ST:TNG “Attached” 7×08

Ep: 7×08 Attached
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 10/10

The Enterprise arrives at KesPrytt Three; where the Kes wish to join the Federation.  Jean-Luc and Beverly are eating breakfast together (how domestic!! :D ) and when she calls him on being distracted, they discuss his concerns over the fact that only one of the two races who inhabit the planet, wishes to join.  Their discussion is brought to an end when Riker announces the Kes Ambassador is ready for them.

Worf transports them down to the planet, but they do not arrive with the Kes.  Instead, they wake up in a prison cell and discover that they have both been fitted with some sort of implant at the base of their skull.  They have been imprisoned by the Prytt – the other race living on the planet – who believe that the Federation intends to form a military alliance with the Kes, and will not allow it.  It is explained that the implant will give the Prytt access to their thoughts.

A guard, who is in league with the Kes, brings them Beverly’s tricorder, to which a map has been added, showing an escape route. The code for the cell door has also been included, and the two of them escape.

As they make their way through a cave system and up to the surface, Jean-Luc and Beverly discover that the implants enable them to hear each other’s thoughts.  They also find that they cannot stray too far away from each other or they will both feel extremely ill.  Ah, the fabulous devices you can use in sci-fi to set up a shippy episode!

So while Riker and the crew work to get them back safely, Jean-Luc and Beverly face up to some feelings that have been hidden for quite some time!! (details in Shipworthy Scenes, below).  Then, back on the Enterprise, and no longer able to hear everything, they must decide what to do with the newly revealed information.

There should have been many more really shippy episodes for Jean-Luc and Beverly.  Cruel of them to tease us with this one.  But I love it anyway!! :D

Shipworthy Scenes


Beverly: This morning she was fifteen minutes late.  That’s the third time this week… Jean-Luc?  You don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about, do you?
Jean-Luc: No.  I’m really sorry. I don’t.
Beverly: I’ve been telling you about Nurse Ogowa and Ensign Markson for the last fifteen minutes.
Jean-Luc: You have?
Beverly: Mm-hmm.
Jean-Luc: I’m really sorry.
Beverly: Are you worried about this mission with the Kes?
Jean-Luc: Not worried exactly.  This notion of admitting half their planet while leaving the other half out…
Beverly: First of all, the Kes are not half the planet; they’re nearly three-quarters of it.  And the Prytt are not being left out.  They themselves don’t want to have contact with anyone from the outside. Not the Federation, or anyone else.
Jean-Luc: Every member of the federation entered as a unified world.  And that unity said something about them.  That they had resolved certain social and political differences and they were now ready to become part of a larger community.
Beverly: By all indications the Kes are a very unified, very progressive people.
Jean-Luc: But the Prytt are not.  They’re reclusive to the point of xenophobia.
Beverly: Well, think about Earth: What if one of the old nation states, say Australia, had decided not to join the world government in 2150, would that have disqualified us as a Federation member?
Jean-Luc: That analogy is not exactly —
Riker (via comm. link): Riker to Captain.
Jean-Luc: Go ahead, Number One.
Riker: We’ve received word from Ambassador Morok, he’s ready to see you and Doctor Crusher.
Jean-Luc: Inform him we’re on our way… (to Beverly) Thank you for breakfast.
Beverly: Wait until tomorrow. I have something very special planned.  It’s a Vulcan dish.  That’s all I’ll say.


In cell

Jean-Luc wakes up and goes to Beverly.

Jean-Luc: Beverly… Beverly.
Beverly: What happened?
Jean-Luc: I don’t know.
Beverly: The last thing I remember we were beginning to transport.
Jean-Luc: I assume we must be on KesPrytt.  And we’re in some kind of prison cell.  The question is, why?…  I can’t imagine that Ambassador Morok would have any reason to detain us.
Beverly: Jean-Luc.
Jean-Luc: What is it?
(Beverly stands and approaches him)
Beverly: Let me see. (she turns him so she can look at the back of his neck)
Jean-Luc: What?
Beverly: Looks like an implant.  Seems to be connected directly to the brain stem. (she checks her own neck and Jean-Luc takes a look)

