The Practice “Legacy” 4×04

Ep: 4×04 Legacy
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Ship rating: 3/10

The episode starts with Harland Bassett and Raymond Oz talking in the corridor outside the office. Raymond’s memory is failing him and it is obvious during his conversation with Harland. We learn that Raymond has a reputation for being a wonderful attorney and Harland is known to be one of the worst.

Bobby and Lindsay exit the lift. The audience is split into three groups; those that ‘awww’ because they’ve come to work together and think it’s cute/romantic, those who automatically assume they’ve been doing the dirty either before work or in the elevator on the way up, and those who really don’t care and probably won’t be reading this review.

Raymond asks Bobby and Lindsay for legal help to defend himself against his wife’s claims that he is incompetent and wants control of his estate, while he accuses her of having an affair. His anger and paranoia are both evident.  Raymond leaves, and Bobby and Lindsay share a meaningful look.

Harland talks to Bobby and Lindsay while they stand unprofessionally close together, completely destroying all illusions of the existence of personal space between them. None of the team wants to help Harland, so they draw straws and Eugene loses.

Bobby and Lindsay meet Mrs. Oz and her attorney outside the courtroom and speak to her, Bobby begging her to keep the matter out of court.

Eugene and Harland interview the defendant in their case. He is accused of exposing himself and claims that he cannot be guilty because he is well endowed, which is inconsistent with the witness statement.

In the courtroom Mrs. Oz outlines the reasons she believes Raymond is losing is mind. Raymond becomes increasingly agitated. Bobby then questions Mrs. Oz and attempts to redirect, suggesting that Raymond is not incompetent, but angry at his wife.

Eugene and Harland’s trial begins with a police officer being questioned and stating that the defendant was identified in a line up. Eugene questions the officer and provides a reason for why the defendant may have run, after Harland had passed up the opportunity to cross-examine.

The next scene shows a quiet funeral for George Vogelman, with very few mourners. Ellenor attends alone and is visibly upset.

Lindsay and Bobby are waiting for Raymond to finish in the men’s room before court reconvenes. Lindsay attempts to convince Bobby that if he cares for Raymond he shouldn’t put him on the stand as he is going to end up getting hurt. Bobby goes to find Raymond in the men’s room and discovers he is hiding in a toilet cubicle naked on the floor and paranoid his wife wants to kill him. Raymond doesn’t recognise Bobby, but claims he had always considered Bobby his son. Bobby bursts out of the men’s room and tells Lindsay to ask for a continuance.

The indecent exposure case continues, with the complaining witness describing the events leading up to him exposing his ‘sad, pathetic little penis.’ Again, Harland passes on questioning the witness, and Eugene is forced to question her, establishing that she does not believe he had any distinguishing features.

Bobby and Lindsay are called out of his office and to the Oz residence where they discover that Ray has killed his wife, claiming self defence.
In the next scene, Bobby attempts to negotiate a deal with Helen, who suggests they enter a plea for temporary insanity.

Harland questions his defendant, who tells the court he was ‘blessed with a large penis’. Harland requests that the judge allows the jury to have a ‘viewing’ of the body part in question. Judge Hiller reluctantly agrees to do so in chambers.

Bobby discusses the case with Raymond, listening to his account of the events. He proposes the insanity plea, which Raymond refuses, asserting his position that he acted in self defence and is not insane.

Bobby and Lindsay argue in the board room about whether or not to allow Raymond to go to trial. Other members of the practice join in.

Judge Hiller allows Harland to present his evidence to establish whether or not they believe the physical attribute in question is consistent with the eyewitness testimony.

Lindsay informs Bobby that Raymond was found competent to stand trial, and is then called to Helen and Ellenor’s home to help Helen deal with Ellenor, who has been staying in her room and becoming hostile towards Helen. Lindsay enters Ellenor’s room and finds her sitting, upset. Ellenor apologises to Lindsay for bringing George into their lives, and Lindsay assures Ellenor that she will be able to trust people again, she is not completely incapable of judging people and she isn’t sick for grieving for him.

Bobby argues with Raymond about the insanity plea again. Raymond appears to have forgotten that he has killed his wife. They continue to argue, and Bobby insists that Raymond is ill and he needs to let him help him. Bobby is obviously deeply affected by the situation. He discusses withdrawing from the trial with Jimmy and Lindsay. Lindsay insists that they can get Raymond off if they try.

Harland delivers his closing arguments, receiving a nod of approval from Eugene for a job well done.

Raymond appears at his bail hearing with Bobby and Lindsay. He charms the jury and the judge and insists that he be allowed to represent himself. Bobby is ordered to remain as co-counsel and Raymond requests, and is granted, an immediate trial date.

The jury returns in Eugene and Harland’s indecent exposure case, and despite what appeared to be overwhelming evidence of his innocence, the defendant is found guilty. It is discovered that a jury member has offered additional information, claiming the defendant had had a surgical procedure performed to enlarge his penis, thus altering the evidence. Eugene requests a mistrial and is denied, Judge Hiller instead offering a suspended sentence and counseling. Harland cries as the trial he was convinced would finally be his first win ended with a loss.

The episode concludes with Raymond practicing what he will say to the jury in his cell.

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  1. rabbit-hearted-girl says:

    That’s good. I liked this episode. But you should do something on the finale when they get merried. It was one of the sweetest momments ever. Oh, and I love Kelli’s hair on this show; She looks even cuter.

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