Lie to me “Pilot” 1×01

Ep: 1×01 Pilot
Reviewed by:  csiAngel and useyourwords
Ship rating: 6/10

The Pilot episode of Lie to me*, like any other show, introduces us to the characters and the premise – and a new ship. We shipped Cal/Gillian from their very first scene! The actors portray a closeness between the characters that immediately drew our attention

Gillian persuades Cal to finally take on a new staff member, and they are called out to aid with the case of a teenager accused of murdering one of his teachers.  We see how Cal’s science works; how microexpressions can tell a story and, as Gillian tells us, that “The question is never simply if a person is lying, it’s why.”

They recruit Ria Torres; we meet Loker and we learn that Gillian has a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate pudding and orange slushies.  And when we meet Alec – Gillian’s husband – we learn that he is lying to her (but we don’t yet know why) and that Cal intentionally has not mentioned that he knows this to Gillian.

As they work the case, we learn that Cal will lie/con people in order to get to the truth – and that Gillian is also a pack-rat! :)

Shipworthy scenes:

The first Cal/Gillian interaction. Shipping begins!

Gillian: Just the man I was looking for. Today’s the day. Say it.
Cal: You’re the shrink. I’m not big on self-affirmation.
Gillian: I’m telling you. We cannot wait another day to hire someone. I found the one. This is the one.
Cal: *makes noises*
Gillian: Use your words.
Cal: Why do we need to hire someone?
Gillian: We got new requests this morning from the DEA and Homeland Security. Someone from the Prime Minister’s office in Uzbekistan called, they want us to give a talk to their senior police.
Cal: Tell them to call back when they’ve got a Constitution. A real one.
Eli: Here’s the analysis from the blinking experiment.
Cal: You just getting in Loker?
Eli: Yeah, I got pissed drunk last night with my roommate and I was just lying in bed this morning thinking about how nasty hot Nancy Grace is and just trying to decide if I was gonna come in at all cuz it’s not like there’s anyone here to fantasize about.
Gillian: No offense taken.
Eli: I don’t go for married women.
Gillian: Cal. Cal.
Heidi: Dr. Lightman, I have the mayor on two for you.
Cal: Right. Mr. Mayor? I see. No,of course. Anytime.
Gillian: What is it?
Cal: Some blowup with the Justice Department about a high school teacher that was killed in Northwest. Wants us on it right away since…what is that?
Gillian: Chocolate pudding.
Cal: Who eats pudding at ten in the morning?
Gillian: People who like pudding.

A cute little moment where Gillian asks Cal about something he told the suspect while they were questioning him.

Gillian: Hurdles?
Cal: Coulda run hurdles.
Gillian: Please.

Parking the car – when someone takes the space Cal was waiting for.

Cal blocks another car in

Cal: All right.
Gillian: Forget. We’ll find another one.
Cal: No. Maybe he didn’t see me. Why don’t you get out?
Gillian: Just drive.
(Cal isn’t going to budge.  Gillian gets out of the car)
Cal: (Moves his car to block in the other one. Through his open window, shouting to the driver of the car that stole his space:) Hi! You didn’t see me waiting for that space?
Dork in Porsche: Didn’t see ya.
Cal: Really?
Dork in Porsche: No, I did not see you. I was waiting, too. You must not have seen me.
Cal: That’s fantastic. Classic gestural slip. You had the slightest head nod yes before you shook your head no.
Dork in Porsche: Look, I’m in the space and I’m not going anywhere.
Cal: That’s true.
(Cal gets out of the car)

Dork in Porsche: Hey, you can’t block me in like that! Jerk!
Gillian: Congratulations, one liar down, six and a half billion to go.


Cal and Gillian at the airport

Ria: When you leaned out of line I could tell you were jacked up about something.
Cal: That’s cuz I flashed you a partial fear expression.
Ria: Whatever. Why were you trying to play me?
Gillian: Six years ago, Dr. Lightman left the Deception Detection Program he founded for the Defense Department. Together we started a private firm that works with police, corporations, and almost every federal agency. We’d like you to come work for us, Miss Torres.
Ria: Why?
Gillian: You’ve made seven times more arrests than the average TSA Agent and you scored 97% on the TSA Deception Diagnostic which Dr. Lightman created.
Cal: Have you had any specialized deception training?
Ria: I’ve dated a lot of men.
Gillian: You’re one of the naturals. There’s an infinitesimal percentage of the population less than .001 that tests nearly perfect without any advanced training. We’ve already cleared your leaving with the TSA Field Director. Our office will call you later.

In Cal’s office after recruiting Torres.

Gillian and her orange slushie

Cal: Did the school principal seem tense to you?
Gillian: Wouldn’t you be if this happened at your school?
Cal: He had his left hand in his pants pocket pressed against his leg the whole time.
Gillian: We’re not all hiding something.
Cal: Okay.
Gillian: You think I’m naïve just because I don’t share your twisted view of the world.
Cal: That and you read romance novels.
Gillian: Yes, I do. Because they make me happy. A pursuit I highly recommend to you.
Cal: Truth or happiness. Never both.
Gillian: *Slurp*
Cal: What is that now?
Gillian: Orange slushie.
Cal: How old are you?
Heidi: Chairman Baldridge of the Democratic National Committee’s on the phone. Some sort of crisis.
Cal: Politician. That’s all you. Charge him by the lie. We can retire tomorrow.

Tail end of a conversation about the case:

Cal: I gotta go. I have Emily and her boyfriends coming over.
Gillian: You worry too much. You do. You worry. You’re a worrier. You don’t even know if they’ve talked about having sex.
Cal: I know he’s taking her to a fancy restaurant.
Gillian: Emily’s a smart girl. You have to trust her.
Cal: Her mom’s a smart girl, too and I trusted her.

When the case is over, back at the Lightman Group:

Cal and Gillian in the break room

Gillian: You get the email from the U.S. Attorney’s Office?
Cal: No.
Gillian: Principal Castle confessed in exchange for 30 years.
Cal: I thought the truth would set you free.
Gillian: Speaking of which, do you still have that note that I brought you? I want it for my office.
Cal: You really are a pack-rat.
Gillian: You could’ve just told me what this was for.
Cal: Nah, you’re a terrible liar.
Gillian: Normal people think that’s a good thing.
Cal: You saying I’m not normal?
Gillian: Good night. Go home.

The note


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