Jean-Luc: Some kind of coercive device?
Beverly: Whatever it is, I doubt it’s designed for our health.
(doors open.  Guards enter)
Jean-Luc: What is going on here?
Beverly: If you tell us why you’ve taken us hostage we might be able to —
Guard: You are not hostages.  You are prisoners.
Jean-Luc: Prisoners on whose authority?
Guard: You’re being held under the authority of the Prytt Security Ministry.  The charges are conspiring with the enemy.
Jean-Luc: Enemy?  You mean the Kes?
Guard: We are not fools.  We are aware of the Federation attempt to establish a military alliance with the Kes.  It will not be tolerated.
Jean-Luc: Your information is incorrect.  We have no plans to enter into any —
Guard: There is no point in trying to mislead us, Captain.  The devices which have been implanted in your cerebral cortexes will soon be calibrated to your psi wave pattern.  At that time we will be able to get all the information we need.
Jean-Luc: And then you’ll discover that we’re telling the truth.
(guards step out of cell)
Guard: We shall see.
(doors close)


In the cell

Jean-Luc is looking for loose rails.

Jean-Luc: What?
Beverly: What?
Jean-Luc: You’re staring at me.
Beverly: I was just thinking about how to get out of here.
Jean-Luc: There may be a structural flaw that would allow us to escape.
Beverly: Right.
Jean-Luc: Beverly.  The important thing during any confinement is to think positively and not give up hope.  There’s a way out of every box; a solution to every puzzle.  It’s just a matter of finding it.
(doors open. guard enters with covered tray which he puts down on the floor. doors close. Jean-Luc tries to stop them)
Beverly: (picking up the tray) Well at least this means we won’t starve to death.
Jean-Luc:  It means they plan on keeping us here for a while.
Beverly: I’m beginning to think negatively, Jean-Luc. (lifts lid off tray) My tricorder!


Jean-Luc: Does it work?
Beverly: Yes! Except something’s been added to the main directory.
Jean-Luc: It’s a map.
Beverly: An escape route.  That guard must be working for the Kes.
Jean-Luc: Possibly.  It could be part of a very carefully laid trap.
Beverly: Well, if you ask me, I’d like to take my chances out there.
Jean-Luc: Agreed.  Is there a way to open the cell door?
Beverly: Yes the code’s been entered.
(doors open.  They sneak out.)


Emerge into cave system

Jean-Luc: There must be a lava flow, or an underground hot spring somewhere near here.
Beverly: It’s a lava flow.  It’s about thirty metres below us…  It says we should go this way…  I smell gas.  (flames shoot up around them)  This whole chamber is filled with pockets of a methanogenic compound.
Jean-Luc: Can we get through it?
Beverly: I think so.
Jean-Luc: What did you say?
Beverly: I didn’t say anything…  There might be a fairly regular pattern to this eruptions. We should be able to navigate our way through them if we’re careful.
Jean-Luc: Say when.
Beverly: … Now!
(they pass through that chamber and continue walking for a few seconds)
Jean-Luc: The eruptions have stopped.
Beverly: The gas is building up. (she grabs Jean-Luc’s hand and pulls him with her to escape the explosion)


Still in the caves

They appear to have reached a dead end.

Jean-Luc: There’s no way out of here.
Beverly: Maybe we took a wrong turn…  So am I.
Jean-Luc: What?
Beverly: I’m thirsty too.
Jean-Luc: I didn’t say anything about being thirsty.
Beverly: I heard you.  You said, ‘I’m very thirsty.
Jean-Luc: I was thinking about it, but I didn’t say anything.
Beverly: You were thinking it?

Beverly: Yes.  We need to go up….  There’s a ledge about thirty metres up.  That should lead to another tunnel that connects up to the surface.
Jean-Luc: The transceivers. Loren said that they would align themselves to our psi wave patterns.

Beverly: The implants must be transmitting our thoughts…  What am I thinking?
Jean-Luc: I don’t know.
Beverly: I can’t hear your thoughts either.  Well, maybe it was a fluke.
Jean-Luc: Well right now we have more immediate concerns.  Does your map show us a way out of here?

Jean-Luc: Right. (he begins to climb, then pauses) I heard that.  They’re not words exactly.  A sudden sense of… fear. A sense of fear of heights.
Beverly: So much for that being a fluke.
Jean-Luc: It was a strange sensation, suddenly having these thoughts appear in my mind.
Beverly: If you sensed a fear of heights, you sensed pretty accurately.
Jean-Luc: Come on.  You’ve done this before.  It’s just like on the holodeck.  One step at a time.  Just climbing, steadily and slowly.
Beverly: Right.
(they climb)


