Lie to me* “Black Friday” 2×07

Ep: 2×07 Black Friday
Reviewed by: 3rdrocker, useyourwords & csiAngel
Ship rating: 9/10

Gillian is at Cal’s house, drinking wine, helping Emily with her homework and giggling at Cal’s rather fetching apron. And that is exactly where she is supposed to be. Like this. FOREVER!

But, that is not the end of the episode.  A teenager, Max, turns up asking to hire The Lightman Group because he thinks that he is a child who was went missing years ago.  Their investigation reveals that, in fact, the missing boy is already dead, but that Max was illegally adopted.

Gillian and Cal go all ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ and try to keep the police and FBI out of it – helped by the fact that Reynolds is out of town.  However, their use of Reynold’s ID to access information on the FBI system alerts him to their antics.

They find Max’s natural father, and establish that Max was taken by a former convict who also killed Max’s mother and shot his father – who was a parole officer.  They reunite Max and his father, and eventually, Max’s adoptive parents and real father all get together.

Meanwhile, Loker and Torres work the case of a crowd stampede out side a department store.  When he discovers their clients were the ones to blame, he turns down their money in favour of the truth.

In the course of their case, Gillian lies to Emily so that Cal won’t have to, and Emily is not impressed that they use her like that.  However, she forgives them and they all live happily ever after.

What? They should do.

Okay, so they’re all happy at the end of the episode! And when Emily says they should invite Max to Thanksgiving next year, Gillian says “He’ll fit right in with us.” Yes, that’s right: us!!!

Shipworthy Scenes:

Cal, Emily, Gillian, post-Thanksgiving scene

Gillian:  Did calculus get harder since we took it?
Cal:  That’s what I said.
Emily:  That’s alright. I’ll just figure it out myself. I mean, you’d think with the intellectual stock I come from though.
Gillian:  Apples always fall farther from the tree than you think.
Cal:  Well, there’s something to be grateful for, right, Em?
Gillian:  How was Thanksgiving?
Emily:  Um, you know, dad lectured…
Cal:  I did not lecture.
Emily:  Mom fretted.
Cal:  I didn’t lecture!
Gillian:  (chuckles)
Emily:  So much to be thankful for.
(doorbell rings; Emily goes to answer)
Emily:  I mean, don’t you think I’m getting a little old for make believe family holidays?
Cal:  Well, that’s how your mum likes it, love.
Gillian:  (giggles) You’re a little odd.
Cal:  Why?
Gillian:  The apron.
Cal:  I think it’s becoming.
Gillian:  (chuckles, raises eyebrows)

— —

Cal & Gillian walking down hallway

Gillian:  If he really is James Knox, he’s in a very difficult spot, psychologically. We need to handle this carefully.
Cal:  Well don’t we always?
Gillian:  I can’t believe you took his money.
Cal:  Well, he wanted me to take him serious, now. I am.

— —

Cal & Gillian post-interview w/parents

Cal:  Where’s Reynolds?
Gillian:  Still in South Carolina.
Cal:  Well, that’s one problem solved. The other ones are cops.
Gillian:  We can’t call them. If the cops or press or FBI get wind that someone who may be James Knox has surfaced, I mean, the vultures will pick Max to pieces. We have to protect him, and we have to talk to the Knoxes.
(Cal smiles at Gillian)

Gillian:  What?
Cal:  Finally got you thinking like a criminal. Wonders will never cease.
Gillian:  If this thing goes south, you’re putting up my bail.
(Cal smiles & checks Gillian out as she walks away)

— —

Reynolds questions Cal & Gillian about Max & they cover for each other

Gillian:  Of course Max says he’s fine. He’s a 16 year old boy.
Cal:  Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to coddle him, does it? I mean, a hard truth in the long run is far better for you than a soft lie.
Gillian:  We are talking about a child.
(Ben walks up from behind them)

Ben:  And what child are we talking about?
Cal:  Emily. Foster here disapproves of my parenting techniques, which I think is a bit of a cheek, don’t you?
Ben:  Oh, so you’re not actually talking about, let’s say, I don’t know, an adolescent boy.
Cal:  No. Should we be? You?
Gillian:  No.
Cal:  No.

