The Mentalist “The Crimson Hat” 4×24

Ep: 4×24 The Crimson Hat
Reviewed by: csiAngel and _useyourwords_
Ship rating: 10/10!!

As this episode opens, we find Jane in Las Vegas, six months after the events of the previous episode.  He is bonding with a woman at a bar when a guy from whom he conned money approaches him.  Jane flees but they catch up with him, beating him up.  The police arrive, but Jane punches one of them and is arrested.

Back in Sacramento, Lisbon and the team learn of Jane’s arrest while at their latest crime scene.  The team are concerned that they should help him.  Lisbon says she offered him help and he ignored her; he needs to hit rock bottom and realise it.  But when she walks away, we see she is just as worried.

Jane is released from jail because someone pays his bail.  Naturally, he assumes it was Lisbon. Aww.  While Lisbon herself sits looking at her phone, pondering calling him.  Aww.  Until Van Pelt comes with information for their case and she must get back to work.

The woman from the bar – Lorelei – turns up at Jane’s motel and tells him she paid his bail.  She thought they had a connection.  They spend time talking, and later kiss.  Meanwhile Lisbon walks alone along the river, looking sad.

The next morning, Lorelei tells Jane that she works for Red John!! And that Red John wants to offer Jane a new life.  Though Jane looks shocked when she tells him this, after she leaves, Jane looks pleased. (Simon Baker is just so good!)

We learn that Lisbon has taken some personal time.  She goes to a church where Jane appears, having followed her.  He tells her his breakdown is faked to lure Red John into a trap.  She admits she hasn’t been sleeping, and is obviously hurt he didn’t tell her what was really going on.  He looks genuinely sorry for that.   He asks for her help, but tells her that no one must know they’ve seen each other.

Later, Lorelei tells Jane that to prove to Red John that he has had a change of heart, he must bring him a gift – Teresa Lisbon’s dead body!  Jane is horrified, but she insists that is the only thing that would suffice.

Jane goes to the CBI headquarters.  He looks for Lisbon in her office, but she isn’t there.  He has a brief “hi, how are you?” conversation with the others then Lisbon returns.  She leads him into her office and he immediately hugs her! Aww.  Then he pulls a gun as he wishes her luck and TELLS HER HE LOVES HER.  Then shots are fired.

CBI personnel running to investigate find Cho and Van Pelt over a dead body that they say is Rigsby.  They say that Jane took Lisbon with him.  Lorelei watches a news story about this.

In a warehouse in Vegas, Jane, Lisbon and Rigsby are setting up for their plan.  Rigsby goes out for food and Lisbon shyly asks Jane about what he said before he “shot” her. (She’s so adorable!)  While Jane claims not to remember what he said, there is a twinkle in his eyes; a smirk on his lips: He knows!! He deflects and Lisbon goes along with it.  Then Lorelei phones with instructions about where to meet Red John and tells Jane just to bring Lisbon’s head!

In a nice team scene – Cho and Van Pelt have now joined them – Jane thanks them all for helping him.  They insist they’re helping Lisbon and she’s helping him. Aww. They’re cross at him too.  And off they go to catch Red John.

Meanwhile, Agent Darcy figures out that Lisbon and Rigsby are not dead and sticks her oar in, scuppering the plan! Ugh.  Jane is taken to a car, supposedly with Red John in the back, and the others are all set to follow.  Lorelei reveals that she knows Jane hasn’t really brought Lisbon’s head and the muscle with her beats him up again.  Darcy intercepts the others before they can come to Jane’s assistance.  Lisbon pleads with her to listen as Jane is in danger.  Jane has a chat with Red John (that guy has a freaky voice!), seen only as a silhouette in the rearview mirror and he instructs Lorelei to cut of Jane’s finger!  Luckily, Darcy believes Lisbon and the arrival of the FBI interrupts before Lorelei draws blood.  The FBI shoots out the driver as the car tries to escape. They arrest Lorelei, and open the back door to reveal Wainwright, tied up, covered in blood, Red John’s voice having come through a phone attached to him.

Jane collapses to a pile of sand at the side of the road.  Lisbon joins him here, and he takes hold of her hand. Squee!

Later, interviewing Lorelei, the woman takes great pleasure in telling Lisbon that she and Jane were lovers. Lisbon looks surprised, hurt and confused.  Jane just ignores her mutterings, assuring her that she is going to tell them everything she knows about Red John. She disputes that, but Jane very deliberately places his hands on her shoulders and kisses her head.  Then he exits, leaving a very intrigued looking Lisbon.

And there ends the season! Thank goodness it wasn’t more of a cliffhanger! We couldn’t have coped with that!

Shipworthy Scenes

Lisbon thinks about calling Jane. :(


Lisbon, all sad looking, walking alone, thinking of Jane.


