NCIS “SWAK” 2×22

Ep: 2×22 SWAK
Reviewed by: emd4v15
Ship rating: 8/10

The episode opens with Kate and Tony walking in together. Kate has a cold and Tony pesters her about being out all night sake-bombing. Kate has no idea what it is, so Tony educates her on the finer points of the ritual he undoubtedly learned in the frat house. Of course, at this stage we know his tendency to irritate her and her tendency to let him get to her are just as a result of unresolved sexual tension.

McGee discovers a scented envelope sealed with a kiss and Tony automatically believes that it must be for him, claiming he recognises the lips. He opens it and a fine powder is dispersed through the squad room and the floor has to evacuate. Why is a biohazard a good thing for NCIS fans? Time to hit the showers!

The next scene has all four of the team showering together to remove traces of the powder. They start to discuss honey dust, which Tony says he gives to girls. Anticipating Kate’s disapproval at the use of the word girls he corrects himself, apologising to her and using the word “Women”. Gibbs says he got a box of it for Christmas last year and starts explaining that it makes a woman’s skin silky smooth, and that when it’s kissed it tastes like honey. The team have a WTF moment.

Tony thinks it may have been a mix up at the post office and the honey dust he was attempting to send to someone else ended up going to Gibbs. We all secretly know he’s meant to send it to Kate.

The team members have blood samples taken by Ducky in autopsy. Kate sneezes and is sent off to hospital with Tony. To be in isolation. The shippers flail. Tony asks about getting a double bed. Tee hee.

Abby attempts to identify the powder while Kate and Tony arrive at the hospital and get set up in isolation…. With Dr. Brad Pitt. Kate is amused by his sense of humour. Clearly she’s just trying to make Tony jealous. They then meet ‘Nurse Emma’, who Tony flirts with. Clearly he’s after payback.

Tony picks the bed next to Kate, and is disappointed when the doctor suggests they should keep some distance. He then suggests Kate should sunbake nude under the UV lamps.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, the rest of the team continues to try and identify the mysterious powder. They read the note enclosed and discover they are dealing with a genetically altered strand of plague that cannot be attacked with antibiotics. To obtain the specially made antidote the team is told to release information about a specific case.

In isolation, Tony and Kate are talking. Tony inevitably starts making movie references. Kate tries to get Tony to stop with the movie references. In retaliation he starts flirting with nurse Emma again.

Gibbs and McGee get into isolation suits and go up to Abby’s lab, finding that the case they’re meant to release details on is an old rape case.

Kate asks Tony if he is afraid because he can’t confront the danger he’s in, he deflects (Lie to Me!) and asks Kate if she’s afraid. The doctor tells the nurse, out of earshot, that Tony has been infected with the plague and everybody else’s results came back negative. The plague is affecting Tony’s pulmonary system.

Nurse Emma tells Kate that Tony’s blood tests came back positive. Kate gets up and confronts Tony, lying and saying she’s been infected too.

Tony and Kate then go back to arguing, and Kate threatens to tell Nurse Emma all of Tony’s dating tricks. The shippers secretly think she knows from experience.

Kate: Tony thinks talking Italian turns women on.

At the lab, they discover that the mother of the woman who was raped was an activist in the past, and Gibbs heads off to visit her at work.

In isolation, Dr. Brad Pitt and Kate argue. Dr. Pitt wants Kate to leave Tony so she doesn’t get infected, but she refuses. Kate and Tony go through a little flirty banter. More unresolved sexual tension.

Tony: Kate, tell Dr. Pitt about that wet t-shirt contest you won?
Kate: Tell Emma about that transsexual you tongued?
Tony: Never happened.

At her office, the mother of the rape victim wants Gibbs to admit that a midshipman raped her daughter. We discover the mother is dying and is not afraid of going to prison or the consequences of her actions. She wants the truth to be released to help her daughter heal before she will release the antidote. She accidentally  releases the name of the doctor in charge of the virus.

Tony needs an x-ray, and Kate and Emma talk about his sense of humour behind a shield to stop them being exposed to the radiation from the x-ray.

Kate: (fondly) Sometimes… he can be funny.

Gibbs talks to the doctor in charge of the virus who tells him the virus has a suicide chain that kills it after 32 hours and that Tony has a 15% chance of surviving. The plague is affecting Tony’s lungs and his condition is deteriorating rapidly. Kate stands over his bed, worried. Tony soon realises that Kate wasn’t infected. She is asked to leave and goes straight for a comforting hug from Ducky.

Gibbs enters and orders Tony not to die, accompanying it with a trademark slap to the head.

In the hospital they discover that the woman who sent the virus is dying and her daughter wasn’t actually raped, she’d lied about it. Her boyfriend had tied her up as a joke and was killed when he left her and went for burgers. She lied because she was embarrassed about being found tied naked to the bed.

Kate goes back to visit Tony in the hospital to stay with Tony, and the episode ends with them laying in beds next to each other and Kate laughing quietly at one of Tony’s jokes.

Shipworthy Scenes/Moments:


Nurse Emma tells Kate Tony has been infected. There is a look of dread on her face.

The doctor tells Tony he has the plague. Kate stands up and starts arguing with Tony then lies and tells him she’s been infected too. He’s extremely remorseful, and completely serious when he apologises.

Tony: Oh, Kate. I’m sorry.


Tony discovers that Kate isn’t infected just before he has another coughing fit, and Kate is asked to leave.

Cue another look of despair, followed by a comforting hug from Ducky as she sobs.


Kate goes to visit Tony again and looks over him, clearly relieved he’s going to be alright.

Kate lies down in the bed next to Tony’s and Nurse Emma turns the lights off.

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  1. csiAngel says:

    This is one of my favourite NCIS episodes and this is a great review. Love the “(Lie to me)” in the middle of it :D Yay for your first review!

  2. _useyourwords_ says:

    awesome review! i’ve not seen many NCIS episodes, but i really liked this one!

  3. rabbit-hearted-girl says:

    God, I love this episode so much! Tony and Kate were just a so freaking awsome pair! I really miss Kate. Oh, and great job on the review, it says it all.

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