Lie to me “Sweet Sixteen” 2×12

Episode: Sweet Sixteen 2×12
Reviewed by: PuddingLoversAnon
Special thanks to Maggie for the dialogue transcription!
Ship Rating: 10/10 :D

This episode starts off seven years in the past when a man’s wife and daughter were murdered in Boston. His name is Jimmy Doyle and he is considered a terrorist. Cal defines him as a dangerous man but he also feels responsible for the murders, because he could’ve prevented them and he decides to go public.

As a result of this he is sent to the departments psychologist at the Pentagon, Gillian Foster. She’s assigned to evaluate Cal and to keep him quiet. Either she does this or his family are under threat. Gillian can’t tell Cal and it’s the only lie she has ever told him.

Doyle comes back to find out who the real killer is, since he knows that the killers they supposedly caught were a cover-up. He talks to Cal’s ex-boss and a lawyer who is also involved in the cover-up story. Both of them get murdered with explosives. Everybody thinks that Doyle that is behind these attacks and Doyle finds Cal because he wants his help to reveal the truth.

Ok, enough boring case stuff, in the end they clear Doyle’s name and catch the person who murdered his family and he showed genuine sorrow for doing so.
(Wow, I’m proud of myself. Look at all the plot stuff I wrote when there are so many more important parts. ;) )

Shipworthy Scenes (yeeeah. :D)

So, I just wanted to put these screencaps in because it’s one of my favourites parts. :D

Cal and Gillian first meet. (So what if they’re both married? ;))

Gillian: Dr. Lightman.
Cal: Dr. Foster…
Gillian: It’s nice to meet you. They shake hands.
Cal: How do you do?.
Cal: Apparently, my job here depends on my meeting with you. So did they tell you all about me then? Did they also tell you why they sent me? So you could officially diagnose me as broken… in the head? No longer reliable. Not to be taken seriously.
Gillian: I’m here to help you, Dr. Lightman. Not judge you or, or rubberstamp anyone’s attempts
to discredit you or your science. Which, by the way, happens to be of great interest to me.
Cal: Oh yeah? Is this session being recorded?
Gillian: This office is for therapy and counseling only. I would not tolerate any recording what is said in here…

Gillian pleads with Cal not to go digging into the past.

Gillian: You know I had no idea our sessions were being recorded back then…
Cal: Look, since we’re so close that makes you, scientifically speaking of course, my blindspot
which you well know.
Gillian: Meaning you don’t believe me.
Cal: I didn’t say that! Did I say that?
Gillian: Emotionally you want to believe me, scientifically you can’t be sure! Please. Don’t go after those tapes. It’s not worth it. Don’t go to that stadium.
Cal: What’s not worth it?
Gillian: You have no idea what’s behind this or what this is really about.
Cal: Do you know who’s behind this?
Gillian; Drop it, Cal. I’m not doing this.
Cal: Look, no one knows I’m doing this, you understand? No one.

Gillian: What’s this? (points to Doyle in the cube)
Cal: This, is Jimmy Doyle
Gillian: I know who he is…
Cal: He’s no threat to us unless I fail to do right by him
Gillian: Do right by him?
Gillian: Who did that to your face? (extremely concerned)
Cal deflects by saying: When we first met at the pentagon who did you report to?
Gillian: Andrews. You know that (getting frustrated)
Cal: Who else?
Gillian: No one else.
Cal: Who did Andrews report to?
Gillian: He never told me
Cal stares intently at her saying: This is really important.
Gillian: I can see that, but I don’t have an answer for you. Are you going to tell me what that man
is doing here?
Cal: Well, this is our one chance to right a huge wrong that we both played a part in
Gillian: You are not to blame for the murders of that man’s family, Cal.
Cal: I’m not talking about murders. Actually I’m talking about the cover up, afterwards. I
mean me, that’s one thing, but you? You’re way better than that which is something that’s been
bothering me for a long time. Now, you know, whatever it is that you’re hiding from me, I
forgive you.
Gillian: I have never hidden anything from you, Cal. Let it go.
(staring intently at each other)
Cal: Why don’t you ask Doyle about Andrews because I’ve always valued your opinion.

Cal jumps on Gillian, just because he wanted to. (Oh, wait, there was a bomb or something too… Whatever… ;)) And then pulls her away by the hand. *sigh* :’)

Gillian: Cal, you ok?
Cal: Yeh….
(Cal has a flashback which we will skip for the purpose of the squees)
Cal (pushing himself off her): Bloody hell! That’s all we need (to the kid with the camera phone)
Gillian: Oh yeh, no… no I’m good (sarcastically).. I’m good… I can help myself up. Oh…
Doyle: You two are quite the pair, aren’t you?

Gillian tells Cal the truth. They hug. Life is complete.

Cal: So were you ever going to tell me?
Gillian (sighing): He came to me. In the middle of the night. Before our first session. Not to my
office, to my house. My house. I had never seen him before and I never saw him again. He told me to do what I had to do to keep you quiet or Doyle wouldn’t be the only man to lose his wife and daughter. If I told you that it would have been proof positive of a cover-up and you would have never let go. So…. (she walks towards him) I couldn’t let you do that. To you. Your family. You’d never have gotten to blow the whistle. He would have cut you down before you put it to your lips.
Cal: So all that talk… about you being a bad liar, that’s just an act… like that’s a lie….
Gillian: Depends on the lie…

*cue squeeing*
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