Battlestar Galactica “Home I & II” 2×06/2×07

Ep: 2×06 & 2×07 “Home” parts I & II
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 10/10

After a third of the fleet follows Laura to Kobol – the ancestral home of the original thirteen tribes – she must continue to try to hide from Bill and the others while awaiting Starbuck’s return with the Arrow of Apollo.  She and her “team” – including Zarek and a friend of his – continue to plan towards finding the Tomb of Athena and the map to Earth.

When Starbuck does return – bringing Helo and Sharon with her – Lee is understandably upset and threatens to shoot Sharon.  Helo defends her.  Laura talks them down but orders Sharon released out of the airlock – until she hears that the Cylon knows the location of the Tomb.  And so, off they go to the planet, with Helo and Sharon too.

Bill starts out looking at it all very logically, not interested in people who have decided to follow a “religious fanatic” (how romantic!).  He speaks of the rage he feels at the betrayal – and we all know it’s just Laura and Lee who he’s upset with. Deetalks some sense into him (acknowledging that it’s Laura and Lee he’s really talking about!!) and ultimately he cannot stay angry at them forever and announces his plan to put the family back together. Squee!

Laura’s group comes under attack after the priest with them steps on a landmine. Sharon saves the rest of them.  Laura is distraught about Elosha’s death, but they continue on.

Bill assembles his team, going over the recon information to establish where to begin looking for the others.  The fact that he refers to “she” as they discuss, and not “they” is very revealing. When he tells them that he plans to go on the mission himself, they are worried.  But he insists:  It’s always been about him and Laura!

Meanwhile, Zarek and his friend are up to shifty conspiring, to kill Lee when the opportunity arises – they need him out of the picture so that Laura will turn to Zarek as her first source of support.  The friend reaches out to Sharon for help, informing her that Callie murdered the Sharon who shot Adama, and playing on the fact she wants her child to survive.

Bill and his team find Laura and co.  Bill is reunited with his son – and Laura – and Laura is reunited with Billy, and she’s so relieved to see him. Aww.  Bill then comes face to face with Sharon and throws her to the ground, telling her he wants her to die.  Laura pleads with him not to kill her as they need Sharon.  And, although Sharon claims not to be the one who shot him, she does have memories of what Bill said to the other Sharon’s body.

Sharon lets Zarek’s friend believe that she is going to go along with his plan to take out Bill and Lee, using the opportunity when he strikes to prove where her loyalties lie.

They find the Tomb and eventually find their way inside, transported somehow to Earth – where the symbols of the twelve Colonies can be see in the sky.  They find a clue as to the route to Earth, and return to Galactica. Here, Bill gives a speech to the crew, publicly acknowledging Laura as President.  The crew offers some applause, but Bill is not satisfied with that and starts a slow clap until they are applauding properly.  Laura is surprised, and touched.  Brings a grin to my face just thinking about this moment!

Oh, and in a side storyline, Baltar tries to figure out what the reason is for his hallucinations of Six.

Shipworthy Scenes

Bill announces that enough is enough.

Bill: I’m putting the fleet back together. I’m putting our family back together. This ends now. 


Bill tells his team that he is going to Kobol.

Bill: I’ll be going down in a raptor.
Tigh: What?
Bill: I’m not going to leave the fleet undefended.  It’s too risky to try and take all of us.
Tigh: Send a search party for frak’s sake.
Bill: (reads from the Book of Pythia) And Zeus warned the leaders of the twelve tribes that any return to Kobol would exact a price in blood.
Tyrol: Certainly did for us.
Bill: No more bloodshed.  Enough loss. I’m only going to take people who are absolutely necessary.  Don’t try to argue with me, Saul.  Truth is, I’m the only one who can reach out to Roslin. It’s always been between us anyway.  We may have gone down separately, but we’re gonna come back together.  Hopefully on our feet. But, even in body bags, we’re gonna be coming back together.


Bill’s team finds Laura’s.

They exchange nods after Bill hugs Lee.

Laura: Commander.
Bill: It’s good to see you.


Bill and Laura talk privately.

Bill: You interfered with a military mission and you broke your word to me.
Laura: It’s the second part that really bothers you, isn’t it?

Bill: Laura, I forgive you.
Laura: Thank you, Bill.  I didn’t ask for your forgiveness.
Bill: Well you have it anyway.


Bill and Laura’s talk continues.

Laura: Lieutenant Thrace says that there are survivors on the colonies.  There are people fighting against the Cylons everyday; fighting for their homes; their future.
Bill: I see.
Laura: Doesn’t give you pause?  Maybe your impulse the day the Cylons attacked was right.  Maybe we should have stayed and fought for our homes.  Maybe the President of the Colonies should have stayed with her people.

Bill: I didn’t come here for this.  I didn’t come here to navel gaze or to catalogue our mistakes.  We made a decision to leave the Colonies after the attack.  We made the decision.  It was the right one then; it’s the right one now… Because every moment of every day since then is a gift.
Laura: From the Gods.

Bill: No.  From you.  For convincing me that I should go.  I would be dead; my son would be dead.  Whatever else the costs, I won’t second guess that outcome… (picks up the Book of Pythia)  I think it’s time to go find this tomb of yours.


Bill and Laura exchange a little look as they enter the Tomb.


Bill’s speech.

Bill: We have struggled, since the attacks; tried to rely on one another.  Our strength and our only hope as a people is to remain undivided… We haven’t always done all we could to ensure that.  Many people believe that the scriptures, the letters from the Gods will leads us to salvation.  Maybe they will.  But “the Gods shall lift those who lift each other”.  And so, to lift all of us, let me present, once again, the President of the Colonies: Laura Roslin.

Ahh. *happy sigh*


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