The Mentalist “Strawberries & Cream” 3×23

Ep: 3×23 Strawberries and Cream
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship Rating: 9/10

A fantastic extended season finale which really has to be watched to be fully appreciated.  In a nutshell, the episode begins with the investigation of an apparent suicide bomber.  The trail leads them to discover that all is not what it seemed, that the bomber was being controlled by someone else and results in Lisbon being caught and rigged with a bomb as well.  Jane finds her and refuses to leave her, and the two of them manage to figure out who the controller is before anything bad happens. This does involve a little “role play” in which Jane says he needs to confess his feelings for Lisbon. We all know there was truth behind those “pretend” words!!

In a side storyline, Grace’s wedding is approaching and the bridesmaid dresses are ready.  Lisbon looks absolutely thrilled by that fact.  Grace collects Lisbon’s dress for her and Lisbon tries it on in her office.  Cue Jane – who is absolutely speechless when he sees her (see Shipworthy Scenes, because it is!!)

The next big turning point in the case is when they discover that the controller was in fact working for someone else.  Someone who is trying to locate Madeleine Hightower… Yes, you guessed it (or, you know, you’ve seen the ep): Red John.

So, Jane goes into track down mode.  He and Lisbon tell the team about the list La Roche has with potential Todd Johnson murder suspects and Jane sets about getting the list from La Roche.  Hightower turns up at Jane’s motel room and says she is going to turn herself in.  Jane asks her for 48 hours so he can figure out who Red John’s accomplice at the CBI is.  Lisbon’s team provide Hightower with protection, taking turns to stay with her and her children at a safe house.

There follows a web of carefully planted lies to find out which of the suspects is feeding information to Red John, and then to lure Red John into a trap at a local mall cafe.  Unfortunately, whilst waiting at the trap, Jane realises they have been tricked into suspecting the wrong person, and the real accomplice is on his way to where Hightower is staying.  Lisbon is currently with her, and Van Pelt is on her way to relieve her – with Agent O’Loughlin: the accomplice!  Cho and Rigsby quickly leave Jane’s location to head to the safe house; the original suspect, Bertram, gets tired of Jane’s game and leaves as well. Leaving Jane alone and frantically trying to contact Lisbon.

His message to her comes too late, and Lisbon is shot before Van Pelt and Hightower shoot O’Loughlin.  Jane looks absolutely terrified when she is not responding on the other end of the phone, and so relieved when she speaks to him and tells him she’s okay (aww).

Jane realises that O’Loughlin must have been in contact with Red John recently and asks Lisbon to redial the last number on his phone.  She does so, and a man sitting near to Jane answers his phone!!!!  We hear his words, and then we hear Lisbon repeat them to Jane.  And Jane hangs up!!

He makes his way over to the man who, at first, acts as if he doesn’t know what’s going on but then admits that he’s only playing and that he is RED JOHN!!!!! They converse as Jane tries to establish whether he really is the serial killer.  Red John reveals he has a hidden gun to encourage Jane not to try anything.  Red John tells him he’s quitting the murder scene – going to do something better with his life (!).  As he walks away, Jane stops him, and Red John tells Jane about when he killed Jane’s wife and daughter. How they smelled. Details only the killer would know. And Simon Baker is absolutely brilliant with Jane’s heartbreaking reaction to hearing this!  Gun shots ring out, and Red John falls to the ground. (OMG, right?)

Jane removes the gun he had hidden in his pocket, and sits down at one of the tables, seemingly calmly sipping his tea.  Mall security surrounds him, the camera pans out, and we’re all left wondering what the hell will happen to him next season!! The suspense!!!!

