Lie to me* “Grievous Bodily Harm” 2×05

Ep: Grievous Bodily Harm 2×05
Reviewed by: useyourwords, csiAngel and 3rdrocker
Ship rating: 5/10 (jealous Cal)

Cal’s old friend and partner in crime, Terry Marsh, turns up to get Cal’s help and to get Cal in a bit of trouble. He also stirs up some jealousy when he flirts with Gillian right under Cal’s nose.

When Gillian attempts to talk to Cal about the company’s finances, Cal (as you would) assumes she must be dating some sort of finance person. He puts his hand on her shoulder (!!!).  She’s just assuring him that she is having some fun when they are interrupted by Ria who tells Cal that an old girlfriend is in his office.

Turns out it’s all a joke from Terry Marsh who clearly knows Cal well, and the two go back a long way.  Terry introduces himself to Gillian when Cal fails to do so, and seems to like what he sees (well, d’uh!).  Cal extricates Gillian’s hand from Terry’s when it all seems a little too friendly (jealous Cal ftw!), and he gets Terry away from Gillian as soon as he can.

Of course Terry isn’t just there for a friendly chat and catch up.  It transpires that Cal owes him a BIG favour and Terry is there to collect.

While Gillian investigates a death threat video sent to a high school, Cal throws himself whole-heartedly into helping out his old friend – putting himself in danger and blocking out the people closest to him.  The only one he allows to help him is Reynolds – well, it’s always handy to have the FBI on standby when you’re dealing with big time crooks!

Throughout, Gillian is concerned about Cal – as usual – and he does his best to assure her he’s fine and not drag her into it.

When it is all resolved and Cal is, thankfully, still in one piece (again! I mean, near-death two episodes in a row?? Come on what are they trying to do to us?!?) he arrives back at his office and walks into an intervention.  It’s not about drinking or gambling, it’s about his trust issues.  It doesn’t exactly go to plan as Cal manages to confuse it all and walk out unintervened with (what?). Gillian follows him and explains that it was all her idea because she loves him (I’m paraphrasing) and Cal reveals to her his past connection with Terry. He tells her anyone wanting to compete with Terry for Cal’s loyalty isn’t in a fair fight.  But we all know that if it came to a choice between Terry and Gillian, Cal wouldn’t even have to think twice!

Cal & Gillian walking down hallway w/their coffees

Gillian:  Expenses and overtime are two areas we should really take a look at, and, you know, we should consider changing our company investments portfolio.
(Cal puts his hand on Gillian’s shoulder)
Cal:  You started dating again, haven’t you?
(Ria enters & walks behind them)
Gillian:  Stop it, Cal!
Cal:  Yeah.
Gillian:  Right now!
Cal:  Alright, um, stock broker? Money manager?
Gillian:  (laughs)
Cal:  Banker? Oh, I thought you wanted to have some fun!
Gillian:  Oh, I’m having fun, don’t you worry.
Cal:  (raises his eyebrows) Oh really? Yes, Torres?
Ria:  Uh, there’s a, a visitor in your office. Sally Robinson from London?
Cal:  What?
Gillian:  Whoa. Sally who?
Ria:  Uh, Robinson. High school sweetheart person.
Cal:  In my office?
Ria:  Uh-huh.
(They enter Cal’s office. Terry jumps from behind doorway)
Terry:  Gotcha! (laughs)
Cal:  God Almighty.
Terry:  Yeah, but my mates still call me Terry. Come here.
(They embrace)
Terry:  Sally Robinson, eh? Hello, is that a canoe in your pocket there, Cal? Nicely played there, Mia.
Ria:  Ria.
Terry:  Oh well, thank you anyway.
Ria:  Mm-hm.
Terry:  (to Gillian) Excuse his manners. Terry Marsh, his ex-partner in crime. (shakes her hand)
Cal:  In a matter of speaking.
Gillian:  Uh, Gillian Foster, current partner in crime. Nice to meet you, Terry.
Terry:  You, too.
(Cal separates their hands)
Cal:  Alright, that’s enough of that. Goodbye, Dr. Foster.
Terry:  Wow, Cal, that is so charming.
Cal:  Well, it’s been 22 years, hasn’t it?
Terry:  Listen, Gill, you fancy meeting us for a drink later?
Cal:  It’s Gillian, actually, and she’s busy.
Gillian:  I’ll take it. (takes his coffee)
Cal:  Call me if you need me.
(Terry lingers with Gillian)
Cal:  (to Terry) Oi!
Terry:  Yes.