In church

(Lisbon is praying)
Jane: This is God. What is it now? (He sits up in the row behind her)
Lisbon: You scared the life out of me!
Jane: I crawled all the way on my hands and knees from that door.  But it was worth it!

Lisbon: What are you doing here?
Jane: It’s good to see you. How’ve you been?

Lisbon: Worried sick is how I’ve been and now you pop in here like some sort of a lunatic playing games, asking me how I’ve been… Shame on you!
Jane: Stay calm, okay? It’s important that no one sees us together.
Lisbon: Why not?
Jane: I’m faking my break down. It’s a ruse to trap Red John.
Lisbon: You son of a bitch.  You son of a bitch.
Jane: Okay, we are in a church.

Lisbon: Wait, so how does faking a break down – if that’s what you’re really doing, because it looks pretty real to me – how does that help trap Red John?
Jane: What does Red John want from me? What did he send that little girl to ask me?
Lisbon: Do you give up?
Jane: Exactly.  And I do give up.  I quit; I burn the Red John files; I freak out at the boss; I admit defeat and I sink into a terrible depression.
Lisbon: Brilliant, you did that part great. Now what?
Jane: Why doesn’t he just kill me? Because it’s too easy.  He wants to turn me.  He wants to make me his disciple.  So I admit defeat and then he reaches out to start a conversation.
Lisbon: That’s all supposition.  He’s not gonna —
Jane: He already has reached out.  He sent me a message: I need to start a new life.  And he can help me.
Lisbon: Help you? He wants to help you?
Jane: Yeah.
Lisbon: What are you gonna do?
Jane: Well, I’m gonna take him up on his offer.  I’m in a lot of real trouble.  I do need a new life.
Lisbon: Yes, you do.
Jane: That’s what makes the gag work.
Lisbon: Then what?
Jane: Well, I don’t know.  I let him lead.  That’s the beauty of it.  He thinks I’m the fish and he’s the fisherman.
Lisbon: Unless he sees the truth.
Jane: I am giving him his heart’s desire.  He will see what he wants to see.
Lisbon: Or not.
Jane: Fooled you, I can fool him.
Lisbon: Yeah, you fooled me all right. Well done.
Jane: Yeah, well, I’m sorry.
Lisbon: I tried calling.  I tried calling you hundreds of times, begging you to talk to me; begging you to get help.  Not a reply; not a word; not a text.

Jane: Sorry.

Lisbon: You know what, I have not been sleeping, I’ve been — Forget it.  Never mind.  You know, you’re a jerk and your plan, it’s stupid.  It’s not even a plan.
Jane: But you will help me.
Lisbon: What am I supposed to say? No? God, you’re despicable!
Jane: (hands her a phone) Take this. It’s clean.  I’ll call you on it when the time comes.  In the mean time, do not contact me; do not let anyone from CBI contact me. And don’t tell anyone the truth.  Not a soul.

Lisbon: I cannot believe you didn’t tell me you were doing this.  That you couldn’t trust me with a secret like that.  We’re supposed to be partners. God knows I am happy you’re back; it is a huge relief, but what you did, frankly was a betrayal… (she realises he has gone) God, I hate you, Jane! I hate you!


Jane goes to the CBI to “kill” Lisbon

Lisbon: Jane?
Jane: There you are.

(She leads him into her office. Inside, he hugs her, then he drops back and steps away)

 Jane: Good luck, Teresa. (he takes a gun from his pocket) Love you.


Lisbon asks Jane about what he said before he “shot” her

Lisbon: So where’d you find this place?
Jane: The owner owes me poker money he’ll never pay back.
Lisbon: Oh… So, that thing you said before you shot me. What did you mean?
Jane: What did I say?  I was kinda hyped up.
Lisbon: Oh boy, me too.  I thought at any moment we were gonna get found out.
(Jane’s phone rings. Grr.)


Lisbon sits beside Jane on his mound of sand

Lisbon: Are you all right?
Jane: Yeah I’m fine.  Never better.
(He takes hold of her hand. Awww.)


Interviewing Lorelei

Lisbon: I’m very happy to meet you, Lorelei.  We rarely get the chance to talk to someone who knows Red John so well.
Lorelei: Good to meet you too.  I’ve heard so much about you…  We were lovers, him and me.  Did he tell you that?
…  (off Lisbon’s look) No?  Why not, lover?  Are you ashamed of me?  Did we do something bad?
Jane: I know it’s hard to believe now, but you’re gonna talk to us.  You’re gonna break down and you’re gonna tell us everything you know about Red John; you’re gonna sing like a bird.
Lorelei: No, lover, I won’t.
Jane: Yes you will. (Kisses her head) Yes you will.
(Lisbon is intrigued.  Jane leaves.)

THE END! Roll on season 5!

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