NCIS “Red Cell” 2×20

Ep: 2×20 Red Cell
Reviewed by: emd4v15
Ship rating: 4/10- I’m being generous, but the pics make up for the lack of shippy dialogue

The episode opens with a group of frat boys performing a final test for pledges. The pledges are sent running back to the fraternity house in their underwear and one stumbling over the body of a dead marine.

Kate and Tony appear, early, at McGee’s house to collect him to go to work. Unbeknownst to them, while they tease him he has an attractive woman in his bedroom who turns out to be a gamer, just like him!

We learn that the dead marine, Joseph Eric Turner, was a college student part of a special group who were undertaking studies to further their military careers, and that there had been some problems on campus with anti-military activists.

Ducky and Palmer conclude that COD, a broken neck, was not as the result of a fall, and that he was beaten ante-mortem and covered in welts. It is determined to be a murder and Ducky suspects that he was tortured prior to his death.

Abby hacks into Turner’s computer and finds a hidden partition containing an email he received on the day he was murdered containing a picture of himself with an image of crosshairs superimposed over the top.

The investigation continues and it is revealed that Turner’s best friend, Blake, has not been seen for a number of days. McGee finds a bloody rag under the bed in Blake’s dorm room and blood on the sheets and a short time later the team finds a picture of Blake with the same crosshairs superimposed on it as Turner’s had. Blake is eventually found dead, his neck also broken.

A number of suspects are investigated including anti -military protestors and a ‘nerdy’ classmate as high-tech clues lead the team from one possible suspect to another. The marines are also accused of killing each other over a fight about a girl. It is revealed that the girl was being forced to sleep with her commanding officer and had told the two marines who had agreed to deal with the issue on her behalf. When the commanding officer found out he killed them both to silence them. An arrest is eventually made after Gibbs gets into a remarkable fist fight with the gunnery sergeant while Kate and Tony are attempting to get into the room to help him. Gibbs is victorious (of course- the man is a machine!) and Kate and Tony cuff the gunnery sergeant while Gibbs recovers from the fight.

Shipworthy Quotes

1. In the Bullpen
Tony (to Kate): “Hey, turn that frown upside down, sweetie!”

2. On Campus
Tony (looking at an adult website of a student’s shoulder): Thaaaaaat’s what I’m talking about!
Kate: Don’t you get enough of that at home?





Shipworthy Pics

1. On Campus


(Kiss! Kiss!!)

2. In the Bullpen


3. At a Crime Scene

Sharing an umbrella :) Awww!

Look, they’re holding hands! (Kate and Tony!!)

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