Not shippy, just a funny part; Cal in the lab after talking to Reynolds, hung over

Cal:  Back in a minute.
Gillian:  You look awful.
Cal:  And yet, I feel so much worse.

Ben & Cal arguing about Cal helping Terry (tells Ben to keep Foster out of it. Protecting her from being tainted by his world?)

Ben:  If you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, you can forget it, okay. You’re not a trained undercover agent.
Cal:  Knock it off, Ben. You know I’m doing this, right?
Ben:  Not if I arrest you, you’re not.
Cal:  Oh you’re gonna arrest me?!
Ben:  Yeah.
Cal:  I won over a hundred grand in cards last night. I know a bluff when I see one. You’re not arresting me.
(Ben sighs. Gillian & Ria are shown chatting in a doorway)
Cal:  Look, and you keep Foster out of this, alright? Her focus needs to be 100 percent on that school. And I’m banking on you to have my back for this.
Ben:  Oh, you mean like a real FBI agent.
Cal:  Something like that, yeah.
(Gillian enters)
Gillian:  Hey, so we’re needed in the conference room. Torres is in there with three kids from the school.
Cal:  Alright.
Gillian:  So…what’s wrong?
Cal:  Nothin’. Look, Reynolds was just telling me what a bad seed Terry was, you know, and it came as a bit of a shock, you know, ‘cause there was I thinking that he was a choir boy, you know.

The intervention of Cal

Cal:  Hi.
Gillian:  Have a seat.
Cal:  Why?
Ben:  This is an intervention.
Cal:  What? Alright, so I had a, you know, a few drinks with a mate. Yeah, well, more than a few, actually.
Ria:  This isn’t about drinking.
Cal:  Well, then, if it’s about poker, I won a hundred grand.
Eli:  A hundred grand?
Cal:  Uh, hundred and five, actually.
Gillian:  It’s not about gambling either.
Cal:  Well, what is it about then?
Gillian:  It’s about you trusting us. You were in trouble, and you never came to us.
Cal:  Wait a minute—
Gillian:  No, you wait! We’re a team, and you risked your life without letting us help you.
Cal:  Look, I wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for Terry Marsh.
Eli:  Fine. So where does that leave us?
Cal:  That leaves you all fired.
Ria:  You gotta be kidding! I didn’t even wanna do this intervention thing!
Cal:  Alright, well, just you then. Just you are fired for having no spine.
Ria:  I don’t believe this.
Cal:  Good, ‘cause I’m lying. Oh, what, you didn’t spot that? Oh, did your emotions get in the way? You should really work on that. Well, this has been terrific. Really fantastic. Quite the intervention. We should do this again soon, very soon. (He leaves. Gillian goes after him)
Gillian:  The intervention was my idea.
(Cal walks back to her)
Cal:  My mom died when I was young, and my dad was long gone by then. Terry and his family, they took me in even though there was no room, even less money. Then one day, um, Terry and I got into a little bit of trouble with the police. Not your concern, but. They were on their way. Um, there was no way we could get out of it without one of us acting as a decoy for the other.
Gillian:  So Terry took the fall for you?
Cal:  Yeah, he did. He said that, uh, you’re supposed to use that brain of yours for something, not be dragged down into the muck by stupid bastards like me.
Gillian:  He was right.
Cal:  Yeah, he was. Yeah. Cost him 3 years of his life. So anyone who wants to compete for my loyalty with Terry Marsh, not really in a fair fight. ‘Night, love.

The end.


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