Shipworthy Scenes

Lisbon spots Jane at the crime scene 

Lisbon: I didn’t call you… What are you doing here?
Jane: Fighting crime. You?
Lisbon: Seriously.
Jane: Seriously. A man uses a bomb to rob a bank. I mean, this is baroque. Mysterious even.  What do we know?
Lisbon: Well, for starters, it wasn’t a bank.  Dinkler robbed his employer, it was a Cash in Motion store.
Jane: Cash in Motion. Sounds like a game show.
Lisbon: It’s a payday loan and money transfer chain. People use them to wire money all over the world, it’s a cash business but it’s got less security than a bank. Nice soft target. Dinkler got away with fifty grand.
Jane: Almost got away with fifty grand.
Lisbon: Yeah, well, he stopped for gas and Sac. PD uni spotted him. Lucky for us the lunatic only killed himself.
Jane: If it’s so cut and dried, why are you here?
Lisbon: Them. The media. Director Bertram wanted a CBI presence here.

Jane: Director Bertram.  Let me ask you something, if Director Bertram wanted a CBI presence to jump off a cliff would you, and your CBI presence, jump off that cliff?
Lisbon: If there was overtime, sure.

Jane: That’s very sad… Excuse me.


On the phone 

Lisbon: Where’ve you been?
Jane: Oh, you know, out, about.
Lisbon: Oh, that’s good because we just found a body at Dinkler’s house.
Jane: Huh.  Figures.
Lisbon: You wanna come and have a look, maybe? Do a little detective work?
Jane: Not really.  I’m pretty sure it’s collateral damage. Room mate probably.  Hey, why don’t you come by the office and I will show you what the real motive is behind the crime and it wasn’t money.
Lisbon: No? Well what was it?
Jane: Oh and while I think of it, could you send Sac. PD to check on the Cash in Motion offices?
Lisbon: Why?
Jane hangs up.


In Lisbon’s office

Lisbon: So, you know the real motive for the robbery?
Jane: What’s up with the dead room mate?
Lisbon: Michael Takeshima (?). Coroner says he’s been dead just under 24 hours, so killed last night, way before the robbery.
Jane: Killer put the bomb on Dinkler in the house.  Room mate probably came home, had to be disposed of.
Lisbon: Yeah.  Don’t keep me in suspense.  What’s the motive if it wasn’t about the money?
Jane: Dinkler left as much as he took and half as much again.  Just left it there in the vault. Why?
Lisbon: That’s weird. His life was on the line, he’d been careful to do what the killer told him.
Jane: So the killer must have told him the money wasn’t the object. Told him, steal the money to hide the real theft.
Lisbon: And what’s the real theft?
Jane: The list of customers on the CDs he took.
Lisbon: Oh yeah?
Jane: Well the CDs are the only other thing he took, ergo, that was what he was after.  Two thousand or so names of people that had sent money orders via that store, and where they’d sent them.
Lisbon: Why would he want that?
Jane: Haven’t figured that out yet.

Lisbon: Frankly, this is less thrilling than you advertised and possibly wrong.
Jane: No.  He wanted that list.
Lisbon: Okay.  I’ll have the clerical staff run the list of names, see if anything pops.
Jane: Something will.


In the bullpen 

Lisbon: Any revelations?
Jane: No. Scavenger hunt, secret codes. Just can’t seem to put my finger on it. It’s all so… so…
Lisbon: Baroque? Mysterious even?

Jane: Yes.
Lisbon: I thought you liked that sort of thing.
Jane: I do… Very much.

(Conversation with La Roche, and Rigsby. Rigsby gives Lisbon her share of the places to investigate as potential locations Dinkler should have gone to.)

Lisbon: Are you coming?
Jane: Hmm, come along on a methodical grinding search through Sacramento county, or rearrange my sock drawer?…

… I’ll go with the ‘or’. Thanks… Have fun with it.
Lisbon: Thank you.


On the phone again

Lisbon: Yeah?
Jane: Hi, Captain Ahab, how goes the hunt?
Lisbon: Done. I’m practically done. One more.  Windsor High School, it’s over on Alameida, shut down a couple of years ago.
Jane: Mmm. That’s kind of an iffy area. You have plenty of harpoons?
Lisbon: I’ve got a few nine millimetre ones. Look, if it looks hinky I’ll call for back up. Good night.
Jane: Good night.


