The Practice – Life Sentence – 4×22

Episode: Life Sentence – 4×22
Reviewed by: emd4v15
Caps by: _useyourwords_
Shippiness rating: 10/10!

The shippiness of this episode really overshadowed the incredibly moving storyline. Jimmy and Ellenor defended a woman who had shot the man who raped her young daughter, but the focus of the episode, from my perspective, is still the relationship between Bobby and Lindsay.

Bobby and Lindsay argue about their impending wedding when Bobby discovers that the woman printing the invitations and notice of their marriage accidentally invited 390 people; only a fraction of these were intended to receive invitations, the rest were supposed to be notified of the marriage after it occurred. Lindsay insists it’s not her fault and complains that Bobby isn’t helping. Bobby tells her if he had his way they’d elope.

Bobby and Lindsay have to go and pick up their marriage license, which leads to another argument. Lindsay’s mood is not helped by the fact that the woman serving them seems to find the fact that her initials are ‘LSD’ amusing (her middle name is Susan, in case you were wondering).

In light of his earlier admission, Lindsay decides to plan a surprise elopement for Bobby, encouraging Rebecca and Lucy as co-conspirators. Later that night they lead a blindfolded Bobby through the dark, claiming they are throwing him a bachelor party. He removes the blindfold and stadium lights go on everywhere, revealing that they are in Fenway Park. Bobby, understandably, is both surprised and confused. Lucy tells him he’s eloping and he turns to see Lindsay (looking breathtaking in a way that really only Kelli Williams can) standing on the pitcher’s mound in a beautiful white wedding dress. Lindsay and Bobby are married in a simple ceremony with their closest friends as witnesses.

Shippy Scenes/Dialogue

Lindsay and Bobby argue again about the wedding, this time about their marriage license.

Lindsay: We go in for our marriage license today, you did manage to remember that?
Bobby: Yes
Lindsay: Good
Bobby: What is your problem?
Lindsay: Problem? I don’t have a problem
Bobby: Lindsay you screwed up the invitations, I—
Lindsay: Maybe if I had a little help…
Bobby: Here we go!
Lindsay: Don’t here we go me, I’ve had to do everything Bobby. I had to make the lists-
Bobby: First you complain I was booking everything then-
Lindsay: I meant the church and your dead mother’s dress, but when it comes to doing all of the work, you know you just can’t be bothered.
Bobby: Well I’m bothered now!
Lindsay: I don’t think you even want to be married!
Bobby: Heere we gooo!
Lindsay: Don’t ‘here we go’ me! If you ‘here we go’ me one more time I am going to scream, okay? Do you hear me?
Bobby: Listen to yourself!
Lindsay: Oh and I hate that one too, ‘listen to yourself’. ‘Here we go’ and ‘listen to yourself’. If you ever say those things in our marriage, I will scream okay? It’s good to know these things before we become husband and wife. Y’know, this is very, very healthy. (Lindsay turns and storms out.) (To Lucy) Bug off!
Lucy (to Bobby): Well, it’s nice to know you can make her scream.

Rebecca and Bobby talk

Rebecca: Lindsay’s your life.
Bobby: I know that.

Bobby and Lindsay talk after picking up the marriage license 

Bobby: That was very moving for me, getting the marriage license. How was it for you? (Lindsay smiles.) Why are we fighting?
Lindsay: We always seem to fight when we talk about getting married.
Bobby: Why?
Lindsay: I don’t know. Do you want to get married, Bobby?
Bobby: Lindsay, I would marry you tonight. I just. I just hate weddings. And I’d be lying if I said I was getting all excited about the ceremony.
Lindsay: How can a person hate weddings?
Bobby: Because it’s all about the catering and dresses and flowers and who’s invited and who’s sitting at who’s table, it should be the most intimate moment of a couple’s life and they spend the day hoping that the guests are taken care of. There’s so much pressure that everything goes smoothly. I hate weddings. (sigh) There, I said it. But marriage? I can’t wait for that.
Lindsay: Would you really rather elope?
Bobby: Truthfully? Yes. It would be me and you without all the distractions but I know you want the big wedding day and if that’s your dream-
Lindsay: I wish it were your dream.
Bobby: Lindsay I’ve only had two dreams my whole life, one was to pitch for the Red Sox, the other was to meet and marry the greatest woman in the whole world. (Lindsay smiles). One for two isn’t bad. (Playfully) Now if I could just get you to take a little medication for your moodswings…
Lindsay: Is that so?

Lindsay tells Bobby about the elopement

Lindsay: “We can have a more traditional ceremony with family and friends later but tonight I thought you might like to pitch for the Red Sox. I’ll catch”.
(I am completely incapable of hearing this without being overwhelmed by the innuendo.)

Lindsay and Bobby recite their vows

Bobby: I Bobby, take thee Lindsay, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold from this day forward for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health… I’ve been memorising this for a long time. To love and to cherish. Till death us do part. This is my solemn vow.
Father Patrick: Well… I Lindsay.
Lindsay: I Lindsay.
Father Patrick: Uhh.. You haven’t memorised this, have you?
Lindsay: I need a little help.
Father Patrick: Alright. Take thee Bobby to be my wedded husband.
Lindsay: Take thee Bobby to be my wedded husband
Father Patrick: To have and to hold from this day forward
Lindsay: To have and to hold from this day forward
Father Patrick: For better for worse, for richer for poorer.
Lindsay: For better for worse, for richer for poorer.
Father Patrick: In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish.
Lindsay: In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish.
Father Patrick: To death do us part.
Lindsay: To death do us part.
Father Patrick: Do you have the rings?
Lindsay: Not yet
Father Patrick: Oh, alright. Then by the powers vested in me under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, under God, and I suppose under the Boston Red Sox I now pronounce you man and wife.
(They kiss and exchange ‘I love you’s).

Bobby makes a little speech

Bobby: It probably goes without saying, which is good because I never say it but, ah..  You people are my best friends. You mean the world to me and, ah… This woman. She is my world.

 The End.


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