The Mentalist “Bloodstream” 3×17

Ep: 3×17 Bloodstream
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 5/10

Lisbon and her team are working on the case of a doctor found dead at a golf driving range.  LaRoche turns up at the scene and, after Lisbon has a go at him and says she’s going to request that he be kept away from her, he announces that he has been named as Hightower’s replacement.  And then he puts Cho in command of the team and tells Lisbon that she now reports to Cho. 

Cho and the team say that they’re prepared to continue taking orders from Lisbon but she says no.  Cho takes charge, and while Lisbon does find it a little strange to be receiving orders, not giving them, she also finds it liberates her from having to worry about what Jane is up to. Cue very cute smiles from both Jane and Lisbon. Aww.

Jane and Lisbon actually spend a lot of time apart in this episode as Jane – kind of free to do his own investigation – spends time at the hospital gathering information as only Jane can.   While there, he meets Enid Jordan, the wife of one of their early-ruled-out suspects – who is awaiting a kidney transplant.

The team realise that the doctor’s assistant was up to no good and foil a plot involving radioactive material.  For this, they are commended and Lisbon is reappointed leader of her team – no reflection on Cho’s excellent work.

Jane returns to the hospital and later calls Lisbon and tells her that he has a present for her.  He has narrowed down the suspects and laid a trap to prompt the murderer to reveal him/herself.

With the case solved, the team invite Lisbon out for a drink to celebrate the return of Cho to their ranks.  She declines, citing paperwork and a management meeting.

Meanwhile Jane is visited by Mr Jordan who tells him they have found a kidney for his wife.  Despite what Jane may have thought, Mr Jordan could obviously sense his pain, and offers him his St Sebastian pendant – a saint who helps people in pain.  Jane goes to hand it back, saying he is not a believer, but changes his mind. Oh, poor Jane. I just want to hug him when he looks sad.

And, though they don’t give us the Lisbon/Jane closing scene, we know that Jane will go to her office next.

Shipworthy Scenes

At the driving range, near the body.  Jane is looking through a viewing device of some kind.

Lisbon: Jane, focus!
Jane: Trying… (presses something) There it is.  Very hard to find the correct knob.
Lisbon: On the victim!


At the hospital

Lisbon: Had a chance to look at the case files yet?
Jane: No need.  I saw enough at the scene to know that a doctor did it.
Lisbon: How can you tell?
Jane: A single blow to the head causing instant death.  That takes medical know how, a strong ego and a killer golf swing.  Definitely a doctor on doctor crime.

Victim’s assistant, Francine, approaches.

Francine: Are you the CBI agents?
Jane: Yes. She does the detecting and I do the insulting.
Lisbon: Consulting.
Jane: That too.


Lisbon says she’s going to radiology to investigate the victim’s badge.

Jane: I’m gonna pass. I’m off to the cafeteria for something deliciously suspended in gelatine.
Lisbon: I’m not even gonna ask you where you’re really going.  You wanna know why?  I don’t have to.

He watches her walk away with a smile on his face.


Jane has snuck into a Russian Crime Lord’s room and was held at gun point by his bodyguard.  He’s been in conversation with them since, but when Lisbon walks in with a doctor, to deflect from his own actions, he snitches on the bodyguard.

Jane: Lisbon, this man, he has a gun and he pointed it at me.  He’s very rude and that’s not even including the assault.
Lisbon: Sir, I’m with the CBI. Is he telling the truth?

Bodyguard nods.

Lisbon: Get up against the wall.  Go!


On the phone to Lisbon

Jane: Lisbon, well done! Very good news! I have the perfect congratulatory gift in mind, but you’re gonna have to come by the hospital so I can present it to you. 

Jane’s ass is paged to OR8 stat.

Jane: (to Lisbon) Better make that quick.


In the OR. Jane tells the assembled group of medical people that he has drugged them.  Enter Lisbon. 

Jane: Lisbon! Perfect timing.  Just in time to open your present.
Lisbon: What’s going on?
Jane: I spiked the coffee.  Someone in this room is about to spiral into a rapid detox. The shakes, nausea, those dreaded cravings for the rush of a fresh hit… Hello.  Someone’s missing.

And, a pic of Jane looking sad, because I just want to hug him!  Let’s all hug him with our eyes.

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