Scully, who is quick to pick holes in his theories and snap at him.  And his jealousy taints his memory of the Sheriff, giving him big, buck teeth.

We see what happened when Mulder and the Sheriff leave to visit the local graveyard, and he tries to skip ahead over the part that led to him being covered in mud.  Scully interrupts and makes him tell her.  He admits that shooting out the tyres on a moving RV is not easy.

He tells of Scully having an epic rant at him before leaving to do the autopsy, and then he eats her pizza.  When he realises he has been drugged, he tries to phone Scully – but all he can manage is breathing heavily down the phone.  Scully calls him a ‘creep’ (obviously not knowing it was him. She would never do that intentionally!) and hangs up.  Pizza Guy is about to attack so Mulder throws sunflower seeds across the floor (a vampire would feel compelled to pick them all up) to delay him.

Mulder’s next memory after that is waking up to Pizza Guy hovering over him and Scully bursting in and shooting Pizza Guy in the chest.  She doesn’t remember actually hitting him; Mulder says it happened but had no effect on Pizza Guy.

Then, apparently, Scully runs off after Pizza Guy and Mulder demolishes a chair to make himself a stake.  (He is assisted with this by a mysterious hand that comes in from the bottom left corner of the shot, depositing a nicely sharpened piece of wood.  Watch it closely!)

Mulder gets to Pizza Guy before Scully does and stakes him.

Back in the present, they are called to Skinner’s office to explain the events.  They sit, nervously, outside.  Scully reaches over and tries to fix Mulder’s tie; he hits her hands away.  As it happens they are saved from having to tell their stories at this point, because it turns out Pizza Guy is not dead.  They head back to Chaney.

Reunited with the Sheriff, the truth about his teeth is established – not many vampires have buck teeth!  Scully stays with the Sheriff, and Mulder heads to the RV park.  Ultimately, they both are drugged and when they awake, all the vampires have “upped stakes” and left.

They return to DC and tell Skinner what happened (I don’t know how he’ll have managed to keep a straight face! I certainly can’t whenever I watch this ep!).  He looks like he’s unsure about what he’s hearing.  But, that is, essentially, exactly the way it happened…


Shipworthy scenes

Scully’s version of events:

Meeting Sheriff Hartwell

Scully: It was there that we were met by a representative of local law enforcement, Sheriff…
Sheriff Hartwell: Lucius Hartwell. You the FBI Agents?
Scully: Yes. I’…
Mulder: Agents Mulder and uh…(pauses and snaps his fingers as if he forgot Scully’s name) Scully. What do you say we go take a look at your victim?
Sheriff Hartwell: Yeah, by all means. After you.
Mulder: Come on, Scully. Get those little legs moving. Come on.

— —

Mulder is jealous of Sheriff Hartwell (played by Luke Wilson) Scully is telling Mulder her version of events from Texas and is clearly infatuated with the Sheriff.

Sheriff Hartwell: You really know your stuff, Dana.
Mulder (in the present): Dana?! He never even knew your first name.
Scully: You gonna interrupt me, or what?
Mulder: No, go ahead…Dana.

— —

Mulder tells Scully she needs to do another autopsy.

Mulder: We got another dead tourist. You gotta do another autopsy.
Scully: Tonight? I just put money in the magic fingers.
Mulder:  I won’t let it go to waste. (He jumps on Scully’s bed and starts giggling.)
Scully: (dejectedly) This one’s my room, Mulder. Don’t get mud everywhere.
Mulder: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

— —

Mulder’s version of events:

Meeting Sheriff Hartwell

Mulder: Apparently your mind was somewhere else.
Scully: Hoo-boy.
Sheriff Hartwell (we see he has rather large teeth in Mulder’s version): You all must be the government people. I’m Lucius Hartwell.
Scully (in the present): He had big, buck teeth?
Mulder: He had a slight overbite.
Scully: No, he didn’t. And that’s significant? How?
Mulder: I’m just trying to be thorough.

— —

Mulder is jealous of Scully’s infatuation with Sheriff Hartwell.

Mulder: No exam has been done?
Sheriff Hartwell: No, sir. This is just like we found him in the motel room, as is.
Scully: No exam has been done?
Sheriff Hartwell: Um, no ma’am.

— —

Mulder tells Scully she needs to do another autopsy.

Scully (whining): What do you mean you want me to do another autopsy? And why do I have to do it right now? I just spent hours on my feet doing an autopsy. All for you. I do it all for you, Mulder. You know, I haven’t eaten since six o’clock this morning and all that was was half of a cream cheese bagel and it wasn’t even real cream cheese, it was light cream cheese and now you want me to run off and do another autopsy? What the hell happened to you?
Mulder (present): Finally, you left.
Scully: Don’t you touch that bed.

A couple more pictures:

The end.

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