Castle “Flowers For Your Grave” 1×01

Ep: 1×01 “Flowers For Your Grave”
Reviewed by: PuddingLoversAnon
Ship rating: 9/10

The episode starts out with Richard Castle talking at a book signing then switches to a different scene where a man is putting flower petals on a woman. Detectives find the woman and Detective Beckett talks about how the flowers on the woman cover her. She then tells the other detectives that she recognizes the way of killing. Everyone asks her where and she says from a book.

We switch back to Castle talking to his daughter and mother when Beckett comes and takes Castle in for questioning. He has an airtight alibi so he is taken off the list of suspects. The next day Beckett brings Castle’s books to the office for them to study.

To Beckett’s annoyance Castle decides to assist with the investigation. They apprehend an insane man who is thought to be the killer. Castle, however, isn’t convinced and steals crime scene photo’s. Beckett also decides to take another look at the evidence. Together they figure out that killer was the brother who wanted his inheritance to himself.

Beckett comes to the office and sees Castle with her boss who calls her over. He says that the mayor wants Castle to work with her as inspiration for the main character of his new book.

Shipworthy Scenes

Castle and Beckett meet for the first time.

Castle: [to his daughter Alexis] I just want someone to like come up to me and say something new.
Beckett: Mr. Castle?
Castle: [turning around holding a pen ready to give an autograph] Where would you like it?
Beckett: [holding badge] Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD. We need to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place earlier tonight.
Alexis: [taking the pen from him] That’s new.

Castle and Beckett talk about knowing the story.

Castle: [to Beckett] Well, you’re not bridge and tunnel. No trace of the boroughs when you talk, so that means Manhattan, that means money. You went to college, probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had lots of options, better options, more socially acceptable options, and you still chose this. That tells me something happened. Not to you. No, you’re wounded, but you’re not that wounded. No, it was somebody you cared about. It was someone you loved. [Beckett’s expression drops] And you probably could have lived with that, but the person responsible was never caught. And that, Detective Beckett, is why you’re here.
Beckett: Cute trick. Don’t think you know me.
Castle: [hesitant] The point is, there’s always a story… you just have to find it

Castle says goodbye to Beckett.

Castle: It was nice to have met you Detective Beckett.

Beckett arrests Castle

Castle: Ooh, bondage! My safe word is apples.

Beckett handcuffs Castle to the car.

Beckett: This time you’re staying put.
Castle: Oh, ok Beckett. Very funny. [Beckett leaves] Jokes over!

So basically every scene in this episode is shipper heaven! Enjoy! :)
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