Lie to me* “Control Factor” 2×03

Ep: Control Factor 2×03
Reviewed by: useyourwords, 3rdrocker & csiAngel
Ship rating: 6/10 (jealous Cal!)

Cal, reluctantly, goes on vacation but finds himself in the middle of a case anyway.  And Gillian ends up working with Cal’s rival, Jack Rader, when the hospital who employs The Lightman Group for a case finds out that Cal is not available.

Cal’s case is about a woman who has been missing for two days, leaving a young daughter.  He calls Ria down to help him, so she arrives with information about the fact that Rader is working with Gillian and Loker.  And Cal is clearly jealous!!!

Gillian and Rader pretend to flirt in order to draw out a guilty party in their case.  Well, Gillian is pretending.  We all know Rader totally wants to flirt with Gillian – I mean, who wouldn’t??

Cal keeps an eye on the office via his laptop, where he can pick up a feed of the security cameras.  And he can also control the sprinkler system!! Ha ha! I love him!

Both cases are resolved and Cal and Emily do get some vacation time before they return.  Cal comes back to find Gillian with a bouquet of roses.  He snatches the card from her and there’s a very cute scene – which is covered in shipworthy scenes :)

Cal also shows that he knows Rader tried to poach Loker. LOL! And we never do find out why Cal dislikes Rader so much.

Shipworthy scenes:

Gillian pushing Cal to leave for his vacation

Gillian:  You don’t trust me. It’s such a control thing. Admit it. Admit it. You’re reluctant to leave me in charge.
Cal:  Rubbish.
Gillian:  Then why haven’t you gone yet?
Cal:  Why, why are you trying to get rid of me?
Gillian:  You haven’t had a vacation in 6 years, Cal. Come on. But you are trying to miss your flight.
Cal:  I’m not! I am not! I am trying to find (Gillian joins in) the Anderson file.
Gillian:  I’ve got it. Alright? I can take care of it. Come on. Stop stalling. Where are you going? Honestly. Cal, the cab is outside waiting for you. Grab your jacket, let’s go. You deserve this. Emily’s waiting for you. (She pushes Cal from the back)
Cal:  Don’t push me. Don’t push me.
Gillian:  Come on, let’s go.
Cal:  Stop touching me.
Gillian:  Here. (laughs) Here. Oh, give me your cell phone. You don’t need to check in while you’re gone. It’s just gonna stress you out. Come on. (Cal hands over his cell) No kicking and screaming?
Cal:  I have absolute faith in you. And my staff. Here I go then. (he leaves)
Gillian:  Have a good time!

Hospital woman, Gillian & Rader in hospital hallway

Hospital woman:  Oh Jack, thank God you’re here. Do you know Dr. Foster?
Rader:  Gillian, what a lovely surprise. (kisses her on cheek)
Gillian:  What are you doing here?
Hospital woman:  The CDC contacted the Rader firm to help assist you since Dr. Lightman isn’t here.
Rader:  Where is Cal?
Gillian:  He’s on vacation.
Rader:  And hell didn’t freeze over? (chuckles, Gillian glares). Well, uh, that’s a shame he’s gone. I was hoping he and I could bury the hatchet.
Hospital woman:  Is there a problem?
Rader:  Lightman and I are…friendly rivals, so to speak. It won’t be a problem. (to Gillian) Will it?
Gillian:  No. Not at all.
(Loker gives them an “oooookay, what was that about” look)

Rader & Gillian talking/flirting in front of people waiting to be questioned

Rader:  So how is it working for Cal? Been so long I can’t remember.
Gillian:  I work with Cal. I’m an equity partner, you know.
Rader:  Good for you. That means Cal’s been working on his control issues.
Gillian:  Jack.
Rader:  I meant that as a compliment. Seriously. He was my mentor. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the man. Obviously, he doesn’t feel the same about me.
Gillian:  Cal says he taught you just enough to be dangerous.
Rader:  He’s the better scientist, no doubt, but I’m not gonna apologize for having ambition and a better business sense.
Gillian:  If we’re gonna work together, I have some ground rules. First, I’m the boss around here. Second, don’t try using me to get back at Cal.
Rader:  So long as you admit that there’s just the tiniest moment happening right now. Will you admit that?

After dismissing the people waiting….

Gillian:  I meant what I said about the ground rules.
Rader:  And I meant what I said. Shall we go find out what Miss Bynes is hiding?
Eli:  Nice work.
(Rader pats Eli on the chest)

Ria & Cal in hotel room, Cal nonchalantly closes his laptop

Ria:  So, a woman named Ramona Posner came here alone from Miami about 4 months ago. Ten days after she disappeared, she was found dead in an alley downtown. State Department and local police ruled it an accident.
Cal:  Well, a cynic might call it a pattern.
Ria:  Yeah. Oh, by the way, Rader seems to be making quite an impression at the office.
Cal:  Is he now?
Ria:  Mm-hm. According to Loker, Foster seems a bit gaga over him.
Cal:  Lovely.
Ria:  Oh my God.
Cal:  What?
Ria:  Is that jealousy?
Cal:  No.
Ria:  Uh-huh.
(Emily enters & goes to door)
Cal:  Where you going?
Emily:  I left my hat out by the pool. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything childish. (she leaves)
Cal:  Why don’t you take your extraordinary powers of observation down to the pool and use them to keep an eye on Emily.
Ria:  (as she’s walking out the door) Jealous.

Final scene

(Gillian reading card from roses Rader sent. Cal walks in and snatches the card from her)
Gillian:  Hey! Hey—
Cal:  “Don’t hate me too much ‘cause I’m filled with admiration.”
Gillian:  Give it to me.
Cal:  So who sent the flowers then? ‘Cause you know I’m the jealous type.
Gillian:  Welcome home, Cal. Rumor has it you never even left town, but that can’t be true because you look like a different man.
Cal:  I feel like a different man. So, no, a vacation’s a wonderful thing. Six days of nothing.
Gillian:  Well, I heard you were working on a case.
Cal:  Well, it barely qualifies as a case. I feel so relaxed that, um, I don’t even care that Rader was here.
Gillian:  (laughs) Then Torres told you.
Cal:  What? Why wouldn’t she? So, uh, he sent you the flowers, did he?
Gillian:  Yup.
Cal:  Have you checked them for aphids?
Gillian:  (giggles)
Cal:  Not that I care, but did he see any of my research?
Gillian:  I kept him out of your library.
Cal:  Oh. And, uh, is everyone still here?
Gillian:  He didn’t poach anyone.
Cal:  And did he break into the office supply closet?
Gillian:  Definitely didn’t do that, except one thing. The, the sprinkler system’s acting up a little bit.
Cal:  That’s odd.
Gillian:  What exactly happened between you and Rader?
Cal:  Well, I’d tell you, but you’d think I was lying.
Gillian:  (laughs)
Cal:  Loker, my card. Just in case you’re thinking of making a life change.

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