At the High School (where of course Jane goes because he senses Lisbon should not be there alone!)

Jane: Hey, Lisbon, I was in the neighbourhood, so I thought I’d drop by. (Hears clattering) Lisbon! Lisbon? (Follows sound to locker room) You decent? (No response. He enters. Finds Lisbon lying on the ground, with a bomb vest strapped to her.)  Lisbon.
She groggily comes to, notices the bomb.


Seconds later…

Jane: Okay, I want you to just let me try and help you get out of that thing.  It’s gonna be okay… Talk me through it.
Lisbon: Erm, you see the flap in the front of the vest?
Jane: I see it.
Lisbon: Yeah, open it gently… Slowly… Okay, erm, is there a lock inside?
Jane: Yes.
Lisbon: Er, does the lock have any wires attached to it?

Jane: Yeah, there’s a bunch.  That’s not good, is it?
Lisbon: Don’t pick the lock.
Jane: No, I won’t… Where does this wire go?
A phone rings in the vest.
Lisbon: Did you do that?
Jane: I swear… I… I didn’t do anything. I didn’t touch a thing… It’s a phone, you should answer it. (He removes the phone from the vest pocket)

Lisbon: You’re sure?
Jane: About seventy-five percent.
Lisbon: You think we should answer?
Jane: Yeah.
Lisbon: What if… What if it triggers the bomb?
Jane: We’ll never know.
Lisbon: (answers the phone) Hello?
Voice: Hello, Agent Lisbon. You must do exactly as I say if you want to live.
Lisbon: Who is this?
Voice: You will go to the CBI. Now.
Lisbon: Why?
Voice: No questions, please.  You will obtain the two Cash in Motion discs from the CBI evidence storage and bring them to me. After delivery I will give you the instructions on how to disarm the bomb. You have thirty minutes.
Lisbon: No. I’m not —
Jane: Not no, yes.
Voice: Who’s that with you?

Jane: Patrick Jane. I work with Agent Lisbon. Hi.
Voice: Hello Patrick. You’re welcome to join us if you’d like.
Jane: Well, I gotta tell you, there’s other things I’d —
Voice: Fine I insist on it. You may be of useful help to Agent Lisbon.
Jane: What do we call you?
Voice: No questions, please… There are two other ground rules. Number one: Do not alert anyone to your situation. No one. If you do, I will detonate the device.  Number two: Keep this line open.  If I lose phone contact with you for any reason at all, I will detonate the device. Now get a move on, you don’t have very much time.
Lisbon: No, I’m not gonna do it —
Jane: Don’t listen to her, she can’t think straight. We’ll do exactly what you ask. We’re on our way to the CBI right now. (gestures assurances to Lisbon) Okay, let’s go, Lisbon, we don’t have time.


In the car on the way to CBI

(Lisbon is reciting the Hail Mary, quietly.)
Voice: You’re whispering. Stop it.
Jane: She’s just praying.  She’s scared, and so am I. If I could find someone to pray to then I’d probably do the same.
Voice: Well, it’s irritating. Be quiet.
Jane: You’re not a religious man?
Voice: Oh, deeply.  But not in any way that you would understand.
Jane: Well try me. I do like a good theological debate.
Voice: I would enjoy that.  But some other time, perhaps.
Lisbon: Jane, the CBI building is filled with people, this isn’t right. We’re putting them in harm’s way.
Jane: He doesn’t want to blow up the CBI, he just wants the discs… You just want the discs, right? There’s no call to blow us up for fun?
Voice: Correct.  Dinkler was unlucky enough to run into the police, that’s the only reason he died. I am a rational and humane person. Obey me and you will live. How far away are you?
(Jane signals for Lisbon not to answer and abruptly turns a corner.)
Voice: I said, how far away are you?
(Lisbon is confused by the change of direction. He gestures for her to stay quiet.)