Emerge from caves into daylight

Jean-Luc: One of us is hungry.
Beverly: That would be me.
Jean-Luc: Do you mind thinking of something else, you’re making me hungry.
Beverly: What do you want me to think about?
Jean-Luc: Something other than a large bowl of vegetable soup.
Beverly: My grandmother used to make it.  with peas, carrots, and —
Jean-Luc: Beverly!
Beverly: I’m sorry.
(Jean-Luc stops walking and looks at her)
Jean-Luc: I am not being unreasonable.
Beverly: I didn’t say that you were.  I may have thought it, but there’s a difference.
Jean-Luc: You’re right.  We can’t react to every random thought that crosses the other person’s mind.  Isn’t it astonishing though how much clutter there is in the consciousness? Odd memories coming to the surface; bits of half remembered songs…
Beverly: Stray daydreams; scattered minutia. I wonder how true telepaths sift through it all.  How can they really get to what someone’s thinking if the mind keeps churning all this flotsam to the surface.
(they’re silent, then Beverly turns on Jean-Luc)
Beverly: That is not funny!
Jean-Luc: I wanted to see if you were still listening.
Beverly: I think our link is getting stronger.
Jean-Luc: Maybe if we put some distance between us that might weaken it.  Not that I’m growing tired of hearing your most intimate thoughts. 
Beverly: Certainly not.
(They walk away from each other, but both feel nauseated)


Beverly: Jean-Luc.
Jean-Luc: What happened?
Beverly: I was suddenly overcome with a wave of nausea.
Jean-Luc: Me too.
Beverly: (scans each of them with her tricorder) There’s nothing wrong with either of us.
Beverly: Maybe the air is toxic.  (she walks away to run scans, but they feel nauseated again)
Jean-Luc: Oh, same thing. But when you moved back to me it got better.
(Beverly nods)
Jean-Luc: Well, it seems as if we’re stuck with each other.



Jean-Luc: What is it?
Beverly: I’m not sure whether we should go over this hill, or that one. The topography on this map is a little vague.
Jean-Luc: Let me see… This way.
Beverly: You don’t really know, do you?
Jean-Luc: What?
Beverly: I mean, you’re acting like you know exactly which way to go, but you’re only guessing.  Do you do this all the time?
Jean-Luc: No.  But there are times when it is necessary for a Captain to give the appearance of confidence.
(they walk for a second. He stops)

Beverly: I – I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t resist.
Jean-Luc: I’m beginning to realise that you always seem to have some acerbic remark on the tip of your tongue.
Beverly: Well at least I’ve trained myself not to say it anymore… When I was a little girl, my mouth was always landing me in trouble, with my parents, my teachers.
Jean-Luc: Your friends.  There was someone called Tom Norris.
Beverly: That’s right.  I had one date with him which I brought to an abrupt end with the words ‘Is that a beard or is your face dirty?’
Jean-Luc: (speaks with Beverly) … or is your face dirty? …  There’s something more.  You’re laughing but actually you were embarrassed by that incident.

Beverly: Yes.  I thought I was being cute but I really hurt him…  That was a long time ago. I learned a valuable lesson.
Jean-Luc: This sharing of thoughts and feelings is quite compelling.
Beverly: Very.  We’d better get going.


Their escape continues.  They spot guards on the hilltops.

Beverly: I don’t think so either. Maybe we can find another way to reach the village.
Jean-Luc: (looking at map) No, it’s several kilometres to find another way round that ridge…  The border is just two kilometres east of here. There’s a forcefield protecting it, but we can find some way to deal with that when we get there. Come on.


Night time. They have built a fire.

Jean-Luc: No luck?
Beverly: I’m beginning to think there’s not a single thing on this planet we can eat.
Jean-Luc: Well, by this time tomorrow we can be back on board the Enterprise and you can plant yourself in front of a replicator with a knife and fork.

Beverly: Remember that Vulcan dish I promised for breakfast? Well I was just — … You hate having breakfast with me.
Jean-Luc: That’s not true.
Beverly: Yes, it is. When I said breakfast I heard you say ‘I hate that’.
Jean-Luc: That’s not quite what I meant.
Beverly: Well, then what did you mean?
Jean-Luc: It’s just that I don’t like —
Beverly: What I’ve been choosing for breakfast recently.
Jean-Luc: You see, I think that breakfast should be a simple meal and recently you’ve been ordering these elaborate things.
Beverly: Coffee and croissant.  That’s all you really want, isn’t it? Coffee and croissant.  Well why didn’t you just say so?
Jean-Luc: I didn’t think it was important… You don’t like those elaborate meals either.
Beverly: No. I usually prefer something simple myself, but I thought you might enjoy more variety… Well, I guess it’s coffee and croissant for both of us from now on.

