Lie to me* “Funhouse” 3×09

Ep: 3×09 Funhouse
Reviewed by: csiAngel, 3rdrocker & _useyourwords_
Ship rating: 8/10

A friend of Emily’s asks for Cal’s help. Her father has been in a mental hospital for several years and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. In true Cal sense Cal gets straight in there to see what’s going on. Gillian works with him on this, so we get a couple of fun scenes with them – closeness, touching etc.

Behaving rather strangely, and apparently under the influence of some sort of hallucinogen, Cal ends up admitted to the hospital for 48 hours after assaulting an orderly, while they ensure he isn’t a danger to society. Here he “sees” his mum and his dad, discussing some of the things he had always needed to say to them.

Gillian and Emily have a little heart to heart as Gill tries to assure Emily that Cal knows what he’s doing. During this conversation it is revealed that Cal doesn’t like his birthdays to be acknowledged – and that he is feeling particularly anxious about his upcoming 47th birthday, as his mum was 46 when she died.

When Amanda’s father receives a delivery of muffins, Cal realises that all his visions started after he ate a muffin at Amanda’s aunt’s house. He gives one to Loker to take to the lab for analysis. Locker decides the fastest way to find out if the muffin is drugged is to eat some himself and lock himself in the Cube, videoing what happens. Excellent scene!

With the mystery solved, Cal and Emily have a quiet night and she has baked him a birthday cake. Aww.

Shipworthy Scenes

Cal laying on his couch, zoning out when Gillian walks in.

Gillian:  I can see why Gina was so anxious for us to see these. There are a lot of inconsistencies in the language. I mean, some reveal moments of lucidity, but more are, are erratic, incoherent and list digressions, fragments of fragments.
[Cal wipes his face and moans.]
Gillian:  What’s wrong?
Cal:  Nothing. I’m just knackered, you know. It’s like he’s on posh drugs, you know, the sort that shrinks for rich and famous people give their customers to keep them around, you know.
Gillian:  Or Wayne’s really not well, Cal. Cal? Please tell me you’re not thinking about going to grill Dr. Grandon now.
Cal:  No, I’m not. It’s late. I’m tired, and there’s nothing we can do now, alright?
Gillian:  We have to figure out a way to handle this carefully.
Cal:  Oh, you think I can’t do that, don’t you?
Gillian:  You can do anything you set your mind to.
[Cal moves in very close to Gillian.]
Cal:  Oh yeah?
Gillian:  Oi!
Cal:  (smirks) Alright.


Gillian visits Cal at the institution while he’s still under the influence of banana nut muffins. Cal, carrying his own shoe, enters with the assistance of two escorts.

Gillian:  Oh, come on, you gave him something.
Doctor:  Yeah, a sedative. We don’t administer hallucinogens here.
Cal:  (running his hands over the doctor’s face) You see, I would agree with you there, but I just went for a trip down memory lane with my mum. Thank you so much for that.
Doctor:  Call me if you need me, Doctor Foster.
[Gillian puts a hand on Cal’s shoulder and pats his chest. He puts his hand in back of her head as she guides him over to sit down.]
Gillian:  So you had to come here. I thought we were gonna wait and do it together.
Cal:  Really?
Gillian:  Mm.
Cal:  Look, tell the truth, darling. You know that was never gonna happen.
[Cal caresses Gillian’s face as she speaks.]
Gillian:  You attacked that orderly. Do you wanna tell me what on earth was going through your mind at the time?
Cal:  The bridge of his nose.
Gillian:  Alright, this isn’t you that I’m talking to; this is the drugs. I’ve gotta figure out a way to get you out of—
Cal:  Sh-sh. Easy tiger. You know, the walls have ears and that, so.

The End


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