Bones “The Man in the SUV” 1×02

Ep: 1×02 “The Man in the SUV”
Reviewed by: PuddingLoversAnon
Ship rating: 7/10

Hamid Masruk, a member of the Arab American Friendship League, is blown up in his SUV in the middle of a street. The FBI’s initial thoughts involve terrorism, but Brennan and the rest of her team discover it was murder.

This case hits very close to home for Booth due to his past as an Army Ranger sniper. Brennan reminds Booth that making it personal doesn’t help but Booth tells her that it is personal. He reminds her that everyone dies a little bit when something like this happens.

In the end they figure out that Hamid discovered that his brother, Farid, was making dioxin. Farid decided the only way to keep his brother quiet would be to kill him. Booth is forced to shoot Farid at a press conference as he is about to blow it up.

Also I need to mention Angela’s amazing shipper status in the episode. She even followed Booth’s girlfriend to see how solid their relationship was! She then advised Brennan to go for it, they weren‘t a stable couple. ;) Four for you, Angela!

Angela: He is there for the taking honey!
[Booth walks in]

Shipworthy scenes

Brennan and Booth argue over the Homeland Security Officer being in the lab and on making the case personal.

Brennan: Would you be able to do your job if someone was looking over your shoulder all the time?!
Booth: You do, I developed a tolerance.

Brennan: You’re making it personal. That doesn’t help.
Booth: It is personal, Bones. All of us die a little bit on one like this.

Brennan turns up at shirtless Booth’s house and has an awkward meeting with his girlfriend. Did I mention he was shirtless?

Tessa: Hey.
Brennan: Hi, sorry.
Booth: Tessa. This is Brennan. Tessa Jenka, Dr. Temperance Brennan.
Tessa: Oh hi! I’ve heard a lot about you.
Brennan: Really?
Booth: Tessa’s an attorney
Tessa: Corporate. Keeping the fat cats fat.
Brennan: I was just studying a cranial fissure on a corporate attorney last week. Of course, he was dead.
Tessa: Interesting.
Brennan: Thanks.

Brennan tells Booth that he did the right thing.

Booth: No pleasure in taking someone’s life. Nothing to celebrate.
Brennan: You saved so many people Booth. Don’t forget that.

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  1. _useyourwords_ says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen this episode but I really want to now. If only for the shirtless Booth! :)

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