Lie to me* “Truth or Consequences” 2×02

Ep: 2×02 Truth or Consequences
Reviewed by: useyourwords, 3rdRocker and csiAngel
Ship rating: 1/10

Gillian and Loker are on the case of a supposed prophet and spiritual leader accused of tax fraud at his compound, and Cal helps out Zoe with a college athlete who is accused of rape.

As they are working separate cases, there are very few Cal/Gillian scenes in this episode. However, when we first see them they’re looking very cosy and laughing about something. Wonder what that was.

Gillian leaves with Loker to head out to the religious compound, and Zoe arrives to tell Cal about her case.

At the compound, Gillian finds that one mother is not happy there, but feels that she cannot leave.  Gillian tries to help her, to encourage her to go and take her children with her, but the woman is reluctant.  This does not go down well with the leader who verbally attacks Gillian by talking about her inability to have children.  Loker is very supportive of Gillian throughout and there are some sweet scenes between them (shippy if you ship that, nice friendship moments otherwise).

Gillian arranges for a van from a women’s refuge to collect the mother and her children, and the eldest son says that he is going and taking his siblings whether his mom goes or not. They all leave, and the cult leader is not amused!

Meanwhile, Cal finds that the ‘rape’ victim was not entirely innocent in the situation and that she cried rape when her father confronted her about where she had been all night.  The father is very angry and demands that someone be made to pay.

The IRS are dissatisfied with the outcome of Gillian’s work, saying she aided the escape of the only person they could certainly prosecute.  Gillian claims to know nothing about that and Loker backs her up.

Cal calls Gillian to the lab for a new pair of eyes (and ears) on the footage from his case, and she realises that the father is not going after the accused, but instead is going to target the DA.  They call the police, but, sadly, it is too late.

Shipworthy scenes:

Benobo chimps

Cal:  There’s a laugh. You see, that’s good. You’re working on it.
(Gillian & Cal chuckle)
Eli:  Okay, you both need to see my chimpanzee sex tape.
Gillian:  Oh, that sounds like fun.
Eli:  Oh, it’s the most interesting research I’ve done. The female Benobo chimp, she’ll entice a mate and sometimes attack with no provocation whatsoever—
Zoe:  Cal?
Cal:  Oh. I’m familiar with the phenomenon. (to Gillian) We’ll talk. Alright.
Gillian:  Chimpanzee sex tape later. IRS case now.
Eli:  Oh, right. We’re gonna go see the kook waiting for us at his compound.
Gillian:  Don’t call him a kook.
Eli:  What am I supposed to call the leader of a cult?
Gillian:  The IRS thinks he’s a tax fraud, and even cults have rights.

Gillian w/Eli & cult leader (about conceiving)

Cult leader:  I can see that you have a fondness for children, Gillian. But I sense that you have none of your own. Perhaps the animosity I feel from you is misdirected at me. My seed flourishes. (holds baby) Hey, buddy. While yours, well, doesn’t. I can help you. You and I can pray together. Many of the female members couldn’t conceive in the outside world, but when they came here, we prayed and they conceived. Your problem isn’t biological, it’s spiritual.
Gillian:  I don’t need you to help me pray.
Cult leader:  Today’s the last day of your court order. Gather your things. You’re no longer welcome here.
(Gillian & Eli walking out of building)
Eli:  He must’ve looked you up online or something. It’s a cold read. It’s a, it’s a carnival trick or—
(Gillian continues walking away angrily)

Gillian being confronted by IRS, Eli supporting her

IRS woman:  You aided and abetted the escape of the only possible person we could have prosecuted.
Gillian:  I have no idea where the van came from, and I had nothing to do with Catherine’s departure.
IRS woman:  Mr. Cowley tells a different story.
Gillian:  Mr. Cowley believes he’s a prophet sent from God. He’s delusional.
IRS woman:  You don’t play games with the IRS. Mr. Loker, um, you’ve been very quiet. You have anything to add?
Eli:  (pauses, looks at Gillian) No. What Foster said is accurate.
IRS woman:  You tell Lightman he’s gonna have an auditor with a microscope up his British keister for as long as I have a job. (she leaves)
Gillian:  Why’d you do that?
Eli:  Well, you gotta have faith in something. I’m putting mine in you.
Gillian:  Thank you.
Eli:  Doesn’t mean what you did was right.
(phone page: Dr. Foster to the lab, please.)
Gillian:  I’ll be right there.

Gillian joins Cal in lab where she cracks the case

Gillian:  Hey, what’s going on?
Cal:  I need fresh eyes on this. I think that the dad is gonna take a run at Cabe.
Gillian:  Do you really think he’d go that far?
Ria:  He doesn’t wanna put any blame on his daughter, so he’s directing all of his anger at Cabe.
Eli:  You know, people have trouble accepting when females are the sexual aggressors. You know, actually, it’s like the Benobo chimp I was telling you about—
Cal:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, not now, Loker, not now, not now. (to Ria) Um., play it again.
(video:  Mr. Reed, it was a tough decision.
Mr. Reed:  Well, you’re the prosecutor. Do your job!)
Cal:  Hold on, um, just play it again, play it again.
Gillian:  No-no-no, let it play. Let it play.
(video:  Mr. Reed:  The system has to make someone pay…)
Gillian:  Listen to his words. “The system is at fault. The system has to make someone pay.”
Cal:  Ah, hell.
Ria:  What?
Gillian:  Call the police. He’s not going after Cabe.

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