NCIS “Hometown Hero” 2×21

Ep: 2×21 Hometown Hero
Reviewed by: emd4v15
Ship rating: 4/10 (for all sorts of random, shippy moments between various characters)

The episode starts with a man opening a storage garage to let a woman in. The man starts poking around while she looks for a picture of the owner of the storage space’s dead mother for him to be buried with. As he inspects the deceased’s truck he finds a skeleton in the back.

An extremely angry Tony enters the bullpen, late. Kate teases him with playful/flirty banter as he informs her that his car was towed and he had to take the bus to work. Kate produces a bag, and it is revealed Abby and Kate are going away for a weekend together.

At the storage facility Ducky identifies the skeletal remains as that of a 17-20 year old female. The storage locker has been rented for 12 months. The female from the beginning of the episode is identified as the petty officer who owned the facility’s friend, Emmy Pole. She says there was a girl named Nora Webb who they were friends with in high school who had disappeared during their senior year and it was suspected that Dobbs knew what happened to her.

McGee tells Gibbs that Dobbs was nominated for a posthumous Silver Star. A conversation with some of the marines Dobbs had been serving with reveals he was nominated for saving the lives of two marines.

Ducky positively identifies the body as that of Nora Webb, who he believes has been dead for two years, the same amount of time she has been missing.

Back in the bullpen we learn more about Dobbs, and Lieutenant-Commander Coleman arrives, telling Gibbs that JAG is going to get involved in the investigation as they don’t want to award a Silver Star to a murderer. She then informs Gibbs they only have 24 hours to work out what happened, causing Gibbs to declare that the team are to cancel all weekend plans, much to Kate’s disappointment. Tony doesn’t look overly upset- presumably because a weekend of work means a weekend with Kate.

Kate and Gibbs talk to police officers about Dobbs’ suspected involvement in Nora Webb’s disappearance. They claim he had scratches on him and had told them he was driving her home from a party, while they suspect he may have attempted to force himself on her and she was killed when she rejected his advances.

Kate and Gibbs go to visit Nora Webb’s parents to ask some questions. Nora’s father, later found to be her stepfather, is extremely unwilling to cooperate, sending them away.

Ducky and Palmer conclude cause of death was strangulation.

Emmy Pole is found dead in her bath, her wrists cut. It appears she has committed suicide, and this is supported by her mother’s claims that she had been depressed.

Gibbs asks Ducky to perform an autopsy on Dobbs to buy him time to continue the investigation, delaying the funeral, then sends McGee and Tony out into the field again.

Abby conducts analysis on the dirt from Nora Webb’s body and concludes she has been buried in fertilized soil, rather than in the forest as was originally expected. Looking back through surveillance footage Nora’s stepfather is found entering the storage facility and is brought in for questioning. He admits he had had an affair with Emmy and Nora had found out, threatening to tell her mother. Her stepfather confesses to killing her to keep her from exposing his secret.

As a result, of Nora’s stepfather’s confession Dobbs is cleared and will be awarded his Silver Star.

Shipworthy Scenes/Pictures


Abby and Kate are going away together for the weekend. You can’t tell me none of you ship this.

…but maybe you can tell me why Abby finds the need to wave a pair of Kate’s underwear around in the bullpen. And what she was doing with them in the first place.


Kate and Tony discuss Tony’s car:

Tony: It’s a classic, Kate. It’s a 90 ZR1 Corvette. It’s powerful. It’s fast. It’s gorgeous.
Kate: In other words, it’s you.
Tony: Exactly.


Tony grills Abby for details on the spa weekend, including whether or not they have massages.

Tony: Masseuse or Masseur?
Abby: I go both ways.


Shipworthy pic- Kate pulls Tony away.


Gibbs announces that the team are to cancel all weekend plans. Kate is disappointed. Tony is checking Kate out and probably doing a happy dance in his head.


Palmer goes to visit Abby in her lab.

Palmer: You know, the inefficient flow of chi is a major source of stiffness. A silent auction item at my niece’s school benefit. A weekend seminar in the art of shiatsu.
Abby: Do Me.
Palmer: Ah… I showed up late.
Abby: Your hands. My body. Now.
(Palmer starts to massage her)
(Abby moans)


Random Kate/Tony moments.

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    I want to watch this episode! I pretty much ship Kate with anyone. Doesn’t really matter who. :)

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