Jane: Er, yeah, about five minutes. Just around the corner.
Voice: Good. You see how simple this can be? You just go through those doors, up the stairs, and get the discs.
(Meanwhile Lisbon and Jane are gesturing to each other as she demands to know what is going on.)

Jane: You know, when we get inside it gets a little tricky because the evidence storage unit is locked this time of night, so we’re gonna have to try and sneak in. Or… Or make a whole fuss getting it open.
Voice: So sneak in. Do whatever you have to do, but if I get even the faintest suspicion that you are playing games with me, I will detonate the device. Do you understand?
Jane: Yes, Sir.
Voice: Agent Lisbon, do you understand also?
Lisbon: Yes, Sir.
Jane: When we get the discs, where do we go?
Voice: Get them first and then I’ll tell you.


In a corridor

Jane: Okay, Sir, we’re in CBI. On the third floor, approaching the evidence storage at the end of the hall… Which door is it?
Lisbon: That one.
Jane: Yeah. Okay. (tries the door) It’s locked.
Lisbon: Can you open it?
Jane: I think so. You sure it’s the right door?
Lisbon: Pretty sure.

Jane: (picks lock) Lisbon…
Lisbon: Yeah?
Jane: (In an intentionally lowered voice) Listen, er, if this doesn’t turn out well, I just… Well there’s been something I’ve wanted  to tell you for a long time. You know, the moment just hasn’t presented itself.
Lisbon: Wait, are you sure this is really the right time —
Jane: If not now, when?

(They burst into the office where the ‘Voice’ – gas station guy from the beginning – is)

Lisbon: Disarm the bomb.
Voice-guy: I press this trigger, you die.
Jane: So do you.
Voice-guy: You let me go. I let you live.
Jane: No. You have two choices, disarm the bomb, or die here with us.
Lisbon: With me. Jane, you go, now!

Jane: Oh, I would if I could.
Lisbon: Go!
Jane: Look at me, Sir. I don’t wanna die. I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of the pain of dying because it’s gonna hurt. You think it’s gonna hurt? You feel like dying?
Lisbon: Jane, go! That’s an order. Go!
Jane: You’re not the boss of me.
Lisbon: Just once, listen to me you pigheaded, arrogant, listen to me and go. You’ve not listened to a thing I’ve said all —
Jane: (at same time Lisbon is speaking.  To voice guy.) Stay with me. Don’t look at her. Don’t look at her. Stay with me. 

(Jane grabs the trigger, Lisbon takes the guy down.)



They tell the bomb chaps where the device is and hand over Voice-guy to La Roche, then…

Lisbon: (to Jane) Hey, you are not off the hook.
Jane: Off the hook? Oh come on. All’s well that ends well.
Lisbon: All is not well.
Jane: Lisbon, please.
Lisbon: Oh, don’t give me ‘please’, you just disobeyed a direct order.
Jane: Don’t sulk.
Lisbon: I gave you an order. It is my job to keep you alive.  When I give you an order, you follow it. That’s the deal.

Jane: You know, I wanted to leave. I wanted to leave desperately, but I would have looked like a complete coward. It was my ego, my sheer vanity that kept me there and that’s it.
Lisbon: That is not the point. The point is —

(They are interrupted by gunfire from the car where Voice-guy and La Roche’s people are.)


Lisbon’s office

She’s trying on her dress. Jane walks in. 

Jane: Lisbon, any word on that list yet?
Lisbon: Geez Jane, you mind knocking?
Jane: Whoa… Oh my.
Lisbon: Van Pelt must die.
Jane: No, no, no, no. You look good. This is beautiful.  Like a princess; an angry little princess. Someone stole your tiara.
Lisbon: She caught me by surprise when she asked me, otherwise I’d never agree to be a bridesmaid. And why would she even ask me to do something like this? She knows I hate this crap.
Jane: I told her to ask you. I told her that you were secretly dying to be a bridesmaid.

