Lie to Me “Pied Piper” 2×19

Ep: 2×19 Pied Piper
Reviewed by: useyourwords and csiAngel
Ship rating: 5/10

This episode finds Cal questioning whether he made the correct call on a case from his past. When he throws himself into finding out the truth, Zoe approaches Gillian to ask for her help reaching out to Cal, and admits she thinks Gillian is the only one who has ever been able to reach him.

Gillian, of course, is already supporting Cal as much as that headstrong, stubborn man will let her. We see her concern for Cal combined with her fear that maybe he did make a mistake, and her worry that he may not be able to handle that.  She offers to take the lead if he wants her to.

Cal, naturally, brushes off her concern and proceeds with his investigation.  With the FBI unsure whether Cal should be involved, he is instructed to back off.  Being Cal, he checks himself into a mental hospital to gain access to a crucial witness.  The fun comes when he can’t get out!

Cal in the loony bin

With the FBI backing off from their involvement with the Lightman Group and the brother of the man from Cal’s original case threatening to sue the company, Loker and Torres begin to question how secure their jobs are.

When their bad guy seems to be targeting Emily, Cal finally allows Zoe to help go through information from the original case.  And, ultimately, the mystery is solved.

Cal's head bandaged

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian offers to take the lead, and you can see she is worried about Cal.

Gillian and Cal in the car

(dialogue from the episode)

Gillian: I could do this alone, if you’d prefer.
Cal: You think I got the wrong person 17 years ago, don’t you?
Gillian: Yes. I think you could’ve made a mistake. So do you. Zoe was a young prosecutor, eager to get a conviction and you wanted to help her. You still do.
Cal: Do you charge by the hour for this?
Gillian: Classic deflection. Classic Cal Lightman.
Cal: No look, I saw a man executed last night.
Gillian: Go on.
Cal: Well, I saw something on his face that I’ve never seen before.
Gillian: What did you see then?
Cal: Um, well, I don’t really know what it was.
Gillian: But you need to follow it to the ends of the earth no matter what, knowing you.
Cal: Right. Come on then.

Zoe asks Gillian for help reaching out to Cal.

(dialogue from the episode)

Gillian: Zoe! Uh, Cal’s not here.
Zoe: Um, actually I came to talk to you. I’m worried about Cal.
Gillian: He seems to be handling things in his own unique way.
Zoe: He won’t even speak to me about the case. He won’t even return my phone calls. I was hoping you could talk to him, Gillian. You were the only one who could always get through.
Gillian: That’s funny. I always thought that about you. The truth is, there’s probably only one person that can reach him.

Gillian makes sure that Cal knows she’s there for him.

Gillian and Cal in the corridor

(dialogue from the episode)

Gillian: You okay?
Cal: Yeah, I’m fantastic.
Gillian: I’m here if you need me. You know that, right?
Cal: I know that, love.

And it looks like Cal grabs Gillian’s hand but the camera is in too tight to see for sure. Booooo!


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