Lie to me* “The Core of It” 2×01

The Core of It 2×01
Reviewed by: useyourwords
Ship Rating: 4/10

Foster wears a freaking sexy pink dress in this episode. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say a bit more…

The main case this week is about a 29 year old female named Tricia/Sophie/Jesse/RJ, played by Erika Christianson, with dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder). Tricia, the law student, seeks Lightman out at a book signing to ask for his help because she had a “psychic vision” about a murder and nobody else believes her.

Gillian uses her mad skillz to hypnotize Jesse, the prostitute, in order to find out more about the various personalities. (Umm….Gillian….you can hypnotize me any time!) RJ, the protector, is discovered while under hypnosis and when she is snapped out of it, Sophie, the core personality, is revealed. (Are you confused yet?)

Cal attacks Sophie in order to get RJ to come out so he can convince RJ to show Sophie what he witnessed. It all works out and they find and arrest the murderer.

Also, Cal tries to give Gillian a bottle of champagne to celebrate her newly divorced status. (I would also be celebrating the demise of Gillian’s marriage to #alecfosterspants with some champagne!)

A side story worth mentioning…Zoe tells Cal that she is moving to Chicago to start a law firm with “Grabby-hands” (Cal’s words, not Zoe’s) so Cal takes out a loan to buy Zoe out in order to keep Emily near him. Gillian is not pleased!

Ria is assigned to find out if a Supreme Court nominee has any skeletons in his closet. She does quite well on her own and there is some cute Cal/Ria mentoring that takes place. If you ship Cal/Ria, you’d probably like to check this episode out.

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian is walking down the Lightman Group hallway and Cal comes by and drags her off the other direction.

Cal: Hey.
Gillian: Hey. Woo. Where’re we going?
Cal: Surprise. Oh, divorce present. (He hands her a bottle of champagne with a red ribbon tied around it.)
Gillian: I wasn’t planning to toast the demise of my marriage, but thanks.  (She hands the bottle to a girl who walks by.)
Cal: How you feeling?
Gillian: Horrible. Depressed. Like a loser.
(Cal reads her face)
Cal: You’re happy.
Gillian: I’m not happy. I’m devastated. (Cal totally doesn’t believe her…look at that smile)
Cal and Gillian walk into the lab.
Cal: Tricia Howe. She’s a Georgetown Law student, and she claims she had a psychic vision of a murder.
Gillian: I understand the scientist in you sees every day as an opportunity to discover something new and wonderful about the brain, but come on. You don’t believe in psychics.
Cal: Well, as of now, I’m Switzerland.
Gillian: Plus our plate it too full for this. We have a potential Supreme Court nominee to vet.
Cal: Well, I do believe there’s a scientific explanation for what she saw.
Cal and Gillian enter the interrogation room where Tricia Howe (Erika Christianson) is sitting.
Cal: K, uh, Tricia Howe, this is Gillian Foster.  Why don’t you tell Foster, here, about your vision?
Gillian and Tricia talk for a bit.
Gillian: (to Tricia) Can you excuse us for just one moment?
Gillian and Cal exit the interrogation room into the lab.
Cal: That was a smooth exit line. Very professional.
Gillian: This is a matter for the police…or a magic eight ball.
Cal: Right, these are the options. One…Tricia’s ill. Two…she actually is a psychic. Three…she witnessed a murder and no one believes her. In any of these cases she needs our help, right?
Gillian: Agent Reynolds is waiting with Judge Simon.
Cal: Potential Supreme Court nominee?
Gillian: Mmhmm.
Cal: Right.

Cal, Gillian and Eli are watching a video of Tricia in the cube.

Gillian: The camera. The strange white room. She’s afraid.
Eli: And we’re about to get funky. This is from 4 hours ago. Right before she ran out of here.
Cal: Shoulders back, chest out. Totally different posture, right?
Gillian: Totally different girl.
Eli: Hello, hair.
Cal: Tricia walked into that room and Jesse walked out.
Eli: Yeah, for funsies I had hooker Jesse right down her coffee order and I compared that to law student Tricia’s account of her so-called vision. Night & day. These two documents indicate two fundamentally different personalities.
Cal: Tricia’s got it. It’s multiple personality disorder.
Eli: The holy grail of psychiatry.
Cal: This is your divorce present. (I love that Cal keeps giving Gillian divorce presents!)
Gillian: It’s dissociative identity disorder and it’’’s more plausible than psychic phenomenon, but just barely. Of course, if it is D.I.D., there’s empirical evidence of explicit memory transfer in such cases. I mean, she could’ve…she could’ve perceived that as a vision.
Eli: So, her alter witnessed a murder.
Gillian: Or committed a murder.
Cal: No. No, this girl didn’t hurt anyone. If she had, her other personalities would never let her come to me, right?
Gillian: Jesse probably isn’t the only alter.
Cal: Right. (Cal smiles adorably and goes into the cube to talk to Jesse)

There are a few scenes without any shippy dialogue but here are some pics:

Gillian is waiting for Cal in the hallway of TLG wearing a sexy pink dress.

Gillian: Good morning.
Cal: (regarding news on the TV) I hope you made the right choice.
Gillian: I got a call from the bank. First thing. They thought I should know that the Lightman Group’s loan has been approved and the ownership shares have been transferred.
Cal: Yeah, I know. I bought Zoe out.
Gillian: Did you consider telling me, your partner, about this before you did it?
Cal: Zoe was going to take Emily so I had to…
Gillian: Jeopardize the financial future of this company?
Cal: That’s a bit dramatic, isn’t it?
Gillian: You know, I…I lied earlier. When I said I was devastated about the divorce? I’m not. You know, for the first time in five years, when I get dressed in the morning, I don’t automatically reach for black or brown or navy blue. I’m wearing pink today, Cal. Pink! Because I like pink. It makes me happy which is something that I have not been for a very long time. I’m divorced and I’m free and I’m happy. And if you do something to screw that up…
Cal: I won’t. I promise, I won’t. You know, push comes to shove, I could always go to Vegas, make the money back.
Cal walks away.
Gillian: Wha…don’t even joke about that. Cal? Promise me you’ll never go back to Vegas!

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