Lisbon: Really? Why would you do that?
Jane: Oh, for the fun of it. And because, of course, deep down, you secretly do want to be a bridesmaid. Go ahead. Confess.
(Enter Cho, who does not bat an eyelid at Lisbon’s attire (I’m including this dialogue because Cho is funny!))
Cho: Customer list from the Cash in Motion CDs. One name on there is Max James. Sac. PD homicide got an anonymous call a few hours back. Dead man in a house on Cosgrove. Turns out it’s the same Max James. You might wanna change first.
(Cho leaves.)
Jane: (thoughtfully) Max James… (to Lisbon) Looks good… Very feminine.


Outside Max James’ house

They’ve just discovered Max knows Hightower. 

Lisbon: Red John’s behind the bombs. He’s hunting Hightower.
Jane: Yeah.  Max James was a friend of hers. Or a relative. He must have known where she is.
Lisbon: We have to warn her.
Jane: How? I don’t know where she is.
Lisbon: If Red John failed, what do you think he’s gonna do next?
Jane: I have to think about that.
Lisbon: He could come after you, Jane.
Jane: Why? I truly don’t know where Hightower is right now.
Lisbon: If I don’t totally believe you, Red John probably doesn’t either.
Jane: If Red John wants me, he knows where to find me. I can’t worry about that.


In the hotel room where they’ve set up surveillance for their plan 

Jane: Simple, elegant, foolproof.
Lisbon: Please don’t say that. Nothing is foolproof.
Jane: Who has a key to the minibar?
Lisbon: I do and I’m keeping it.  We’re on the job.
Jane: You’re on the job. I’m an amateur. Besides, all I want is those expensive peanuts. (She gives him the key.) Thank you.


In hotel room where the assassin was apprehended, and subsequently jumped to her death

Jane:… Let’s go.
Lisbon: We’ve got a dead body out there.
Jane: Call it in. If we’re still here when the hotel security gets here, we’re gonna be here forever. We’ve a lot to do, we’ve gotta keep moving.
Lisbon: Wait, a lot of what to do?
Jane: We have to find a good spot for a trap to lure Bertram. A trap that Red John will follow him into.

Lisbon: Oh, simple then. You’re getting that crazy look in your eyes. Calm down.
Jane: Perfectly calm. Red John is one step behind me, but he thinks he’s one step ahead. So, in effect, he’s two steps behind and he doesn’t know it. He’s gonna be overconfident when he walks into my trap.
Lisbon: And what will you use as a lure for this trap?
Jane: Can we move, please? Because I can answer all your questions in motion. I’m clever like that.  Thank you.


On phone to tell Lisbon that O’Loughlin is the actual accomplice

Jane: (getting no response) Answer your damn phone. 

(Lisbon realises her phone is ringing as Van Pelt and O’Loughlin knock at the door. )

Lisbon: Hey, Jane. Hold on a sec.  (She lets Van Pelt and O’Loughlin in)(back on phone) What’s up?

Jane: Lisbon, listen to me. It’s not Bertram. It’s O’Loughlin.
Lisbon: Jane, I can’t hear you. What?

Jane: O’Loughlin. Red John’s man is O’Loughlin. 

(Lisbon turns and draws her gun but O’Loughlin is faster and shoots her in the chest. )

Jane: Lisbon!

(O’Loughlin has a little chat with Van Pelt and Hightower, apologises, blah blah blah… Then Lisbon throws something at him and Van Pelt and Hightower shoot him. Van Pelt has a moment with O’Loughlin’s dying self. Then…)

Jane: Lisbon! Lisbon!!… Lisbon!

(She gets herself to her phone.)

Jane: Lisbon?
Lisbon: O’Loughlin’s dead; I’m wounded, but I’m okay… Grace, call 911 from the landline.
Jane: Are you gonna be all right?
Lisbon: I think I’ll be all right.

(He looks so relieved!)


 And, not shippy, but some caps of Jane’s heartbroken expression. Oh, I want to hug him:

THE END (season 4 had better hurry up!)

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