Lie to me* “Veronica” 3×07

Ep: 3×07 Veronica
Reviewed by csiAngel, _useyourwords_, 3rdRocker
Ship rating: 8/10

In a very touching episode, Cal and Gillian help a woman with Alzheimer’s, piecing together what happened in her past and the present day events that she is linking it to.

After Emily (gently) knocks down ‘Veronica’ with Cal’s car, she realises that Veronica is not well and calls her dad for help.  Veronica mistakes Cal for her late husband, and keeps muttering about getting away from someone named ‘Charlie’.  In discovering who Veronica is and where she came from, Cal and Gillian find out that her younger sister was killed years ago and the murder was never solved.  And that the only real suspect at the time was Veronica.

As they work on solving Veronica’s sister’s murder, Cal and Gillian also uncover sinister goings on at the care home where Veronica is resident, and ultimately help Veronica to face her past and her present.

There are a couple of shippy Cal/Gillian scenes, particularly when she is wiping writing off a sleeping Veronica’s hand and Cal watches her adoringly.  Aww.  And there’s a hug.  And an elevator scene.  It’s all below.

All in all, this was a very good episode.

Shipworthy Scenes

Gillian removing the marker writing from Veronica’s hand as she sleeps on Cal’s office couch. Cal affectionately and adoringly watches Gillian.

Gillian:  I just got off the phone with Wallowski.
Cal:  Oh yeah?
Gillian:  I beg your pardon? I thought she was a resource for all of us, not just you. You know, she wrote this on her hand to trigger her memory, and it’s only tormenting her more.
Cal:  See, the cops would never have thought to do that.
Gillian:  Speaking of cops, Burt and…[she walks over and kneels in front of Cal’s chair and leans on the armrest as she speaks quietly]…Burt and Veronica Sloan lived at 105 Addison, then they moved to an apartment in Chevy Chase 10 years ago.
Cal:  Aye, suburbia. That’ll do anyone’s head in.
Gillian:  And then Burt died 3 years ago.
Cal:  See what I mean?
Gillian:  She had a younger sister, Rose, who was found dead in her apartment in 1968, an unsolved murder.
Cal:  Does it say anything that report about a suspect named Charles, Charlie?
Gillian:  There was only one main suspect, and it was a little more than a hunch. Veronica.
Cal:  What’s the odds my new missus forgot that part, too?


Cal waiting at Mr. Sloan’s place. Gillian brings Veronica over to visit, as instructed by Cal.

[knock at door]
Cal:  Veronica, can I get your coat?
[Gillian & Cal embrace and kiss on the cheek]
Cal:  Darling, how are you?
Veronica:  Who are you? Where’s Burt?
Cal:  Uh, can I get you a drink? It’s a Manhattan, right?
Veronica:  I think I, I might be out of cherries.
Cal:  Oh, no, it’s all taken care of. Don’t worry. Well, come through. Take a seat.
Veronica:  Oh-ho! Carnations, my favorite! Oh, Burt! (laughs)
[Veronica hugs Cal]
Veronica:  You shouldn’t have.
Cal:  Well, you two, you just sit and get to know each other. One Manhattan coming up.
[Cal retreats to the kitchen]
Mr. Sloan:  I sure hope you two know what you’re doing.
Cal:  Yeah. Me, too.
Mr. Sloan:  No cherry for Burt.
[Veronica glares at Gillian]
Veronica:  Burt? What happened to my piano?
Cal:  Drinks all around.
Veronica:  Thanks.
Cal:  Here you go. For you.
Gillian:  Thank you.
[Cal sits on Gillian’s chair’s armrest and drapes and arm in back of her]
Cal:  So, in 1968 when you were interviewed about Rosie’s death, why didn’t you tell the truth?
Veronica:  Who’s this woman in my house, Burt?
Cal:  This is a friend of mine.
Veronica:  In my house? You think I don’t know what’s going on?
Cal:  You were jealous of Rose and Charlie back then, weren’t you? Just like you’re jealous now.
Gillian:  Cal.
Veronica:  Charlie killed them all, Burt. Every single one – Rose, Natalie, Bob Erkhart and the neighbor, Mrs. Baird. Rose didn’t wanna have Charlie’s baby.
Cal:  No, you didn’t want her to have his baby.
Veronica:  There was this woman I knew. Said she could take care of things. Rose died having…an…I was a nurse. I knew better.
[Cal moves next to Veronica on the couch as Gillian leaves]
Veronica:  This is just soda water, Burt.
Cal:  With a cherry on top.
[Gillian in the hallway on her mobile.]
Gillian:  Okay. Thanks. I appreciate it.
[Cal joins her as they walk into an elevator.]
Cal:  You saw that, right?
Gillian:  Her contempt for Charlie?
Cal:  Yeah, but she hates herself more than she hates Charlie. She killed her sister trying to abort his baby.
Gillian:  What, really? Are you sure about that?
Cal:  Alright, then. Out with it.
Gillian:  You seem to have changed your mind about her illness masking her guilt.
Cal:  I disagree.
Gillian:  Disagree with what?
Cal:  Look, what we do doesn’t work better ‘cause we agree all the time.
Gillian:  No, that’s not what I’m talking about.
Cal:  Back in 1968, Veronica thought she was doing the right thing, right? And it’s still killing her. Before you say we should go to the police on this, I beg to differ on that.
Gillian:  You make me so mad sometimes.
Cal:  I know. Anything else?
Gillian:  So I made a couple of calls, and Mrs. Baird is alive and well and living in Boston, and Mr. Erkhart died in a helicopter crash in 1999.
[Cal gives Gillian a full body eye scan as he says…]
Cal:  So she’s mixing people from the present with people from the past.
Gillian:  Including Charlie?


Cal puts his arm around Emily as they leave Veronica to play her piano in the home.

Gillian:  (to Cal) You okay?
Cal:  You need to stop that. Come on.

Cal's hand is totally touching Gillian's breast!!!!


The End


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