Ben:  Hm. Then maybe you two can explain something to me.
Cal:  Alright, I’ll do my level best.
Ben:  Alright, well try to picture this. I’m at Hilton Head, 8th hole, 2 under par, best game of my life. Then all of a sudden, I get this call from my FBI supervisor, wondering if my interest in 16 year old boys is business or purely recreational.
Cal:  And which is it?
Ben:  Well see, yeah, that’s what I’m hoping that you can help me with, because it seems like somebody here in DC used my personal ID number and password to access an FBI database. But when I’m not actually in DC, that sets off alarms, so can either of you tell me who I should blame for ruining my vacation?
(Gillian shakes her head absentmindedly)

Cal:  Loker?

— —

Ben & Gillian driving up to the Roland’s house to arrest them

Ben:  You know, I go away for one weekend, and you two start acting like Bonnie and Clyde. You’re doing Christmas with me.
Gillian:  No one needed to convince me that bringing the authorities into this case was a bad idea.
Ben:  Yeah, if you would’ve come talked to me first, I could’ve helped avoid all of this then.
Gillian:  Any chance that can happen now?

— —

Cal watching footage of Max & Emily chatting at table

Cal:  What did Reynolds say about Max?
Gillian:  There’s still no sign of him.
Cal:  If he’s on the run, first person I’d want to talk to is Emily.
Gillian:  Bad boy fixated in finding the truth. She probably feels like she’s known him her whole life.

— —

Cal & Gillian confront Emily in break room

(Cal takes a phone call)
Gillian:  They found Max’s biological parents. They’re bringing them in.
Emily:  Oh, that’s great. I mean, that’s great, right?
Gillian:  Well, Max is gone though, and the state he was in when he ran, I mean, he could be about to do something that could ruin his entire future.
(Cal taps Gillian on the arm)

Cal:  I need you.
(Cal & Gillian leave & watch Emily take off)

Cal:  She knows where Max is. (over Gillian’s shoulder) Hey. Thanks for that.
Gillian:  What, for lying to Emily?
Cal:  Yeah. So I wouldn’t have to.
(I really thought they were going to kiss in this scene. And I swear, Cal was trying to smell Gillian’s hair!)

— —

Ria & Loker, before heading out to celebrate for closing the crowd mob case

Eli:  Hey, I got us the last table at Marcelli’s, 8 o’clock. We’re going big.
Ria:  I’ll pass.
Eli:  Lightman buying dinner is unprecedented.
Ria:  These families deserve to know why their loved ones died in a parking lot, Loker.
Eli:  Look, we know what happened. Some customers blindly followed when Ken pushed forward. The others didn’t wanna be displaced. Either way, Ken was the stimulus.
Ria:  How did his daughter break her arm?
Eli:  I’ve been through the tapes dozens of times, before the stampede and after. There’s no evidence.
Ria:  Then have a nice dinner.

— —

Cal & Gillian with Max after meeting his father for the first time

Gillian:  Max, we care about you.
Max:  I’m not your kid. Okay, if you want a kid, go have one of your own.
Cal:  You wanna lash out? Do you? Well go on then. Give your best shot. Go on then.

— —

Cal, Gillian and Emily after seeing Max off to his father & adopted parents

Cal:  Helluva rabbit hole.
Gillian:  We made it.
(Max & family head into house)
Gillian:  So, have you forgiven us?
Emily:  I guess. Have you?
Cal:  Well, you were protecting a friend, right, so you are your father’s daughter.
Emily:  Well, I know a little bit about how crazy families can be. You think he’ll be alright?
Cal:  Don’t know. Hope so.
Emily:  Well, then maybe we should invite him to Thanksgiving next year.
Gillian:  He’d fit right in with us.
Emily:  Yeah.
Gillian:  (chuckles)

— —

Shipworthy pictures:


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