Lie to me* “Moral Waiver” 1×02

Ep: 1×02 “Moral Waiver”
Reviewed by: useyourwords and csiAngel
Ship rating: 5/10

Cal proves that Homeland Security’s new hand-held polygraph is useless, then he takes the case of a female army soldier who has accused her platoon leader of rape.  Gillian tries to persuade him to take Torres with him for her development, but Cal says he doesn’t need her, he’ll have Gillian.

However, Gillian – who it turns out was quite the basketball geek when she was younger – has a case of her own involving a college basketball star accused of taking a bribe to play.  When Cal says they have a meeting at the barracks she says she’ll meet him there later.  And Torres appears, saying that Gillian told her Cal wanted to see her.  An awesome look passes between them – an “oh she did, did she?” from Cal, and a look of triumph from Gillian, who grins as Cal tries to catch Torres out with his triple-speed microexpression training.  She grins again when Torres successfully identifies them all and then Cal takes her with him.

Most interaction between Cal and Gillian in this episode involves her trying to keep him in line with his treatment of Torres.  He’s being his usual self – something Torres has not yet had time to adjust to.  As only the second episode of the series, it’s great to see here the understanding between Gillian and Cal, and the closeness they have developed through the years.  She knows him, and she’s not trying to change him – instead she tries to help others understand him. It’s nice.

Homeland Security is testing a new hand-held polygraph. Cal shows up with a very large egg.

Tom Whitmore: See, the hand-held measures cardio and galvanic skin response. It’s the only polygraph ever developed with this kind of portability.
*Cal enters with the egg*
Cal: No, not quite.
Gillian: Cal, you know Secretary Miller from Homeland Security?
Cal: Here’s to you.
Gillian: This is Tom Whitmore, the new TSA Deputy.
Cal hands Tom the egg.
Tom: Uhh…what the hell is this?
Cal: It’s a lie detector. West Africans used them first. When you’re on trial, you held the egg in your hands and if it broke, it’s a sign of anxiety. You’re found guilty.
Tom: *Laughs* Well, see our handheld’s a little more advanced.
Cal: Well, unfortunately, both devices suffer from the same problem. *Cal picks up phone* Um, Ms. Cooper, would you mind?
*A sexy woman, Ms. Cooper, enters the room to take over questioning the test subject*
Ms. Cooper: May I?
Cal: Could you ask the control questions again, please?
Tom: What are you doing?
*Ms. Cooper asks subject questions that he fails.*
Cal: Uh oh. Woops. The problem with all polygraph tests is false positives.
Gillian: Innocent people can fail if they feel an increase in any emotion: anger, fear, sexual arousal, not just guilt. Your polygraph is no better than the egg at telling us which emotion it’s responding to.
Tom: No…*egg cracks*
Cal: Woooah…wooooahh. *laughs*
Gillian: *giggles* (and is so freaking cute when she does)

Cal: I’ve been wanting to try that for years. See, you would’ve been found guilty but you were just angry. You should be spending your money studying the face. 43 muscles combine to produce the possibility of 10,000 expressions. Now, if you learn them all, you don’t need a polygraph.
Secretary Miller: How much did we spend on this damned project, anyway?
Tom: Uh, not much. I’m sure we can recoup most of our costs. *He crosses his arms and steps back*
Cal: Oh, that was lovely.
Tom: What?
Cal: Gestural retreat.
Secretary Miller: What’s that?
Cal: He stepped backwards. Means he doesn’t believe a word he just said. He’s lying.

Cal is in the lab doing his FACE Training. Gillian enters.

Cal: What do you see?
Gillian: I see a skeptical, emotionally distant scientist obsessing over facial twitches. Why are you doing microexpression training?
Cal: Wup, I got us up to triple speed. You know when you try to hide your emotions, they leak out at a fifth of a second? Well, this is testing me at a fifteenth of  a second.
Gillian: Hmm, impressive. You know who else is impressive on that thing?
Cal: Is this another attempt to take Ms. Torres under my wing?
Gillian: You need somebody to back you on the military case.
Cal: Nah, I got you for that.
Gillian: I’ll be courtside with Earl White. Freshman shooting guard. Hottest NBA prospect in the country. College Athletic Association wants us to find out if he took a bribe to play for GWCU.
Cal: Well, we got a meeting at Fort Meade in half an hour.
Gillian: Look, I’ll…I’ll meet you there later, okay? But let’s get Torres involved. She’s a natural, she’s got phenomenal instincts.
Cal: Doesn’t mean she knows her science.
*Torres enters*
Torres: Dr. Foster said you wanted to see me.
Cal: What do you see?
Cal goes through a few microexpression faces.
Torres: Anger. Fear. Sadness. *She got them all right*
Cal: Let’s go.