(They watch the fire for a while then speak simultaneously)
Both: I love firelight.
Jean-Luc: There’s something about the flame; the smell of the smoke.  It’s always seemed to me to be intoxicating somehow.
Beverly: I remember when Jack and I took Wesley on his first camping trip to Belfour Lake.  Wesley kept throwing manta leaves into the fire, watching them pop and Jack kept telling him — … What?  Jean-Luc I heard you, don’t push it away.  When I said ‘Jack and I’ I felt this sudden wave of something… I didn’t know you felt that way.

Jean-Luc: Didn’t you?
Beverly: I guess I always knew that there was an attraction between us right from the start, but I never knew how strongly you felt…  Why didn’t you ever tell me you were in love with me?
Jean-Luc: You were married to my best friend. At first I thought it was harmless infatuation; something hormonal rather than emotional.
Beverly: Then when the months went by and the three of us began spending more time together…
Jean-Luc: I realised that it was something else.  And it wasn’t right.  But although I would never act on it, I couldn’t help the way I felt.
Beverly: And when Jack died, you felt guilty.
Jean-Luc: I felt guilty before he died. Having feelings like that for my best friend’s wife. And then later, after the accident, I promised myself that I would never tell you how I felt.  It would be like betraying my friend.
Beverly: That’s why you didn’t want me on the Enterprise seven years ago.
Jean-Luc: (nods) I didn’t know how I would react.  And then, little by little, I realised that I … I didn’t have those feelings any more. Twenty years is, after all, a long time.
Beverly: And now we’re friends.
(they hold hands)

Jean-Luc: Yes, friends.
(short silence, then Beverly stands)
Beverly: Well, we still have a lot of ground to cover tomorrow.  We should get some sleep.
Jean-Luc: Right.

(she moves round the fire and lies down.  After a second where he looks like he’s either heard something or is going to say something, Jean-Luc lies down beside her.)


On the planet, being chased by guards 

Jean-Luc falls, Beverly helps him up.


They reach the forcefield at the border

Beverly: I think I can use the tricorder to set up a multiphase pulse that should weaken the forcefield enough to let us through.
Jean-Luc: Hold on, the modulation frequency is in the upper harmonic range.
Beverly: Right.
Jean-Luc: They’re coming.
Beverly: I’m working as fast as I can.
(a hole appears in the forcefield. Beverly pushes Jean-Luc through it.  The guards seize Beverly. Their eyes are locked through the force field – oh!)


Walking along the corridor with Riker, they have a little giggle at thoughts only they can here.


Having dinner together

Beverly: That was wonderful.
Jean-Luc: My pleasure.
Beverly: Don’t get me wrong, Jean-Luc, but I’m glad we’re not joined at the hip any longer.
Jean-Luc: So, were you getting tired of my company?
Beverly: Just tired of bumping into you every thirty seconds… I was beginning to feel as if you were part of my uniform.
(Jean-Luc has poured them each a drink, with which they toast)
Jean-Luc: To freedom.
Beverly: Freedom.
(They sit in silence for a second)
Beverly: Penny for your thoughts.
Jean-Luc: I was just thinking that, as distracting as it was, I was beginning to get used to hearing your thoughts and I find that I miss it.
Beverly: So do I.  It was very intimate.  You know, last night I couldn’t sleep.
Jean-Luc: Oh?
Beverly: I was awake for several hours and, thanks to the implants, I got to hear some very interesting dreams of yours.

Jean-Luc: A man cannot be held responsible for what his mind done while he’s asleep.
Beverly: What about when he’s awake?
(Jean-Luc sits forward and holds out his hand.  Beverly places hers in it)

Jean-Luc: So now that we’ve had this unique experience, what do we do?
Beverly: What do you mean?
Jean-Luc: You know exactly what I mean.
Beverly: No I don’t. The implants have been removed, remember?
(he moves to sit beside her.  they face each other)

Jean-Luc: Now that we know how each of us feels, perhaps we should not be afraid to explore those feelings.
(She leans forward and kisses his cheek tenderly)

Beverly: Or perhaps we should be afraid… I think I should be going now.
(Jean-Luc nods.  They share a brief kiss.  She stands, he moves towards the door.)

Beverly: Good night.
Jean-Luc: Good night.
(She leaves.  Hesitating briefly outside the door before she walks away.  Jean-Luc blows out the candles)

Gah!!! The angst!

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