Lie to me* “Canary’s Song” 3×05

Oh my gosh, people, this episode will have you grinning for years!! Yes, years!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!

Ooops, forgot to put the introductory information in:

Ep: 3×05 Canary’s Song
Reviewed by: csiAngel, useyourwords
Ship Rating: 10/10 (was gonna put 9, but anything that makes us squee this much has gotta have full marks!)

This episode brings us dirty Cal and drunk Gillian :D  And you may find I pause to squeeee on the way through the review. If you’ve seen it, you’ll squeeeeeee too!!!

While Cal’s speaking with a mine manager, FBI guy Dillon turns up and Gillian goes to meet with him.  He says he’s there to see her boss – first mistake FBI guy!!! It was never looking good for you from this very point!!! – she sets him straight and he basically threatens that he’s taking Cal down for illegal gambling.

Gillian stops Cal from going talking to FBI guy – actually physically stops him, HANDS ON!!!  She tells him she’s sorting it out, and takes Torres with her.

Meanwhile, Cal goes off to investigate the circumstances surrounding a mine explosion that killed 6 people.  Luckily, Loker follows him as he soon needs saving from a potentially dangerous situation, and when Cal goes into the mine to conduct further investigations, Loker is on hand to save someone else’s life.

Back at the office, Gillian and Torres establish that FBI guy wants to use Cal to get to the other people at the illegal poker table.  He’s still throwing around his threat of arresting Cal, so Gillian sets him straight on that too!! And SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (See Shipworthy Scenes for what she said)

So, Gillian and Torres do some investigating and interviewing – and Gillian looks flippin’ gorgeous by the way – and Gillian does a little flirting… And did I mention that she keeps FBI guy firmly in his place all the way through?? And ultimately they get him the information he needs, and Gillian makes sure that he won’t be troubling them again. (She didn’t kill him! I realise how that sounded.)

Gillian and Torres celebrate by drinking a bottle of Cal’s finest whiskey and GILLIAN GETS DRUNK!!! AND OMG SHE’S SO ADORABLE!!  Torres comments that she really saved Cal’s ass, and Gillian tells her it’s a force of habit (because she lurrrves him – ok, she doesn’t say that, but it’s definitely implied).

After finishing the mine case, Cal returns to the office that night, still wearing his hard hat, complete with lamp.  He wanders into the waiting area, where he finds Torres asleep on a couch.

And I’m squeeeeeeing just thinking about what I’m going to write about next.

He then goes out to the balcony where Gillian is, adorably, looking at all the stars! And she leans on him while she takes her shoes off, and she tells him that he is going to thank her, and she’s going to stand there until he does.  And he totally looks like he doubts that she can stand for very long.  And then they HUG AND OMG SQUEEEEEE BECAUSE HANDS ARE EVERYWHERE WHILE THEY’RE HUGGING AND IT’S SUCH A FREAKING WONDERFUL HUG AND YOU KNOW IT’S FOR SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THIS EP. AND THEN SHE REMINDS HIM THAT SHE’S WAITING FOR THANKS AND HE THANKS HER AND THEN IT TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO KISS… AND REALLY THE ONLY WORD FOR IT IS SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Cal & Gillian in the hallway

Cal:  Oh yeah. Who died?
Gillian:  Your friend Dillon from the FBI is in the conference room with a…
(Cal tries to sidestep her, but she blocks him)
Gillian:  …with a video of you playing cards with criminals.
Cal:  Me?
Gillian:  Jimmy the Mouth.
Cal:  I’ll take care of the FBI.
(Gillian grabs him by the shoulder)
Gillian:  All you do is antagonize them, Cal. That’s never gonna get them to leave us alone. What this requires is a woman’s touch. Get lost.
(Cal stands there with his mouth agape)
Gillian:  Torres, I need you. Jimmy the Mouth made a mess, and he was just leaving.
Eli:  What’s that all about?
(Cal watches Gillian & Torres walk away)
Cal:  I was never here.
(Cal leaves)


Gillian & Torres drinking in Cal’s office

(Gillian pours Ria another round)
Ria:  Thank you. I’m not much of a whiskey drinker, but this is smooth.
Gillian:  Fifty year old malt.
Ria:  Did you steal this from Lightman’s stash?
(Gillian looks at Ria)
Ria:  (laughs) You did!
(Gillian toasts to Cal)
Gillian:  Up yours.
Ria:  (laughs) Alright!
Gillian:  (laughs)
Ria:  You deserve it though. You saved his ass today.
Gillian:  It’s force of habit.
Ria:  What makes this time any different?
Gillian:  Well, this time he actually noticed. You know, when I told him that I was gonna get rid of the FBI once and for all, he said thank you.
Ria:  He actually said that?
Gillian:  Less talk; more drink.
(Gillian takes another gulp)
(Cal enters the dark halls of The Lightman Group wearing his miner’s hat with the light on. The old Sinatra song “This Love of Mine” echoes throughout the building. Cal finds Ria passed out on a couch).
Cal:  Oh yeah?
(Gillian is standing out on the balcony with the bottle of scotch nearby as she turns around to see Cal. She giggles at his mining hat.)
Gillian:  Yeah, I never realized there were so many stars.
Cal:  There aren’t. That’s my very expensive scotch talking.
Gillian:  Ohhhh. What’s mine is mine. Render unto Caesar, you know, and all that.
(Cal smiles at her)
Cal:  Loker’s earned his stripes finally.
(Gillian takes a hold of Cal’s shoulder for balance as she slips off her heels)
Gillian:  The FBI won’t be back.
Cal:  That scotch was a gift from a very grateful client.
Gillian:  Johnny Wheels was a client?
(Cal smiles at her again)
Cal:  You have had a good day, haven’t you?
Gillian:  And you’re gonna thank me for it. You’re gonna say thank you, and I’m gonna stand here until you do.
(Cal smiles and nods. Gillian leans into him and they embrace tightly and sway gently as she laughs and pats his helmet and when they break apart, Cal touches her face!!!!!!!!!!)
Gillian:  I’m waiting.
Cal:  Thank you for cleaning up my mess, Gillian.
Gillian:  I can’t wait until tomorrow.
Cal:  Why, what’s tomorrow?
Gillian:  I get better looking every day.
(Gillian turns off his helmet light as they continue gazing at each other and the music plays out…”this love of mine.” Cal steps closer to her and looks like they’re about to…<cut to black> What?? Why??!! Argh!! They were SO gonna kiss…and they so heart each other!!)
The End.

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