Fort Meade – Cal & Ria have been interviewing Sheila Lake and Gillian arrives.

Ria: Hey, what’s up with the mime act?
Cal:You ask the questions, I observe.
Gillian: Dr. Lightman finds asking questions distracting. He prefers to watch. (Oh, I’ll bet he does!)
Cal: You finish the psych profile on the guy she’s accused?
Gillian: Nice to see you, too.
Ria: What’s his problem?
Gillian: Friendly fire. Collateral damage. You can start with the lies and the language.
Ria: Mmm, I bet they’re not gonna end there.

Cal flirts with the guy accused of rape. Not shippy but very funny!

Cal, Gillian & Ria are discussing whether Lake is lying about being raped.

Cal: You know,  I once had actors play out the testimony from a rape case in front of 30 federal judges. You know the biggest predictor of whether they believed the man or the woman? The gender of the judge.
Ria: You think I’m saying he’s guilty because I’m a woman?
Cal: Meet Darwin…2,000 years of evolutionary biology.
Gillian: I think what Dr. Lightman is trying to say is it’s important not to let what you bring in the room affect what you see in the room. (I love the way she explains him right in front of him)
Heidi: Dr. Lightman?
Cal: What is it?
Heidi: Harassment report. The platoon’s equal opportunity rep. just sent it over. Looks like it was filed anonymously last fall.
Gillian: It alleges Sergeant Scott surprised women in the showers and entered their barracks unannounced.
Ria: Hmm…backs up Lake’s story.
Cal: *Reading Ria’s face* You know, generally, it’s not a good idea to call your boss an idiot.
Ria: I didn’t say you were an idiot.
Cal: But your buccinator did.
Ria: That’s not…
Cal: That’s a pretty impressive combination of contempt and disgust.
Ria: I’m…I…I’m…
Cal: Apology accepted.
Gillian: Head back to Fort Meade and check into the personnel files of the woman and the sergeant. And hang in there.

Cal & Gillian are outside getting some lunch.

Gillian: You should consider going a little easier on Torres.
Cal: Why? She’s all false positives. That’s the trouble with naturals. They don’t see what’s missing. They’re all instinct. No science. (to food cart vendor) I’ll have a falafel sandwich, please.
Gillian: An italian ice…grape. (Love the expression on Cal’s face here!)
Cal: You wash your hands today?
Food cart vendor: Uh, yeah. Of course.
Cal: You have any kind of pain in your neck?
Food cart vendor: Uh, no. Why?
Cal: People touch it when they lie. It’s a classic manipulator. You been to the bathroom today?
Gillian: Cal!
Food cart vendor: Uh, no.
Cal: Oh great! Anybody else want a side of feces? Anybody? Side of feces?

Cal enters Gillian’s office.

Cal: How’s it going with the ballplayer?
Gillian: Ballplayers play baseball. Chicken dumpling?
Cal: Oh no. Never eat meat I can’t see. *Gillian goes to take a bite of her chicken dumpling* No, really. No. You have no idea what’s in there.
Gillian: *Sets food aside* Take a look at this.

Then they talk about both ongoing cases for a while and move to the lab where Ria joins them.

Ria: Hey, I thought we were done with this case.
Gillian: No, it’s possible Sergeant Scott raped someone who used to be in the platoon.
Cal: Oh, your buccinator’s playing up again.
Ria: That’s not. I…I didn’t say…
Cal: Oh look. Now you’re embarrassed. Well, you have every reason to be. You did get it wrong, didn’t you. Sergeant Scott didn’t rape Sheila Lake.
Gillian: Cal!
Cal: What? She’s the one making snide remarks. Look at her face.
Ria: How do people work here?
Cal: Sergeant Scott redeploys within 24 hours. I want you to get a hold of military personnel. I want the historic roster for the platoon, right away.
Ria: Got it. *Ria leaves*
Cal: *to Gillian* What? Oh, now you’re starting on me? Don’t say something you’ll regret. I saw that.


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