Eureka “The Ex Files” 4×08

Ep: 4×08 “The Ex Files”
Reviewed by: csiAngel
Ship rating: 10/10

Grace and Henry are using an adapted version of the interface Grace created for PTSD therapy, to share memories across the timelines.  When there is a power surge at a barbecue at which Jack, Allison, Jo, Fargo and Grant are guests, they all begin to hallucinate people from their pasts.  Grace explains that they must have created that person for a reason, and they need to work through their unresolved issues before the visions will go away.

Jack is hallucinating Nathan, due to his insecurities about living up to the previous man in Allison’s life.  And Allison is seeing Tess – who was there when Allison lost the other men that she loved.  She’s scared that the same is going to happen with Jack.

As they all try to figure out what caused a bridge, and Jack’s jeep, to suddenly collapse, Jack and Allison deal with having Nathan and Tess “following” them around – making for some entertaining moments, particularly between Jack and Nathan (Incidentally, I do miss Nathan…).  And Jo is hallucinating her Zane, Fargo sees a girl who used to tease him when he was little, and Grant sees the guy Allison saved with jumper cables back in 1947 (who is Beverly Barlowe’s father) – although he claims to see a tall blonde in a skimpy red dress: spot the allusion to Battlestar Galactica :D

Meanwhile, Beverly (the twist from the last ep that I mentioned: You’ll be confused if you didn’t watch it as I advised) tells Grant that they need his help to get Eureka back to what it was supposed to be, and away from manufacturing weapons for the military.

Eventually Jack and Allison figure out that someone planted a device to cause the resonance events to distract everyone and throw blame onto the DED device GD is working on for the DoD (acronym, anyone?).  A device that General Mansfield has ordered be transported elsewhere – and is ambushed and stolen.  Zane is framed for being the leak, and Grant confronts Beverly about her not telling him the truth.  Oh, and Beverly tells Grant they’ve rebuilt the bridge device (that sent Jack and the others back to 1947) and they’re going to send him home.

Anyway, back to the important shippy stuff… Jack and Allison finally talk and she tells him she’s scared, and he tells her that HE IS HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH HER AND HAS BEEN SINCE THE DAY THEY MET!!!!! (And we agree with Tess and Nathan when they remark: “About time” and “No kidding”!!).

And then Allison turns down dinner, in favour of breakfast.  ’Nuff said.

Shipworthy scenes

In the infirmary, after Jack asks about Fargo.

Jack: I could do that.  Or I could stay here and ask you out.
Allison: I’ll have to think about that.
Jack: Okay.
(His phone rings and he has a brief conversation with Andy before hanging up)
Jack: Problem at the Da Vinci bridge, I gotta…  See you later.
Allison: Yes you will.

After a tremor at Henry’s causes roof beams to fall.

Jack: Oh. Hey…Are you okay?
Allison: Yeah it’s just an abrasion.  I’m fine.
Nathan: Yeah you are.
Jack: (to Nathan) Easy tiger.
Allison: Carter, the hallucinations are just heightened versions of the people that we remember. They’re just giving voice to our own fears.
Jack: I’m not scared of Stark… I mean as annoying as he is, it’s good to see him.
Allison: But it makes sense that you would be seeing him given that you and I are…
Jack: Oh is that why you’re seeing Tess?
Tess: Oh go ahead, Al, tell him.  Tell him that I was there both times that you lost the man that you love, and you’re afraid the same thing’s gonna happen to him.
Allison: (To Jack) Yeah, it’s the same.
Tess: Chicken.

Jack and Allison are trying to find the device that is causing the resonance events.

Allison: It works like a metal detector except that it detects frequencies not metal.
Jack: Yeah, got it.  So, it still beeps loudly though when we get close, right?
Allison: Well, er…
Tess: I can’t believe you find this endearing.
Allison: What makes you think the oscillator’s out here anyway?
Jack: Well, I, erm… Occam’s Razor. ‘Cos the… the events started here… What? Did it…
Allison: Nothing it’s just, erm…
Jack: Ah, you likey the science talk.
Allison: (smiling) A little bit.
(Both laugh)
Nathan: I likey to barf.
Jack: (to Nathan) Okay… Go over there.

They are getting strong readings from the detecting thingy.

Jack: How’s that possible? It’s all around us.
Allison: Quartz, it’s amplifying the signal, it could be coming from anywhere.
Jack: Oh fantastic.
Nathan: (puts his arm round Jack’s shoulders) We should probably take this time to talk about our feelings.  I’ll go first.
Jack: (shrugs his arm away) Oh please don’t.
Allison: Carter, he’s not really there.
Jack: Yeah.
(Nathan laughs and moves a few feet away)
Jack: I’m just gonna… go over here. (moves to where Nathan is)
Nathan: Come on, Carter, come take a load off.
Tess: (to Allison) He knows you’re scared, so why can’t you admit it to yourself?
Nathan: (to Jack) Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.  Just another day in Eureka.
Jack: Yeah.


At Jack’s house.  Allison has just been talking to Zoe about Zane, when Jack comes home. He thinks he should follow Zoe, Allison assures him it’ll be fine. They sit down.

Nathan: Where we going? Dinner? Movie? Maybe a quiet night in?
Jack: No.
Nathan: That no to the movie?
Jack: We’re not doing this right now.
Tess: You’ve been not doing it for four years. Isn’t that why we’re here?
(Nathan nods)
Allison: I think we need to talk about something.
Tess: Good girl (pats Allison on the back)
Jack: Okay.
Allison: I’m scared.  I’m just really scared.
Jack: You’re scared, what, about us? About…
Allison: I’m not afraid about us starting something I’m just … I’m afraid of how it’ll end… Like with Nathan.
Jack: Oh, you mean end.
Nathan: Yeah, she said end.
Jack: Well, I’m gonna live forever.  Just so you know.  But I get it. I do… I guess the question is, are you too scared to miss out on us?
Nathan: Well said. Your turn.
Jack: (To Nathan) I’m good.
Allison: Is there something else you want to say?
(Nathan nods)
Jack: No… I… Yes, there’s… As long as we’re sharing… I’m head over heels in love with you and I have been since the day we met.
Tess: About time.
Nathan: No kidding.
Jack: Okay.
Allison: Okay.
Allison: She’s gone.
Jack: He’s gone too… You wanna grab some dinner?
Allison: Hmm… (kisstiems) No. (She stands and walks round the sofa) I was, erm, thinking… Maybe breakfast. (She walks up the stairs)
Jack: Okay. (He follows, slowly at first, then speeding up.)


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