Grace Park

Name: Jee Un Park

Date of Birth: March 14, 1974

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Sign: Pisces

Marital Status: Phil Kim

Children: None

Height: 5′ 9″

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Currently can be seen on: Hawaii Five-O (CBS)


Grace was born to Korean-American parents in Los Angeles, California, USA.  When she was 22 months old her family moved to Vancouver, Canada where she grew up and attended school.  Grace has a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia.  After she graduated she wanted to try acting, so she allowed herself one year to succeed.  Graved found success immediately getting a teen show called “Edgement”.  Grace’s success has been on television.  She is best known for her appearances on the “Battlestar Galactica” series.  Grace can now be seen on CBS’s highly successful remake of Hawaii Five-O as Kona Kalakaya.

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  1. flootzavut says:

    Kono Kalakaua, not Kona Kalakaya.

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