The Mentalist “Rose Colored Glasses” 2×11

Ep: 2×11 Rose Colored Glasses
Reviewed by: csiAngel and _useyourwords_
Ship rating: 9/10

The team investigates the murder of a couple on their way to a high school reunion.  This prompts conversations between Jane and Lisbon about Lisbon’s time at high school, and Jane endeavours to work out what instrument Lisbon played in her youth.

Suspecting the deaths were linked to a prank that led to the male victim being expelled from high school, Jane convinces Rigsby to pose as the victim of that prank to reveal the killer.  The ploy is a success, the case is solved, and Jane and Lisbon dance!! Awww, it’s very sweet.

Shipworthy Scenes

At the reunion

Lisbon: What’s your problem?
Jane: Ah, just a room full of people lying to each other.  Everyone here is trying so hard to show how much they’ve changed, when the mere effort screams that they haven’t.
Lisbon: Or they actually do change.  With exceptions like Mr. Hairplugs, of course. You’ve got the rebel who took the bank job; the player that stays faithful to his wife.
Jane: The rebel took the bank job because he sees that rebellion is fruitless; the player stays faithful to his wife because the consequence of infidelity is much greater now.  But their instincts, their instincts never change.

Lisbon: I’m a far cry from what I was in high school.

Jane: Ah, wouldn’t be so sure.  Driven to succeed to the point of developing an ulcer; no tolerance for superiors less sharp than yourself; shunning girls that want to hang out with you; blowing off boys that wanna get close; all the while, at every turn, wondering ‘what is it I really want?’.
Lisbon: No.
Jane: And you played an instrument.  My guess: Clarinet.
Lisbon: Not even close.  We’re done here. I’ll get the guest list to Rigsby have him check everybody out.
(they talk about the case. yada yada yada)
Jane: I’m gonna stick around. I didn’t go to high school.  This is kinda fascinating for me.

Lisbon: You never went to high school?
Jane: No, I was busy.
Lisbon: You can stay.  Just don’t make me sorry I let you!
(she walks away.  Jane calls after her:)
Jane: Bassoon?
(She waves her finger to indicate ‘no’.)


Later, in Lisbon’s office

(Jane enters looking at a yearbook)

Jane: This thing is a golden treasury of mullets.
Lisbon: (throws a pencil at him which he dodges) A brawl.  You started a brawl! Come on!

Jane: Well, I was going for something a little more contained.  But, I guess, people just wanted to explore the physical.
Lisbon: And what information did you glean?  I assume you were testing some theory or another?
Jane: Yes, Willa Brock was involved in eight different school activities and she looked pretty good in cargo pants which is hard to do.

Lisbon: There are people in the hospital!
Jane: Yes, but souls were healed.  This was a cathartic brawl.  It was a therapeutic expression of —

(Cho knocks on the door)
Jane: (to Cho) Please…
(They talk about the case. Cho leaves.)
Lisbon: (to Jane) You go to hell. Take a toothbrush.
Jane: Which way’s that?


At the homecoming dance

Jane: School would be so much more fun if they started the day with this every morning instead of the pledge of allegiance. Or maybe they could just integrate the two into the dance of allegiance.

Lisbon: We’re taking a real flyer here.  This’d better work.
Jane: Timpany.

Lisbon: No.
Jane: You’ve really got me stumped on that one.  I’m just guessing now.
Lisbon: We’d better get this thing going before people start leaving.
Jane: Patience, the fun will commence shortly.


Case closed, Jane and Lisbon are back at the dance

Lisbon: One thing I don’t get: How did you convince Rigsby to help in this charade?
Jane: I told him that you promised to give him Monday off.
Lisbon: Not happening.
Jane: Well that puts me in an awkward position.  I held up my end of the bargain.
Lisbon: (listening to the song ‘More Than Words’ that is playing) Oh, God. I used to love this song.

Jane: Love the song.
Lisbon: I used to love this song.
Jane: You love this song?
Lisbon: Yeah.
Jane: Obviously you want to dance.
Lisbon: With you? No.

Jane: Oh come on.  You can pretend that I’m that mean, cold-hearted guy that you used to worship from afar but never talk to… Mmm.

Lisbon: No funny stuff.
Jane: Really?
(They start to dance)

Jane: Trumpet?
Lisbon: No.



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