The Mentalist “Red Rover, Red Rover” 4×23

Ep: 4×23 Red Rover, Red Rover
Reviewed by: csiAngel and _useyourwords_
Ship rating: 8/10

The CBI team is called to investigate when a body is found inside a box at a riverside warehouse.

Meanwhile, Jane finds a note on his car that reads ‘Happy Anniversary’.  He goes to visit the graves of his wife and daughter.  It is the 9th anniversary of their murders.  At the cemetery he is approached by a young girl who has a red smiley face drawn on her hand and gives him a message: “Do you give up yet?”. Lisbon and Wainwright arrive to check on Jane and to follow up on the Red John involvement.  Lisbon is concerned that Red John is trying to mess with Jane’s head.

The team continues to investigate their original case and Jane joins them, though he appears distracted, uninterested and off his game.  He later visits a restaurant, sitting at a table set for three, looking sad, and getting drunk!  Then he goes to the CBI headquarters, continues drinking and burns all of his Red John files.  We then see him sleeping on Lisbon’s couch (because he feels safe there, obviously.) while she and Wainwright talk.  Lisbon convinces Wainwright to let her do the talking.  Jane says it’s time for him to give up and move on, but he won’t be leaving the CBI.

As the investigation continues, Jane appears to spiral deeper into depression and eventually seeks to solve the case by locking his suspect in a coffin – keeping in contact with him via a baby monitor.  He invites Lisbon to join him and she is horrified when she learns what he has done.  Jane refuses to let him out until he confesses, and, naturally, there are consequences when it’s all over.  Wainwright lectures Jane and suspends him.  Jane insults him and provokes him into discontinuing his work with CBI.  When Jane leaves the bullpen, Lisbon follows him, offering to help him.  And for a split second he looks like he wants to let her.  Then he leaves.

Shipworthy Scenes

At the cemetery after Jane has hypnotised the little girl so she won’t remember Red John


Lisbon: Jane, I know it’s hard coming here, especially like this and I’m sorry.  I’m not gonna ask you to apologise to Wainwright, but he’s right.  The little girl’s a witness, we should interview her… You know what Red John’s trying to do, don’t you?
Jane: He asked me if I’m ready to quit.
Lisbon: He’s messing with your head. Don’t let him… Are you okay?
Jane: Yeah, I’m fine.  I appreciate your concern. Your phone is ringing.


Lisbon is worried about Jane

Lisbon: What’s going on, Jane?
Jane: Nothing… Well, maybe I’m out of sorts but it’s nothing serious.
Lisbon: You wanna get something to eat?
Jane: No, I think I might take the rest of the day.
Lisbon: You sure?
Jane: Yeah I’m gonna get a cab. I’ll see you tomorrow, Lis.


Jane is sleeping on the couch in Lisbon’s office

Lisbon: Jane.
(He wakes up)

Lisbon: What’s going on?
Jane: Well, I have a little hangover, if you must know.
Lisbon: Why did you burn your Red John files?
Jane: … Because he’s right.  It’s time to give up.
Wainwright: Seriously?
Lisbon: What do you mean?

Jane: Well, nothing’s working.  Nothing.  It’s just a game and he keeps winning.  The only way for me to stop him is if I stop playing.
Lisbon: Meaning what?
Jane: Meaning I put it behind me.  I move on.


Lisbon: That’s a big change, Jane.
Jane: But change is good, isn’t it?
Lisbon: So, are you leaving the CBI?
Jane: No, of course not.  What would I do for amusement?  Speaking of which, isn’t there some person or something we should be investigating or such?
Lisbon: We’re supposed to talk to the victim’s fiancee.
Jane: Okay. Let’s go.
Wainwright: Jane, I strongly recommend that you talk to one of our counselors about what happened.  I think it could help you.
Jane: Luther, there’s no time.  I got perps to break.


At the cemetery where Jane has locked the suspect, Marks, in a coffin

Lisbon: Hey.
Jane: Morning, Lisbon.
Lisbon: Got your message.  What are you doing here?
Jane: Resting.  I solved the case.
Lisbon: Really?

Jane: Yes.  Benjamin Marks stole the money, killed Castro and pinned the theft on him.
Lisbon: How do you know that?
Jane: He’s gonna confess.

Lisbon: Gonna confess?
Jane: Mmm. Very soon, I think.
Lisbon: Where is he?
Jane: Er… (shows her the baby monitor) He’s here.  Oh, sorry. (he turns the volume up).

Marks: Somebody help me! Jane, help me, please!
Jane: Really, he does go on.
Lisbon: You locked him in a coffin?
Jane: Yeah, give him a taste of his own medicine.
Lisbon: Where is he? How long has he been in there? We have to get him out. He’ll die!
Jane: Not ’til he confesses.
Lisbon: Jane you can’t do this.
Jane: Sure I can. Watch this. (he takes the baby monitor)

Marks: Jane!
Jane: Marks, you hear me?
Marks: Jane, help me please!  Please, I can’t breathe.
Jane: No problem, just admit to killing Castro… Marks?
Marks: No!
Jane. Okay. Die!
Lisbon: Jane, tell me where he is! I mean it!
Jane: Marks, you changed your mind?
Marks: Oh God. Oh God. Jane!
Jane: Okay, I’m gonna walk away from here and no one will ever find you.
Marks: Yes! Yes yes! I did it! I killed Antonio.
Jane: You locked him in that box and you left him to die.
Marks: I did. Please get me out of here.
Jane: You must have kept a trophy. Where is it?
(They talk details)
Jane: There you go. He’s over by that tree.
Lisbon: (Runs to where he indicated while calling an ambulance.) God, Jane!!

(They stay while the ambulance takes Marks)

Lisbon: Cho said they found the keyring in the exact place Marks said it would be… Let’s go see Wainwright.  Come on.


When Wainwright is lecturing Jane, Lisbon defends him

Lisbon: Jane is under a tremendous amount of stress.
Jane: I’m fine, thank you.


Wainwright fires Jane

Wainwright: On second thought, you’re not suspended.  You’re fired.  Get out of here right now.
(Jane leaves the bullpen.  Lisbon follows him)

Lisbon: Jane… Jane, don’t do anything rash.  We can work this out, we’ll fix it.
Jane: I doubt that.
Lisbon: I’ll come by your place tonight.  We’ll talk it out, okay?
Jane: You’re sweet.
Lisbon: Let me help you.

(The elevator doors close between them)


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